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Title: a question about Light Elves
Post by: Elienta on 21 November 2001, 11:31:00
Please curse my laziness - I'm the admin at the rp forum and I STILL haven't read all the info at the main site yet! *hits herself on head*

I recieved an idea for a story awhile ago and it has a piece concerning Light Elves...

"a manor that belongs to an organzation of light elves who have dedicated there life to fighting evil"

Ok, question - do light elves have ethics as in the normal sense, and would they actually take part in such activities in the real world? I vaguely recall that they don't exactly exist in the way other beings do, and also that they live in a certain place.

And another question - Can Light Elves be killed in the same manner as other Elves? (as in being stabbed, poisoned, etc etc)

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Title: Re: a question about Light Elves
Post by: Capher on 21 November 2001, 11:44:00
Wren is the expert: but from what I understand light elves are like the wind, they cannot be seen. Unless they have taken on physical form. Some have in the past. I do'nt know if that helps. but it is all I can offer you. Sorry

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Title: Re: a question about Light Elves
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 21 November 2001, 18:29:00
The Elves of Thaelon are Lightelves (Astyrhim). They see the world from a special point of view, if they exist in another plane,  don't know. Not really, I think. They just don't care about the outside world and preserve what is in their range but Art is the expert here.

Wren's elves are no real Lightelves, I fear.

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Title: Re: a question about Light Elves
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 21 November 2001, 18:30:00
Or  Katya?!? ... Err.... Dala?

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Title: Re: a question about Light Elves
Post by: Wren on 22 November 2001, 14:58:00
No, not really very hot on light elves, but they don't take physical form and I've genrally always assumed because they don't want to get to bog down in the things of the world.

Title: Re: a question about Light Elves
Post by: Dala Valannia on 23 November 2001, 23:10:00
Er, Art should be the absolute expert on the Light Elves since he created them from scratch! I mainly just write on some of them like the High Avá'ránn and Melor. But here's what's written about the Light Elves on the website, all information below kindly provided by the Great Art ( and a little bit by me ) :)  

The Astyrhim

(Elvish: "Tribe through (which) we are") Legendary light elven tribe, supposed to be located at the gigantic Thaelon forest in the current Santharian province of Vardýnn near the capital Voldar. Tribe often refered to in ancient elven lore, especially in the Cárpa'dosía, the elven myth of the beginning of all things. Nevertheless many people, especially humans of course, doubt the existence of the Astyrhim, because there is not confirmed sighting of these secretive, mysterious and often otherworldly light elves. On the other hand the light elves of the Astyrhim also play important roles in several fairy tales and legends of other races, mostly in religious narrations where people, who have lost their will to live, are guided back to the right path. And although the Astyrhim never had any direct influence in Sarvonian history, many other elven tribes honor them by wearing the sacred Astyrhim coat of arms aside from their own when they have to go to battle.

Coat of Arms. The Thaelon forest as well the Astyrhim are considered sacred among the elves (read more about elven mythology below). Therefore you will also find the most sacred symbols of the elven race combined in the Astyrhim coat of arms: The shining Tree of Life, named Eu'reoll in the elvish tongue, the rune representing the High Goddess Avá the Beautiful (a closed eye with a tear) and finally Her gift to Her Children, the essence of the Xeuá. The latter stands for the spirit - as the humans would call it - or the connecting principle between the four main elements in the elven interpretation. The colors of the coat of arms are usually green and brown.


Picture description: The location of the Thaelon and the Astyrhim. Map by Artimidor Federkiel.

Mythology. The Thaelon forest, where the Astyrhim are said to have their home, is supposed to once have been the cradle of the world of Aér'aí'chán - at least there are many hints in the elven creation myth of the Cárpa'dosía that this could indeed have been the case. In the Thaelon Eu'reoll, the Tree of Life, had spread its gigantic branches over the world and awaited the coming of the Children of the One. And "when the first drop of the Rain of Life touched and mingled with the first breath of Wind, both were breathing in the the other's essence and found each other pleasing, there emerged from this joyous union, the first elf and the most beautiful of all the races to come - she who is the High Avá'ránn [...] The High Avá'ránn is the oldest and wisest and as untouchable as the distant stars due to her immense burden, for she is the forever guardian of Eu'reoll, the Tree of Life, which lies in the secret heart of the Thaelon. This is her burden to bear and her tragedy as to be the Keeper of Eu'reoll means that she will have to stay within the boundaries of Thaelon until the Dream of Avá ends." (quoted from Dalá'Valannía's "Collection of Ancient Lore"). This first creature was a being of wind, ephemeral as it might seem if judged from the appearance only, but it was pure Xeuá and thus immortal and undestructible, of unbelievable knowledge and power - the living representation of Avá's and her Gods' will.

Many other such beings came to life, though not as powerful as the first one, but nevertheless unique beings who were endowed with the Goddesses' virtues and purity. They lived in harmony with nature and counseled the Queen of Trees, the High Avá'ránn, who reigned over the world in the name of the silence of the Void she heeded dearly. These beings of Wind at the Thaelon later on should be called the "aér'styraía" (lit. "very first beings") or "light elves" in the human tongue.

After the Shadow of the World, Coór, had ignited the Tree of Life, many of the elves left the Thaelon, and the more they moved away from Eu'reoll the more they became corporeal, although they still are Children of Wind and bear the picture of Avá's purity within theit minds. But the few who remained at the forest, withdrew from the eyes of the other races and gathered around the High Avá'ránn, only to re-appear in legends and fairy-tales as messengers of the unreal: the Astyrhim.

Appearance. The Astyrhims true spiritual form is that of pure light and moves air but they retain the ability to manifest a corporeal shape if needed. In that physical form the High Avá'ránn, is considered to be the loveliest among a race that is legendary for its beauty and grace. Whenever the High Avá'ránn is mentioned in a fairy-tale she usually is pictured in her corporeal shape.

History. Because of the fact that the Astyrhim are often interpreted as figures of legends and/or the unreal their history is either non-existent or can't be known to the simple historian. As far as is known light elves have never interefered in any worldly affairs of major importance. There are of course rumours that certain Sarvonian celebrities have encountered Astyrhim elves. One of these rumours is that the Erpheronian Queen Katya the Just was guided to her destiny by the High Avá'ránn herself whom she is said to have met in her youth short after her village and family were destroyed in the Dragonstorm. Common people living in the region of Vardýnn still believe in the Astyrhim myths and honor the memory of Katya as a reign blessed by the elven High Goddess Herself.

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Title: Re: a question about Light Elves
Post by: Elienta on 27 November 2001, 09:17:00
Another question - can Light Elves "enter" human minds? *blinks stupidly* I'm assuming they can't, but someone asked on the forums, or rather someone posted a character who was "posessed" by both a demon and a Light Elf...

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Title: Re: a question about Light Elves
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 28 November 2001, 16:15:00
Hmmm... Strange thought of being possessed by both... Hmmm... Light elves can communicate telepathically, that's a fact. But I don't see a reason why light elves would try to enter a human mind - though they could, I'm sure. Would angels e.g. enter human minds? A body would be more of a prison for a free floating spirit, I guess.