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Title: Jus a little query concerning the Dialouge Ed...
Post by: Aylix Goth on 09 November 2002, 12:37:00
Right I've downloaded the Dialouge Program, found a problem with it while playing around with it and now I'm sorta stuck... what do you want us to do on each character?
Do we have a to pick like a load of information you get out of them like there are with the example guys that are on there already? Or what... jus asking cause I dont want to do something then find out its completely wrong....:

Question over :D  

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Title: Re: Jus a little query concerning the Dialouge Ed...
Post by: Tyrian Jadewalker on 09 November 2002, 12:48:00
you can have your NPC do anything really...they could just be someone who says hello...

but i think it would be more beneficial if you had someone that could give some good maybe you choose to create a fisherman from Nepris who is fishing on the docks and all he talks about is fishing...the player does not necessarily have to get anything useful out of the NPC...he could just be filler...

i hope this answers your question...

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Title: Re: Jus a little query concerning the Dialouge Ed...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 09 November 2002, 12:55:00
1.) What is the "problem" you are refering to as you don't state that? Or is this the question itself?

2.) The 3 Marcogg examples I made are should give you hints on how such characters may look like. It is important to give the characters a location, and - if this applies to the character - to try to integrate references to this location throughout the dialogue (e.g. details about Nepris if you do a Nepris character). Whenever possible the dialogues of the characters should show the NPC's place in the Santharian society. So don't just invent things, but try to make them as believable Santharian as possible.

At the moment you should not try to integrate complex quests, though of course things like: Talk to character ABC about XYZ is possible. At the moment you then have to type XYZ in the textbox when talkting to ABC to get the text what he/she has to say to your question. Later this will be quest-controlled. At the moment it is mainly important to create the personalites.

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