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Title: Nepris RPG Additional Quests (Optional)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 04 October 2003, 11:03:00
This thread covers all additional quests which are planned for the game or have already been realized, which are not mandatory in order to finish the game. Again, this is a work-in-progress area, so nothing set in stone here. These definitions should give you an idea on what we have already done, and where work is still needed. Feel free to add ideas, wishes, proposals as a reply here, the first post in this thread will be updated in the course of time with the most recent quest ideas or already realized quests.


Quest # ... reference-ID to quest
Room # ... reference-ID to room
Orange ... quest captions
White ... planned things, not realized yet
Grey ... already realized steps
Fuchsia ... still to do to realize the quest with LT

Quest #1 - Send Pinn Home (Artimidor)
Ilbeth (room 57-2) wants the player to find Pinn and send him back home. The player find Pinn (room 101). However, he doesn' want to go home, as he has lost his ball and fears consequences. Player should get the ball for him. The ball can be found in the sea (room 32), and a fishing-net is needed to catch it. Once, the ball is in Pinn's hands again, he runs off and leaves his toy-ship behind (see Quest #3).

Quest #2 -The Rat Problem (Artimidor)
Andrus Voltmer (room 57-7) tells the player that there's a problem in the cellar of the Prosperous Farmhouse with rats. He also needs a special kind of wine from down there. Player needs to go to Mannef (room 57), where he receives the key to the cellar door and some equipment. After a few fights against the rats, player manages to get the wine. Upon returning he is attacked by cave spiders as well. He should report back to Mannef and bring Andrus the wine.

Quest #3 - Pinn's Ship (Artimidor)
Once Pinn is back home (room 57-5), he wants the player to retrieve his toy ship for him, which he has forgotten (room 101). Player simply needs to get back and fetch the toy ship.

Quest #4 - Sweets for Mimi (Talia Sturmwind)
Mimi, a little brat, standing on a fork of two streets (room 54), tries to lure a lot of sweets out of the player in exchange for information. 3 times Mimi wants to have a special sweet (kao-kao bar, redberry jam and finally kao-kao fruitballs from Ilbeth). If the player delivers all 3 items, Mimi will reveal a little secret - a hidden entrance to a small cave with some useful equipment.

- Mimi dialogue after receiving item number 3 still needs to be finished
- an own quest how to get the kao-kao fruitballs from Ilbeth still needs to be added

Quest #5 - The Kuatu (Talia Sturmwind)
At the path under the baychtrees to the west (room 326) the player discovers a whole horde of kuatus (squirrels). But as quickly as they come as quickly they were gone again. However, one of the kuatus remains as if expecting something from the player. If the player feeds the kuatu dochnuts, the kuatu will guide him through several rooms to a peninsula, where the player can dig out a tiny silvery box of dwarven origin. To acomplish this, the player needs to have a shovel.

- Provide information on more than one location telling the player on what kuatus like to get fed (e.g. in a dialogue and as content of a book)
- Clarify the exact use of the silvery box, perhaps connect it with the main quest - in this case the hints to solve the quest need to be much more elaborated

Quest #6 - The Wizardleaf (Xarl)
The wizard Thalanis Fizzlefist (room 200-1) desires some wizardleaf, which the player should bring to him. If the player accepts, the doorknocker won't let the player into the house, unless he can provide the wizardleaf.

- Add remote location and some sort of difficulty the player needs to overcome in order to retrieve the wizardleaf

Quest #7 - Laboratory Problems (Drogo)
The apprentice of the wizard Thalanis Fizzlefist was meant to brew some potions in a laboratory cave. However, it seems that he made quite a bit wrong, as the cave laboratory is now full of slime monsters, which the player has to deal with in order to save the young mage (quest will be started in room 52-1). The young mage will also join the player's party after he has been successfully rescued, and the player's search for thr girl Wanya is on.

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