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Title: 2 more pictures from Mikael:)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 09 June 2001, 11:09:00
Seems like it's e-mail day for not so frequent members today... - Got another mail from Mikael Lundberg, providing us with two more additions for the bestiary/races section:

"hi Christian!!

i just want to tell you that i have done some update on my elfwood site, (2 new) and i almost have 2 more ready to put up soon, so if you find some of the new ones useful to your great site then feel free to get them from my page!!!

oh! and i see that you have done some changes to your site and i must say that it has been even better now, so keep up the good work!!!!


Take a look at his gallery at

The new pictures are "beauty of nature" and "dragonia" waiting eagerly to be integrated!