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Title: Integrating pictures of Faugar
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 08 May 2000, 03:21:00
New stuff from Faugar! Check it out at

Maybe one of you has some use for any of the pictures...

Title: Re: Integrating pictures of Faugar
Post by: Vaelaron Dalavaga on 09 May 2000, 17:17:00
Those are some great pics!  Really impressive!

Title: Many more pictures to integrate from Faugar
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 23 June 2000, 03:00:00
I've already told you somehwere that Faugar mailed many more pictures to me to be integrated on the site. Here's the URL where you can see them all (13 pictures on 3 pages)!

If you want to use any of them, please tell me! I like some of them very much, so if nobody's going to reserve them for his/her work, I'll use them :p  

Title: ready some new stories
Post by: Curgan2 on 13 September 2000, 11:38:00
Still on vacation but i have ready two compendium entries with Faugar's pics (the sad long haired man and two elven pics). By the end of september I ll be back in Thessalonica where my internet connection lies and I 'll post them)
Till next time.

Title: Hello again!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 13 September 2000, 12:05:00
Hello again, Curgan! We we're missing you here *grin* - I hope with the long haired sad looking person you don't mean DALUM MEAR AECHLŚM (see Compendium, already used by K'Thaen)... Anyway, nice to have you back, especially now where the problems with the site seem to be history once and for all...

Title: It was just this pic
Post by: Curgan2 on 20 October 2000, 06:43:00
Oh God! And he was just what I had in mind. Well It seem as if I 'm gonna need a new pic. Guess I 'm on the road again!