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Title: Political landscape after the Year of Darkness
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 10 June 2005, 12:49:00
(Restoration of Koldar's original posts as provided by Smith's back up files)

Click me to view the map

Color code:

greens-beige: Krathian empire

reds: Anis Anpagan


darkgrey: Chyrakisth

pink: Kassites

yellow: kingdom of Sarthera

oranges: Domain of the Highkings and conquests of Murmillion territory after the Year of darkness.

other blue spots: other Santerran dominions

purple: the leftovers of Murmillion rule

brownishred: Orcal

rose: Kaleman

grayishpurple: Scattered independant realms of formerly Ehebion rule, now usually in the hands of collaborateurs and lords of Murmillion blood. We might consider two or three small kingdoms springing from it until the second Korweynite empire regains strength. Namely Ontwana, area of Fez, coast cities from Paenoi to Cykosi(east coast).

I don't know what the west is up to during these times but one will see the loss of any significant central governments in the east. A hole being filled by the Santerrans who deliver the deathstroke to Ehebion and claim a bunch of lands and various landlords. The whole east of Nybelmar falls into chaos, the reason why it is still referred to as the Dark Age, though Ehebion does not exist as major power anymore.

Aca-Santerra is still far from united but has shown first signs of acting like one nation though the various noble houses still act mostly in their own interest.

Suggestions and remarks welcomed! The next steps will get more and more speculative as we leave the area of history me and Smith have already figured out.

The map is open to discussion as are the others. The important part is to find the big picture of a certain period in Nybelmarian history.

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Title: Re: Political landscape after the Year of Darkness
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 10 June 2005, 12:51:00
(Coren post)

I'm really confused now. Who were the Ehebions? Any relation with the Murmillions? Which orange are you refferring to? How come the purple be Murmillion left overs if it was former Ehebion territory?

As for the east:

Between 1800bS-1700bS: Krath at the peak of its power:

around 1760bS: Secret pact with the Kassites. In return for protection from Anpagan and the dwarves (if we decide that they do not want the Kassites there), the Kassite backstab Anpagan as Krath moves further south from Banderrath. Krath for the first time uses the nomads of the region as the advance troops, allowing them to burn and plunder the Anpagan cities in response.

(Smith pls correct me if I'm wrong here, I don't have the slightest idea of when the Republican Wars were)

Another pact with the exiled Daedhirians. If they can stall Anpagan movement and cause further chaos in the kingdom, Krath will in return use its force on Anpagan to let the mages claim the Venlaken area without further trouble or inspection. Later on (around 1710) the Daedhir will continue to serve as the ace up Krath's sleeve to delay. The tactic would work for another thirty or fourty years but then the Daedhir will bash Krath in from the back and will sign a secret treaty with Anpagan to secure its lands.

So by 1750bS Krath will claim most of the light orange area south of Banderrath and west of the Kassites.

1755-1740bS: The Anpagan's Revenge

The first (? second?) attempt of the Anpagans to cause riots in the cities of Zhun. Krath was lucky this - and perhaps for the last - time. An army to sort the chaos caused by the nomads of blue-grey regions. Apparently the Chyrakisth managed to manipulate the nomads. They have grown tired of paying tribute to the Grand Empire of Earth, who has done - not because it didn't want to, but due to the simplicity of a nomad's needs - little good for them. (so Krath must force them under its economic influence sphere before this period)

The situation worsens in Zhun as the Anpagan direct a good portion of their fleet to step directly into the rebellions - something Krath would have never expected, since their main army is making a hell out of the Anpagan homeland. Thus, when Krath sees that this army would never reache the nomads in time, they have to divide their invading force in Anpagan to three. One to ensnare the Chyrakisth provokers, one to deal with the nomads (and ensure that the yearly taxes are paid - the empire was a bit low on gold that year due to all the military expenses and a disease that hit the Gorbas, rendering them incapable of helping the mining operations) and the remaining one in the orange area. This is the time the Daedhirians decide to change side, as it's obvious that things are not going so splendidly for Krath anymore.

And then the Chyrakisth happens to be a lot tougher than the Krants expected, so they have to come pleading to Banderrath for inforcements once again. This damages the "Grand" image of the empire and the sense of security in the eyes of the nomads.

And back in the southern peninsula, a war far more terrible than the battles the Krants fight in wage over the Krath throne (actually for the head of the council). The Temple can no longer exert its force to restain such childish behavior, because they're too busy discussing whether or not the use of the Sacred Tongue should be abolished.

1730-1720bS: Orcal gets greedy...

A disturbed peace with the nomads has finally been established. The Chyrakisth for some unknown reason retreated, even though they were winning the war. Anpagan seems to accept its losses, the riots in Zhun have cooled. Krath starts to get nervous: Like in the eye of the storm, things are calmer than they should have been.

Soon the reason is revealed to the Krathrian High Council: In all the turmoil, they have - suprisingly (no doubt inside filtration) - managed to overlook a MASSIVE army of orcs passing the northern borders of Krath's heart (the southern peninsula) Krath immidiately has to draw back all the invasion force in Anpagan AND the troops searching for nasty black orcish beasts in Chyrakisth lands. For an exorbitant price Krath settles with the nomads to be good puppies and Sarthera to temporarily watch over Krath's northeastern borders.

1720-1690bS: The Thirty Year Orcal Wars

The fire-brothers thing mentioned in my drafts. Things will eventually lead to the Breaking, after the last assault of the Anpagans and the Chyrakisth (Krath loses ALL territory north and east of Banderrath). After seeing the HP's rage, Banderrath has some serious doubts concerning Krath's motives and its "benevolence", so around 1680 they proclaim independence again.

However, every cloud has its silver lining. The power show of the High Temple did in fact scare the Orc (and well it would better do so else the HP might decide to sink the Orcish capital a few strals below ground level)

after the Year of Darkness:

Zhun riots again, but no priestesses - the strongest force of Krath army - to help this time, as they struggle to keep their HP alive.

- the Seperation of the Temple.

- Final Anpagan attempt to "liberate" Zhun.

In thirty years independent city states in Zhun appears again, after a strong Krath rule of over four millennia.

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