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Title: Tharian restrictions proposal
Post by: Garrek Driel on 08 January 2005, 23:54:00
Tharian is a really nice language, I've noticed. Nice and handy. Granted, a lot of things have been changed to a Santharian feel, and I must add, a nice job has been done in so doing.

However, I have noticed the presence of a few words which, judging by the Santharian-izing of the English language into Tharian, could not exist.

So I've only noticed one at the moment. That word is

And, of course, its cousin march

Both of these bear a strong reference to the Roman god Mars.
I know it's a long shot, but in order to eliminate all obvious references, this should be done away with. I am certain our experts here can come up with a suitable substitute.

Title: Unknown
Post by: Unknown on 15 June 2005, 09:11:00
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