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Title: How to write Herbarium entries
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 August 2002, 23:47:00

If you do an entry, always make sure to use the appropriate development icon when you post it here on the Forum at the first post of the thread. Change this icon by editing the first post at the thread once the status changes as well. The icon may also be changed by a Moderator or Administrator.

( ... Entry is still being edited, not really ready for comments yet
( ... Entry is done, waiting for comments now
( ... There's a major question concerning this entry, where an answer is necessary. You can/should put the topic of the question in brackets in your post title.
( ... Entry is ready for upload. Don't add this posticon, the moderators will do it for you.
( ... Entry was already integrated by your dear webmaster. If you can't see it on the site yet, it's probably because the update is still in progress.

Title: How to design new Herbarium Entries
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 28 December 2003, 01:34:00

If you're a member of the Santharian Dream and would like to add stuff to the Herbarium, please post in the Herbarium section of the Santharian Development Message Board. People will then comment on your new addition and if the entry is approved it will eventually move to the site in one of the updates.

However, in order to design plants, herbs, trees, weeds etc. for the Santharian Compendium the following necessary sections need to be covered. If you still aren't sure what you should put in certain sections, please read through some entries first and see how others have done their entries.

 a) Categorization
Take a look at the Herbarium Menu and see in which category and subdivision your plant would fit (Bushes, Flowers, Edible Plants etc.).

 b) Basic Overview of the Plant
Write a short description on the plant for general orientation what this plant is all about. Can contain things such as its some things on its appearance, its main uses, how it is found etc. Perhaps some general information that might not fit into any of the other areas - maybe some history if required. Basically try make this a summary of the most important information about your plant.

 c) Description
Write here what the item looks like, any extra things that grow from it, and items that it produces. If you aren't familiar with Santharian measurements, please check out the entry on Santharian Measures and Weights ( first. Write it so that we can "see" it and that an artist could draw a picture from it. Mention perhaps the climate the plant flourishes in and the general "growth" cycle, if you are not planning to do this in the Territory and Reproduction sections.

 d) Territory
Put here where this plant grows (which continent, which climate, which special region, e.g. mountains, sea, grasslands, etc.). How far spread the plant is would also be worth mentioning, along with any other information which relates to the placing of the plant.

 e) Usages
Is it medical? Is it used for anything in particular? Can people eat it? Does the plant have any postive or negative effects on certain people or animals? Tell us what the plant can be used for, who uses it, and how it is used.

 f) Reproduction
How does your plant reproduce? does it flower, grow seeds, fruits or berries and during what time? In general, try to make clear how one generation of plants leads to the next.

 g) Myth/Lore/Origins (optional)
Does your plant have any magical creation surrounding it? Is there something in particular about this plant which makes it special? E.g.: Was it created by a god/dess, powerful person, freak of nature, through experiments? Where did it come from - where is it now? Are there stories about your plant, or are there famous/important people who have researched or used in in an interresting way? This section contains all the myth and history worth mentioning about your plant.

If you follow these guidelines I'm sure developing plants, trees, herbs etc. for the Herbarium is much easier and will produce better results. - Happy developing!

Originally written by Uragel, former Herbarium Mistress, modified by Miraran Tehuriden

Title: Re: How to write Herbarium entries
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 07 June 2007, 00:50:52

There has been a slight change in the Herbarium Template; As of now, the 'Reproduction' section is no longer optional. We hope this will cause no inconvenience for our Herbalists, and are of course always available for any questions you might have.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Miraran Tehuriden & Bard Judith, Herbarium Moderators

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