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Title: Development Schedule - Pikel Thunderstone
Post by: Pikel on 13 October 2005, 21:56:00
Main Areas of Interest

Druids and all things related
Northern Sarvonia, namely The Ice Tribes and their Lands.
Magic of Caelereth

Works In Progress On-Site

Works In Progress Off-Site

Possible Future Works

(A) Druidic History
(B) Seperate Entries for Each Druidic Order
      - Green Druids - PRIORITY
      - Brown Druids
      - Red Druids
      - Gray Druids
      - Blue Druids
      - Entertain thoughts on Entry for White and Black Druids.
(C) People Entries for Various Druids
      - Elgaril Viikogyim, Dwarven Brown Druid
      - Pikel Thunderstone, Gnomish Green Druid (Yeah...maybe MUCH MUCH MUCH later)

Northern Sarvonia

(A) More Spells
      - Insanity (Want Better Name) Water Spell. Spiritual Representation of Sphere 1, Property of Randomness
(B) Participate in Random Magic discussions in an attempt to learn stuff.


Works Completed

See Teampage (