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Title: MUD making Program
Post by: TheSpacDude on 11 September 2004, 01:21:00
I made this program that allows people to make there own MUD's, because I always wanted to have my own, but couldn't have a server running for financial reasons:

Heres the info, it's called VU:

VU is a text-based online editing package, simliar to a MOO, MUD, or MUSH:
It can be downloaded at

anyway when you download obviously run it than go to: >enter the internet, than >connect TCP/IP, than >load onto a virtual universe
And enter this here:


this will connect you to our already running session, if this returns a message saying no session found that go to our web-site and see if a new encrypted IP exists at:

This is its features:
Tones of commands for players like:
-> walk using N,E,S,W
-> pickup and drop items
-> buy items
-> write yourself a name password, and description which is saved to the host computer. Allowing for individual characters for diffrent hosts
-> Talk, yell, and whisper
-> look at items and people to view there descriptions
-> drink, and eat items that you buy, find or a given to you
-> check your inventory status
-> equip weapons
-> do build in emotions
-> level, health, and magic system
-> discover multiple rooms, that have diffrent properties, sounds and images

Warning: The below is only if you are the host, or a host turns your character into a god, or high priests (this naming can be changed by the host or creator)

-> Edit anything within the game while people are playing, and this becomes saved on the host computer
-> A built in easy to use editor

And over 100 more commands for players alone
And 300 more things for hosts and editors alike

Anyone can use it ... It dosn't bother me, but give me you surgestions
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Title: Re: MUD making Program
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 12 September 2004, 08:25:00
I fear we don't have the time for MUDs right now. We've still  got lots of world developing to do. Aside from that a single player RPG game is already in development and we can't concentrate on other projects, especially with engines, which are also only just in development.

I would also recommend not to use dots in file-names. Could be that this is the main problem why people can't download it. Direct linking probably is also forbidden in general by Geocities/Yahoo policy.

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