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Title: Aeruillin development closed for „ New Places“
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 16 November 2005, 06:22:00
Herewith I declare in the name of my gracious and noble Sovereign,

Queen Artemis of Aeruillin

The development of new places and areas which are not started so far is prohibited until further notice. All energy of creating and inventing should  go into in already existing places to complete and beautify these first.  

All visitors of our splendid continent who wish to contribute to embellish our lands are held to bring any ideas forward before starting, so that they can be approved and seen fitting by the true servants of our Highness. A certain experience in contributing is required however, for the special needs of our desert world requires profund knowledge of these kind of lands.

The continent may be opened again for development after necessary adjustments are done and problems cleared which exist now and are the reason for the temporary closure.

At last we wish to point any eager developers back to the main continent - Southern Sarvonia. The focus of development still lies in Santharia where many places, especially in Manthria are waiting to find a true lover who might take care of them.

Talia Sturmwind
Lady of the South

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