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Title: Development Schedule - Emvy
Post by: Twen Araerwen on 05 March 2006, 21:19:00
Yep, these are my various rants about the site. If anyone needs any help in the areas I have interest .... please feel free to contact me in my Bell-Ringing thread (Linked in my sig.).

Areas of Interest
1) Magic / Ximaxian (Fire specifically: Necromancy in general.)
2) Bestiary (No entries here but they are an area of interest for me.)
3) Poetry
4) The elven tribes and their cultures.
Projects in the works
Working on 'Ode to Foiros' ~ Elven hymnal for the god of light .
Working on 'Twilight's Edifice' ~ Archmage spell for Necromancy.
Working with Eleyr on the structure of Wind Necromancy.
Constructing ideas with Deci and Mira for a tribal entry in NE Nybelmar.

Finished works so far:
- Magic: Level 3 Fire Spell - Shroud of Radiance
- Magic: Level 3 Fire Spell - Fiery Minion
- Magic: Level 4 Fire Spell - Blood-Breaker
- Treasures and Oddities: The Dream Stream(poem)
- Magic: Level 7 Fire Spell - Ghastly Guardian
- Magic: Level 7 Fire Spell - Dark Stability
- Magic: Level 9 Fire Spell - Draconic Effigy
- Flora - Arl's Tear, Flower
- Flora - Marnr Lotus, Flower

Works in Progress Offsite
1) Working on masterwork.
2) Compiling Information for Necromancy and spell development in this area.

Dream list
1) For my masterwork to be done on Necromancy and all things pertaining to this unique magic.
2) To do an elven tribe entry for Nybelmar (Or any other continents in the future.).

Title: Development Schedule - Twen
Post by: Smith in Exile on 06 March 2006, 01:21:00
Hmmm... Though I'm not new around Santharia, I could say that I missed a couple of points lately - like this one here: I don't know if I should post a reply to this or not. Anyway, as I am posting a reply, here's my thoughts triggered by your schedule update.

I'm glad to see you're interested in the Nybelmarian elves, that's definitely a field where we need more developers (my main area of interest are humans). So there would be some room for you. Some elven tribes might use some rewriting, while others are just there by their name.

About necromancy, and as we need to keep things consistent throughout the world of Caelereth, I would point you to the already existing "necromancers" of the Venlaken Enclave in Nybelmar (the so-called Daedhirians). I'm not sure if there are other examples out there, but my point here is try not to take the Ximaxian system as the "true" representation of the world. That's just one possible version, yet these versions should be explainable to some good degree in any of the existing systems. That's why developing magic is so complicated. That's why this is just a friendly piece of advice.

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Twen
Post by: Twen Araerwen on 06 March 2006, 00:47:00
Thanks for the heads up on what is going on in Nybelmar, Smith. I would most definately like to help with any elven tribes if you have room or the need in that area.:worship     

I understand that Necromancy is not to be defined in a Ximaxian point of view. But I do know a few things about it. IMHO Such as the ability of fire to manipulate undead bodies in such a way falls into the Sphere of Enflamement (This term is not definitive since Dasson's School Entry is still in the works. And I think it was Arti that mentioned he didn't like the word Enflamement *Do not quote me here*). Yet the area of expertise has a definitive area within fire also a level of understanding of this particular aspect of fire FAR beyond the standard teachings of Enflamement in Ximax. Maybe not far beyond but definately more focused .... IMHO

Sorry didn't mean to start spilling here Smith. Just wanted to let you know that it is something I am trying hard to learn the best I can for what is written. And am going to attempt to edit that which is written to incorporate this aspect of fire onto the site. Since the Spheres of Fire are not presently listed in an entry. Basically an overview of how it is done and through what means within the element of fire. Be it a Ximaxian explanation or one from an entirely different view since such a magic would not be taught in the school. Also one needs to understand how something works to write about it in any fashion. IMHO
That is why it is on my Dream List.:hug   

~Bows gracefully and departs~

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Title: Re: Development Schedule - Twen
Post by: Smith in Exile on 06 March 2006, 12:36:00
See... that's the whole point. You lost me in that second paragraph, for instance. And any explanation involving 'spheres of fire' and such, would make no sense for any non-[Ximax/Ximax-related] views. But as you say, that's a dream list - I just wanted to point you to a few problems.

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Twen
Post by: so orril miesefer on 10 June 2006, 20:22:00
hi Twen... shouldn't you edit your schedule to say that you finished your editions to the entry of fire magic???

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Title: Re: Development Schedule - Emvy
Post by: Twen Araerwen on 29 January 2010, 07:24:06
Cleaning this up a bit and bringing somethings up to date.

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