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Title: Progress Report November 2nd 2003
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 03 November 2003, 11:08:00
I've prepared quite a bunch of new/updated rooms for Humangus to be integrated to go into the next (and probably last) version before Humangus is off for the military.

Amount of rooms integrated/updated: ca. 20. I've used Judy's rooms she made directly for the LT game in the southeast, and those I didn't have so far, I managed to construct by things she developed for the old Sorren game, combining it with some new ideas. Xarl's wizard room is now reachable in the game, and we'll soon reach his apprentice's laboratory, where more action will follow. Also I've made the innkeeper accessible, which Smith made, which is also important I think:)

The main map was updated as well (see here), displaying all integrated/prepared rooms so far (making it 131 rooms we have so far).

I've also added some pics (see below). As for the waterfall: I decided to use crops from the Marcogg waterfall here, as I thought they might fit better. The waterfall pic Quellion made will then be used for the Ravenwing Falls, which we can also integrate at the site then BTW.

Ok, here some pics I've constructed using existing material:

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