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Title: Aeruillin "Newbie" Projects For Future Reference..
Post by: Artemis on 20 March 2006, 08:57:00
Yes... I know saying Aeruillin "newbie" is a bit naughty, since we won't have any, but these should be collated, so that everytime something entry worthy is mentioned, we have a thread to be reminded about it. Will do a proper format for them sometime, but for now, I'm just putting together as much as possible.

1. Seven God/Goddesses symbolic animals remain.

2. Plant entries.

From Ordion entry -

a)Thirla (an underground vegetable).
b)Polent (a type of desert rice).
c)Amristh - this is an incredibly important grain which is taken up to Shan'Thai and traded to Strata and beyond.

Also -

Solaria, flower of Nakashi, mentioned in her entry and a few others, sacred to her.

3. Animals.

From Ordion entry.

a)Jarkras (a small, woolly bear-like creature).
b)Numra (a large bird).

3. Random Miscellaneous Entries.

Within the Zarathian entry - The Zarathian trade in daggers is mentioned. Perhaps an entry on these special daggers?

Within the Ordion entry their specialised hat the Waér is mentioned! Possible entry?!

All I can think of so far... am going to read through Aeruillin entries again and try to add to this list sometime.

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Title: Re: Aeruillin "Newbie" Projects For Future Referen
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on 11 May 2006, 17:52:00
Suggestion: edit this post to remove what has been done or has been taken so that we do not have entry repeats.  It would be a shame to see people work hard on an entry already written.

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