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Title: New Xarl additions September 22nd 2003
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 23 September 2003, 12:55:00
Ok, I've prepared Xarl's 2 wizard rooms (would like to see a bedroom though as well, with some more weird stuff!), plus the Wizard dialogue and the wizardleaf quest. Also the map has been updated at the general game thread with the new rooms in. Currently it is necessary to cross empty rooms to reach the 2 new rooms, but anyway. I hope Judy can finish them still in this millenium... ;)

Whether Xarl can help here, or I'll need to do it: Near the wizard's house there will be an experimental cave with some slime monsters, which have trapped the wizard's apprentice, so this will be next on our plate. The wizard's apprentice is important as he will accompany the player during his journey, so it's good to start preparing that as well soon that the party grows. After that we'll definitely need more on the weapons and armour front, as this has been quite neglected so far. Well, one after the other.

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