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Title: Temple of Chadderelomach
Post by: Garrek Driel on 14 April 2006, 14:19:00
Yes, I'm going to work on this! I didn't come back to the dev. board for looks! ... At least, I don't think I did.

Art: I'm going to bitmap out some ugly-yet-workable maps for each floor. Until then, I need to get the what's-it and paste it in here.

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Title: Re: Temple of Chadderelomach
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 14 April 2006, 14:23:00
Dear apprentice, send these maps to me as well (e-mail), maybe I can do something with them - not too soon though.  

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Title: Re: Temple of Chadderelomach
Post by: Mirmec Rethindor on 29 November 2006, 10:52:55
that name reminds me of a jumble riff off the famous Mesopotamian king.

if you have ancient temples then you may want to throw in obelisks or some other icon associated with the temple scattered in the region of the general neighborhood of the temple. might even be fun to have mutilingual obelisks circa the Rosetta stones of Santhorian culture? not sure, i'm just learning about it, but that way they'd be fragmented tantalizing insights into various forgotten important religious sites of that region?