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Title: The bell rings for Artemis.
Post by: Grevarius Rendragon on 17 November 2005, 19:14:00
I apologize for my absence these past days, my Queen.  Had you thought I’d slipped off into the void whilst researching the Drakona?  Well, as it turns out, he’s quite the interesting creature and proof that Arkon may have had a sense of humor, and even in the face of Pariya’s wrath!  I have posted my findings here for your approval.  Thanks again for the opportunity to contribute!  Please consider this a rough draft and completely changeable at your request.

*Bows low and retreats backward whence he came.*

Edit: Argggg.  I tried to get this into the bell-ringing thread.  Sorry.

* * *

“When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.”
-- Oscar Wilde, "An Ideal Husband,” 1893

* * *

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