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Title: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 08 July 2001, 01:42:00
Nate asked to find some names for trade shops, together with the names of the towns where they're located in. I've accumulated them here to have an own thread for it. Just post in answer to this thread if you have some new ones:


Helmwoud's Swords and Armours (Marcogg)

The Shimmering Axes. Proprietor: Halving Ovaetsrhoven (Nyermersys, Lision Lane, on the corner - can't miss it!)

Invincible Blades. Sharp Weapons and Light Armours Shop owned by Gael III. Jr. (Santhala, southern district)


Vladimirs Previosly Owned Weapon and Supply Shop Located east side of willowrun, R'unor

Torek Ozzot:

The Searing blade
The Bitter point
The Ashmarian Fist

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Gean Firefeet on 08 July 2001, 01:45:00
Hey you've forgotten mine :b

Daron's New and Used Weaponry <<not that original
Hyggin's Hold of Handheld Hammers and various other smashing weaponry
prolly both located in Strata

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 08 July 2001, 01:57:00
Sorry, Gean! Getting old and senile;)  

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Dala Valannia on 08 July 2001, 08:11:00
Are trade shops just limited to weapons and hardware? No little cosy bookshops or sewing shops or dress shops or restaurants? You mean no-body eats in Santharia???? *L*

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Xenos Ravenbeack on 08 July 2001, 13:04:00
Gretic and Muzota's used and out of print books, scrolls, and partchments depository (capital city, near docks, R'unor)

The Forge(basically a realy big blacksmith shop, also dose glass and stone work, northeast Iron Claw, R'unor)

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Greybark on 10 July 2001, 20:54:00
Ye Olde Shoppe of Coffee, Tea, and Delicacies (Strata)

(just for you, Dala :) )

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 11 July 2001, 11:50:00
To Dalá: I guess Nate needs various kinds of jobs, especially of course provisioners, weapons and armour shop, cause that's what role players mainly need...

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Gean Firefeet on 11 July 2001, 12:58:00
And fact is that in RPGs you don't have to eat that often, I don't recall a single game that I've played having that built in(haven't layed that many RPGs/MUDs), except to restore a characters health. Ergo: your characters don't eat...

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Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Greybark on 11 July 2001, 21:28:00
In some muds you have to eat.....if you don't on a regular basis, eventually you can't move because you're too exhausted.

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Dala Valannia on 12 July 2001, 10:28:00
How boringly and overwhelmingly macho RPGs must be if no-one who plays stop once in a while to lay down the bloodied mace/axe/warhammer/sword and smell the roses, perhaps partake in a caramel frappachino with whipped cream at Ye Olde Shoppe of Coffee, Tea, and Delicacies, before going off on impossible quests and killing a lot of humans/things/bad people or non-people again!! Seems strange to me if a town has nothing but shops full of weapons, weapons and more weapons! What kind of world is this?! :eek  (okay, okay, sorry, getting a little carried away here...but still! Who says heros and heroines can't be made out of baker boys and scullery maids and bookshop assistants or librarians??!!)

PS. Nice banner up there! I like! :)  

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 12 July 2001, 10:39:00
Yeah, agree with Dalá! I personally would prefer an RPG with intelligent persons, where people are willingly playing minor roles and not everyone has to go out adventuring etc. and where the whole fun lies in the discussions between the characters (well, I'm a bit of an RPG intellectual). Unfortunately there are more people around who prefer the justice of the sword and to kill other players etc. than role playing philosophers - at least I fear so...

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Gean Firefeet on 12 July 2001, 14:36:00
Do not forget love stories. I once accidently got myself into a love affair while freestyle RPing, it was one of the most interesting and difficult RP stories I've ever played.

And to describe a fighting situation properly is quite hard as well, you'd be surprised to see the hardness of RPing when you can't write actions for other characters, which is hard when fighting.

And philosophy... well talking can be much more interesting then adventuring and roaming countrysides, especially when argueing/discussing certain topics...

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Nate of Sorren on 12 July 2001, 18:05:00
I plan for players to eat in Sorren 3d.  I didn't want the names exclusively for the 3d game though.  I have added a region vault to the simulation/strategy game.  Also I created an auction system to auction items.  No auction is complete without an Item shop to purchase the items from in the first place.

And by the way I'm working on coding the new stuff to work with both games.  Putting priority on the shared components required for the 3d game.

Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: Greybark on 12 July 2001, 20:07:00
"caramel frappachino with whipped cream"

I need one of those. Right now.

---post abandoned by user---

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Title: Re: Names for Trade shops
Post by: SmurfStormcrow on 19 July 2001, 14:39:00
Don't know place names, so there! You can figure that out. Basically, if you need a shop in a town that doesn't have one already, take one of these.

The Silffin
Bar located on some sea-coast. Mainly used by sailors.

The Half-Starved Wolf
Famous restaurant and bar with gigantic portions AND good food, a combination rarely seen. In a town near some lumber camp.

Dragonforge Smithy
~Custom-made Relics~

One of the blacksmith shops where Tris Dragonforge made her famous weapons. Now owned by some really strong old guy whose name nobody knows. Still brings in a lot of business.

Harjin's Newfangled Machinery Center
The name sort of explains itself, eh?

Galehoof Stables
Stables in Santhala that have the reputation of the fastest, strongest, and those horses with the most stamina of all Aer'ai'chan.

Forbin's Ponies
Stables owned by the halfling Forbin. They are good for very long journeys and can carry a lot.


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Title: eating rpg game?
Post by: tell me when it is done on 20 August 2001, 19:40:00
am I the only person that played a rpg that you have to eat!what am I some kind of 0] ! I played many rpgs that you have to have food with you or you have to buy food!!!

Title: Re: eating rpg game?
Post by: Drogo on 21 August 2001, 11:57:00
I understand, I've played them too.  Can't remember them, sorry.  Turned twenty the other day and am going senile already.  :)   I liked that UO had food, but it really wasn't a necessity it just boosted you a little.  I think here it should be necessary, and perhaps different foods help.  Say a frapachino  ;) gives you more energy for short times, while a roast gives you more stamina.  Thing's like that.

Title: Re: eating rpg game?
Post by: tell me when it is done on 21 August 2001, 16:36:00
now that I never seen try to do that ok nate? :)  

Title: Re: eating rpg game?
Post by: SmurfStormcrow on 29 August 2001, 13:47:00
Poor Drogo, he's old now. :lol  


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Title: If Lonely Planet had a Guide to Santharia....
Post by: Bard Judith on 31 August 2001, 20:53:00
...these shops would be in it.

Tarhand's Cothouse:  A flophotel run by an old seacaptain.  Cheap dormstyle pallets in an ancient warehouse that's been roughly divided into multiple levels with old lumber and crate scraps.  A trough outside to wash in, and a seven-seater outhouse completes the sanitary arrangements.

Orrin the Chandler's:  The equivalent of yer local hardware store.  Lanterns, candles, oil, small knives and tools, bedrolls, rope, knapsacks, spikes, canteens, bags, clamps, leather thongs, belt pouches, and so on.  Run by Orrin, a gaunt and grim-faced man who nonetheless keeps a bag of boiled toffees behind the counter for any children who might wander in with their parents, and who secretly feeds stray cats.

Sergetha & Daughters Fine Tailoring:  cloaks, doublets, shirts, tunics, trews, and travel skirts all made to measure at reasonable prices.  The type of material is the largest variable in the pricing list.

Nib & Nipperkin:  A tavern, but with pretensions towards gentility.  Where the artists and writers hang out in  Bardavos.  Minstrels will always get a good welcome and free drinks for the evening, plus their asking pay for entertainment.

The Apothecary's Flask:  Herbs, possets, tisanes, potions, and other stuff for whatever might ail ye.  The little smiling woman behind the counter will ask you all kinds of personal questions and then custom-brew a pick-me-up tea for travellers.  Great for restoring waning energy, whether weary from travelling, fighting, or shopping.

Cherrye's Cha-room:  Basically an entertainment dive.  Tea, assorted salty nibbles served by scantily-clad females, small round tables with individual candles and a sentimental singer on stage.  Probably in one of the larger cosmopolitan cities.