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Title: The Technical Forum Stuff
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 May 2001, 14:34:00
The Technical Forum Stuff

This thread harbours all kind of technical questions you might have concerning handling posting here at the Forum. You can either read through the posts below one after the other or you can used the links here in the content section to jump directly to a specific question. With a click on the links at the end of each question/answer section called "Return to the top" you'll return back to the contents again.

Should you have further questions, feel free to open a new thread here in this Newbie Forum, and we'll address the issue and add frequently asked questions to sticky topics like this one.

Technical Forum Questions

  • Registering at the Forum (#post_Registering)
  • Adding a Forum Portrait (#post_Portrait)
  • Customizing the Signature (#post_Signature)
  • Posting Images (#post_Images)
  • Uploading Images (#post_UploadingImages)
  • Problems with Logging In (#post_LoggingIn)
  • Getting notified at certain Posts (#post_Notify)

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Title: Registering at the Forum
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 August 2005, 07:20:00
Registering at the Forum
Though you can post at the Message Board without having to register first, it is essential to register if you want to become part of the development team. Only if you're registered you can edit your own posts and correct your entries according to given suggestions, set development icons, add a Forum portrait, a signature, receive personal messages etc.

So how do you do it? - Quite simple, actually.

1. See the shiny button there on top of the Forum?
This one: ( - Click it!

2. In the window that appears now enter your username. This is the name you wish to use to log in to the site. Note that you might want to keep it simple, because you can always change the username that appears to all other people later.

3. Now enter your e-mail address. Make sure it is valid, otherwise your registration won't succeed.

4. Finally pick a password and type it in again once more in order to avoid an unwanted misspelling.

5. If you're bored read through the whole disclaimer, then confirm with ticking the "I Agree" checkbox at the bottom. This will enable the Register button, which you should click to finish your registration. - And that's it! Next time you should be able to log in with your chosen username and password!

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Title: Adding a Forum Portrait
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 August 2005, 07:28:00
Adding a Forum Portrait
First of all: Find a nice picture you'd like to have to represent your Santharian personality. You can use that picture directly by adding it to your Profile, however, Santharian Forum portraits are usually adjusted to receive a nice frame like this one:


To get such a border, simply mail your picture to (ideally in the size of 60x60 picture) and include your Forum name - the webmaster will take care of adjusting the picture and add it to your profile.

In order to add a picture yourself to your account, do the following:

1. Log in to your  account.

2. Click on the "Profile" button, then select "Forum Profile Information".


3. On the very top you can specify your Personalized Picture. Ideally you can select the option "I have my own pic" and specify an URL or select "I will upload my own picture", then you can search for an image on your hard drive and upload it to the Santharian server. Please note that the picture should be prepared already in advance, with a maximum size of 69x69, better is 60x60. If you upload a 60x60 image and the webmaster notices it, you'll get your nice frame soon automatically.

If you specify an URL or want to upload your picture, then make sure that once your press "Change Profile" to confirm your edits, the correct option is selected where you have specified where the server should retrieve your image!

Also: Don't forget to check first that the URL you put in there can be actually accessed from your browser (just type it in your browser address line and press Enter).

Important: Use only picture addresses here (endings with JPG or GIF). Please do not use large images for these pictures and no animated GIFs, which distract the readers from the content of the posts. Thanks!

4. Click the "Change Profile" button at the bottom of the page.

5. That's it! :D Your new Forum portrait should show up everywhere on your posts - make sure to check that to see if you did everything correctly!

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Title: Customizing the Signature
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 August 2005, 07:32:00
Customizing the Signature
1. If you want to use a signature to go with your posts, the first thing you need to make sure of is that you have already registered for an  account.

2. If you have, log in and click on the button you can see on top of the Forum named "Profile".

3. Then click on the link to the left side called "Forum Profile Information".

4. At the bottom of the page you have a larger textbox titled "Signature".

5. Now enter your signature. At the textbox you can enter text, which should display as your signature. Note that the text will display at all your posts, and once you change this signature it affects all your previous posts as well. Only BBC code is allowed to construct your personal signature, no HTML.

Tip: You can also use the Forum Portrait & Signature Testing thread (,10718) to experiment with the signature. Here you have the advantage that you can make a regular post using the buttons to generate BBC code and see the results directly in your browser. You can also click on "Preview" to see how changes affect your post.

Please note that signature pictures are limited to a size of 350x70 and 30 KB. Do not use animated GIFs, Flash Movies or anything fancy in this regard!

6. Once you're done click on "Change Profile" and your new signature will be saved and in effect on all existing posts you already did immediately.

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Title: Posting Images
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 August 2005, 07:34:00
Posting Images
Posting images is quite simple:

1. When you see the comment-textbox while creating a topic or replying to it you should see a row of buttons above your textbox. The second one at the second row is the "image" button.

2. Place your cursor on the spot in the text where you'd like the image to show up, then click the "image" button. As with various other codes, the message board adds the correct BBC codes for you, in this case you will see[img ]http://[/img] and your cursor will be located between the brackets.

3. Now type in your URL so that you see something like [img ][/img] and the picture should show up once you post.

In case you want to show larger pictures to other Santharians, make sure to upload two versions of the image on your webspace or the Santharian resources server - a preview version (not larger in width than 350 pixels) and the full version.

Then you should post the thumbnail picture and make it clickable, so that it enlarges in a new window.

To do so, post the small version as described above, then mark the whole code the board created and click on the "link" button. Now move your cursor just behind the first url text and add a = followed by the URL of the enlarged picture version, so that the result will look like this eventually:

[url =][img ][/img][/url]

And that's it!

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Title: Uploading Images
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 August 2005, 07:35:00
Uploading Images
If you want to see a Forum portrait next to your post or a little graphical signature, but don't know where to upload such a picture, simply write to and I'll upload it for you and add the picture e.g. to your Profile, or give you an URL you can use for your signature.

It is also possible to directly include pictures as attachments at Forum posts, in this case just look below your posting textbox at the "Additional Options...". This is especially useful for artists, who'd like to upload images they are working on and where they would like to hear comments before they progress. In case you don't see several options below the posting textbox then you haven't expanded it, so click at the "+" icon in front of the "Additional Options..." text. Now you should see an Attach textbox, where you can press "Search" to look for the file on your heard drive. Once you press "Save" the files is uploaded and will be displayed below your message. If the image is quite large, an automatic smaller preview will be generated upon viewing, which you then can click at to view the full picture in full.

Furthermore, if you're already an official Santharian member and thus part of the development team, you can use pretty much unlimited Santharian resources webspace for Santharian development needs. Or you can upload already finished stuff and put these pictures directly into the Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources. ( Of course you can also upload musics or larger documents. - All you need to know for this sort of uploading is how to handle an FTP client - the details on how to access the Santharian Resources server then need to be requested by e-mail. Just drop me a line at and I'll send you specifications.

If you don't know how to handle FTP, but would like to see resources uploaded to be presented on the Forum, just send the pictures either in JPG or GIF format to me and I'll take care of it.

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Title: Problems with Logging In
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 August 2005, 07:37:00
Problems with Logging In
This problem doesn't seem to occur very often at the new SMF board we're using now, however, to be on the safe side, we'd like to give you these instructions neverless in case you have troubles to stay logged in at the Forum.

To solve this problem you need to know a bit on how a message board works. So here's a little explanation: Once you log in at the main page with your username and password, the board stores a "cookie" at your computer. Unfortunately this is nothing you can eat, but it helps the board to identify you when you open the message board again, even if you've turned your computer off for a while. If the cookie is there with your information, the board knows immediately who was in front of the computer the last time and can restore your settings.

If the cookie cannot be stored on your computer, then it might happen that the board "forgets" that you're logged in. And if you're not logged in, you also won't find e.g. an "Edit" link at your own post. Often cookies cannot be stored on your computer due to the fact that your Privacy settings (e.g. at Options at Internet Explorer) are set to a rather high level (see slider on the picture below). That's ok, as a higher security prevents your computer from unwanted popup windows, viruses etc. Unfortunately if the slider is at medium height, also storing of cookies is not possible anymore - for all sites you open, also for those which would need  to store cookies to work properly.

To solve the problem you can either a) move the slider to a lower level (not recommended as this reduces your security level in general) or b) simply define exceptions for certain pages/sites you deem trustworthy. In Internet Explorer locate and click on the "Tools" menu, this is just to the left of "Help" at the very top right. This will produce a menu with many options. Within this menu, locate and click on "Internet Options" at the bottom of the menu, this will produce the "Internet Options" window. Within this window, locate and click on the "Privacy" tab, which will be the third from the left, the window contents will change showing an upper box with a slider and three buttons, and a lower box with a single button:


Now in order to allow the message board to store your user cookie do the following: Click on the button in the lower box, it is labeled "Edit" and the "Per Site Privacy Actions" window will appear (see below). In the box labeled "Address of Web site" enter "" and click the "Allow" button on the right and your problem will be solved, while you still haven't reduced your general security settings. You can add further trustworthy sites of course as well, which have similar problems.


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Title: Getting notified at certain Posts
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 August 2005, 07:39:00
Getting notified at certain Posts
Immediate e-mail notification indeed is a simple and effective way on how to always stay up to date on important issues being discussed at the Forum. It helps especially in order to get to know immediately when someone has replied to one of your entries. - There are two options on how to turn on automatic notification at posts:

First you can turn on automatic email notification if you post in a thread. Below your posting textbox you'll see a link to open "Additional Options". These options can be minimized or expanded, if minimized, just open these options by clicking on the "+" icon in front of the "Additional Options" text. The first option is called "Notify me of replies". Tick it and press "Post". This way you'll get an e-mail pointing you to the thread whenever someone replies to your post and you can reply much faster yourself.


The second possibility to receive notifications (without posting yourself) is to open a thread and look at the top or the bottom of a post, where you'll see various icons/buttons as the screenshot below shows. Click on the icon telling you "Notify" (it's the one with the letter and the exclamation mark) and voilą, you'll always remain up to date what happens in this thread. You can even follow the progress of certain non-story related threads which you're interested in by marking them this way.


Of course you can turn off email notification anytime - simply click on the appropriate link when you receive a notification, and this marks the end of further notifications.

Finally in this respect we'll have to point you to the so-called Forum "Bell Ringing - Notifications for Developers" ( As the name already implies this is a Forum to notify others and to be notified yourself about certain topics. We suggest to open a topic there with your name as the title followed by an exclamation mark e.g. "Artimidor!", then you should sign up for notification at this thread as described above. Whenever someone wants something from you, he or she can post here in this Forum, include a link to a specific thread and you'll receive an e-mail straight away. Neat, eh?

Oh, by the way: There's also a thread called "General Attention needed" ( in this Bellringing Forum. Sign up to that one and whenever someone needs attention from all developers, you'll get the message!

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