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Title: To design a new culture...
Post by: Gean Firefeet on 05 February 2001, 08:04:00
For a change school work is relevant and useful for the Santharian Cause. There's a class at school called KCV, freely translated Classical Cultural Formation, in which as a project we had to design a new culture. Futuristic or Prehistoric, it could be anything.

In the assignment a few very relevant point were made about designing a culture, I think it might be useful to note them here, for those who are brainstorming about a culture/race/town etc.

Points one should think of while designing:
- natural environment
- appearance of creatures
- ways of living (what kind of economy, technical advancement)
- society (ranking, family, relation between genus, if any...)
- political system
- religion and valuesystem
- warlike or peaceful spirit
- spare time
- education
- art (literature, paintings, sculptures etc.)

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Title: Re: To design a new culture...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 05 February 2001, 08:15:00
Thanx for the proposals! They sure will be quite useful for the designing of new races and also to add more details to the existing ones (if we can find the time to add some more things in this section).

And now you see what school can indeed be good for:)