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Title: Tasks I could use non-programming help with
Post by: Myrik on 21 September 2002, 11:02:00
I plan on using this from time to time because I sometimes get time demanding tasks I need to do that rely more on knowlege of santharia than on programming.  My msn is and icq is 20748554, yahoo is myrik2002, and I don't currently use msn.  If you wish to help with any tasks I list here please contact me.  I know it means that the forums don't get as many posts, but I frequently don't have the time to read all the forums, and only read them about once every 2 weeks.  For an instant messenger I strongly recommend using trillian which can be found at  It uses the icq, msn, yahoo, and aol services and uses less system resources then just icq.  All conversation are logged automatically to text files for each specific user, and file transfers work well.  Voice chat works with some services such as yahoo, it's skinnable to look like almost any other messenger as well as many cool unique looks.

Title: Logical trade routes
Post by: Myrik on 21 September 2002, 11:10:00
I have a map in which each color is a different room type that will be inside the mud.  I'm needing roads drawn on this map.

Okay so it's not quite that simple.
Santharia has a complex history and in it there have been many cities who would have connect to one another for various reasons.  They would have either built roads, or at least had a path worn from frequent use.  Inside the game there will be a path winding through the countryside to connect a few of the major towns.  I need someone who is either familiar with the history and geography of Santharia or willing to cram on it really hard for a while.  Artimidor informed me that this information hasn't been written yet.  That's both a good and bad thing.  Bad in that we don't have the resource to work from, but good in that it makes it less likely to make mistakes.

I have seen clues about such roads in descriptions of towns and adventures.  If someone would be interested in doing this please let me know.