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Title: how do u play this game?
Post by: dad1589 on 30 July 2001, 21:25:00
e-mail me if u know i just started yesterday and i am lost i don't know how to play this game it is confusing!

Title: how do u play this game?
Post by: Kanga on 31 July 2001, 08:25:00
hi there, im real sorry i would send a email to you if i had the option but im affraid that you made it private when you created your forum account, uhm this is not a game yet but it hopefully will be in some months (many months) im sure that most of the people would like some input from the future roleplayers that is going to play the game but im affraid that the forums is a bit messy for those same people with no clear purpose etc etc, perhaps Art should to make some clear difference between what we talk about and what should open to the public 100%? (with their possibility to enter their oppinion without spamming, hopefully we will avoid those people :) )

Title: Re: how do u play this game?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 01 August 2001, 11:58:00
Well, I tried to explain things on the main site already. I will have to put up an FAQ section, though, concerning the co-operation and the game - just give me some time...

Title: Re: how do u play this game?
Post by: MATTFR on 01 August 2001, 21:07:00
ok I under stand i was wondering how to join. It is confusing but i was think it may not be done yet. But Ill say this I think it may be a good one if you do not mind me saying. With what you got know it looks like it will have some good things put in to it. Ill look forwered to it. But if you got a site then it must be comming together. If it is about 50% at lest you are getting people to know about it. It will also help having people help you with working out bugs. By the way are you running bata test? If so what do you need to do to help?

Title: It's not just a game.
Post by: Nate of Sorren on 02 August 2001, 06:07:00
You will find that it isn't a game it's a world.  And because of that more then one game plays in it.

I believe there is a forum based game that is played to a similar style to ad&d, but i'm not certain about that stuff.

There is a playable game at  It's called the lands of sorren because it's a simulation/strategy game.

This forum is dedicated to the development of the Heroes of Sorren which is going to be a 3d rpg.  We are still in the process of building developer tools.  So it isn't even near completion.

Title: Re: It's not just a game.
Post by: Gnufruk the Trader on 06 August 2001, 11:53:00
All those funny people...

Gnufrukanswers, answers

Title: Rpg 3D multiplayer game
Post by: Lord Holgarth on 05 October 2001, 12:19:00
i like the idea that two games are cooperating but is it going to be 3D where we have a person or army and we can see him or thgem battling and moving etc.....

Title: Re: Rpg 3D multiplayer game
Post by: SmurfStormcrow on 05 October 2001, 16:37:00
Well, its not really two games cooperating. Sorren was originally a site based on gaming. But Santharia had only a Role-playing forum, which was falling apart. Santharia was just a world creation site, not a game.


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Title: Re: Rpg 3D multiplayer game
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 October 2001, 00:24:00
"Falling apart"... *grin* Take a look at the current RPG Forum to see if it's really falling apart...

Santharia: Fantasy World Creation in the style of Tolkien
Sorren: (currently) an online stragtegy game

Santharia+Sorren should result in a free online 3D RPG game (similar to Ultima Online), but all 3D

Title: Re: Rpg 3D multiplayer game
Post by: Rebarle Azurien on 12 October 2001, 15:57:00

Title: Sorren
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 29 October 2001, 04:22:00
I hope it will run when finished smoother than Sorren now

Title: Re: Sorren
Post by: Garaton on 09 March 2002, 17:02:00
For a good fre rpg go to it is a wicked online game and if you like it you can even join as a member and get more quest and stuff if you do go to runescape and play it try and find me i will gladly help you to get started at runescape my runscape user name is Garaton xy13

Title: How do u play this game
Post by: Lord Dragonmage on 17 April 2002, 10:39:00
how do you start playing this game

Title: Re: How do u play this game
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 17 April 2002, 11:51:00
In case you haven't noticed so far: the 3D MMORPG is in development, so nothing to play for now.

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Title: also wanna know!!!
Post by: LiLziggy on 30 May 2002, 03:47:00
hey you guys,.,, im not actually an rpg gamer.. but i interactive web games like sorren and utopia....

i think the project is really good....!!!!!
3D?.. i think that would be awesome!!!.. i havent play rpg yet,, and i wanna play my first game in here!!!!!

Title: Re: also wanna know!!!
Post by: finalight on 21 June 2002, 08:04:00
I also heard that is going to improve their 3D models..which is going to be like real people!
And they also improve 3D environment too!