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Title: Hit Points
Post by: Tekradon on 28 April 2002, 18:10:00
How will hit points be figured? Will they go up as one's skills increase? That was one thing that always bothered me about Dungeons & Dragons, as well as other RPGs.  While one's training and skill can increase, one's hit points really can't.  So it's my thought that HP should be determined by your original stats, and should only increase in very specific circumstances (magical items or spells, perhaps).  At least, that's my thought.  There might be another post for this, I didn't really look.

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Title: Hit points
Post by: Myrik on 16 May 2002, 14:15:00
At this time we are currently planning on making it so that hitpoints increase by people getting used to being hit like the other attributes and skills.  We don't know exactly where our values will be set but the increment will certainly be much slower then most other skills.

Title: Re: Hit points
Post by: Greybark on 16 May 2002, 21:58:00
So you could cut your finger every day for a week and then your HP increase by one or two?
Kinda strange.....
(I like the theory, but the application, and abuses, could be pretty strange)

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Title: if any of you...
Post by: King Arthur of Camalot on 17 May 2002, 16:04:00
if any of you played dablo you should do it like that

Title: Re: if any of you...
Post by: Tekradon on 20 May 2002, 19:02:00
no no- I don't think anything like Diablo (sudden jumps in hit points with level gains) goes along with anything we've been planning.  It's too unrealistic.  I do like the idea of getting more hit points thru learning how to take hits.

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Title: hit points
Post by: Guest on 21 May 2002, 03:42:00
As anyone who has ever played Roll master knows working on a character for 2-3 hours only to have the first no-name monster kill it with an accidental critical can be discouraging (although sometimes amusing if it was a fumble). Multiply that by 1000 for a well loved character and few new people will play.

Think of hit points as the accumulation of medical knowledge and resistance to injury. The first hit could leave a wound that gets infected and kills a newbie. An experienced warrior would know to wrap the wound and a hero would know to wash the wound first.

hit points, graphic wound descriptions that have to be individually fixed or some other method of tracking battle damage are mirroring reality.. you have to have something like that.

my personal experience suggests that the fewer specifics the easier/more fun the game. Medical students excluded.

Title: fixed?
Post by: Raithe on 29 August 2002, 18:07:00
A few games I've played had fixed HP totals; essentially, your physical stats (strength & constitution, primarily) and your will stat determined your durability.  The numbers weren't everything; certain races had different hp totals for the same (numerically) stats, representing things like size or more efficient arterial systems (self-rerouting blood, fast scabbing, etc).  
Weapon damage was also based primarily on physical characteristics (size, weight, balance, edge), meaning there weren't logical fallacies like a nonmagical dagger doing far more damage than a bastard sword, simply because of its 'level'- a primary component for this sort of system to work.  Of course, magic could still boost a dagger above a bastard sword...
Basically, more powerful characters did better in combat because their stats improved (thus raising their hp and other combat abilities) as they played.  Skill improvement also distinguished a novice from a veteran; even with nothing but a rapier, a swordmaster should always beat out a broadsword wielding neophyte barbarian.  Realistic?  Probably not.  But I'm not here because I want *full* reality.

Title: Re: fixed?
Post by: Erutan Argon on 30 August 2002, 20:11:00
I like Tekradon's idea about the Hit Points. I played Everquest for about 4 months and gaining experience at level 17 is very hard. Though different things while creating your character in the beggining reflects how many hits you start with, everybody gains them at the same rate. This means that you will always be that much better, or that much worse in hit points for the rest of the game.(I'm talking about Everquest that is)

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Title: Life?
Post by: Raithe on 31 August 2002, 23:40:00
Er... the song's line is " the gravity of love"... (re: user signature)

Title: Re: Life?
Post by: Erutan Argon on 01 September 2002, 11:08:00
I noticed that but my chacter doesnt deal with love, he deals with life so I changed it. ;)  

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Title: Hitpoints.. a little more details
Post by: Myrik on 21 September 2002, 11:52:00
any time someone gets hurt.  even if that's cutting their finger each day it decreases their hit points.  In the game we are working on a different way to handle stats, attributes, and skills.  Hitpoints will be managed like the others.  An easy way to look at it is with strength...

pretend i'm a body builder.  my str is 13.  Now lets think about what happens when we work out.  Our strength actually drops immediately.  But our overall strength will increase when the muscles rest up.

We call these values your currentLevel, and your Level.  having a str of 10/13 then means if you rest up your muscles will be able to reach 13.  Resting wont' be done like it is in many games.  You sit down and rest 30 seconds and then go running around battling foes.  It will be more like you go on a 2 day adventure, and are then exausted.  So you spend the next few days at home studying artifacts, visiting with family and friends, or bandaging the wounded in your party.

If this stat system doesn't work, then we'll find another way of doing it, but I strongly believe it will add more realism and enjoyment to the game.  Have well rounded characters with lives not just one long leveling adventure until it gets boring.