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Title: Comments on the Races Overview..
Post by: Uragel on 02 February 2002, 21:39:00
I didnt want to 'clutter' up that area, or make it any more confusing.

Just wanted to say that I suggested it so that people could, at a glance know what the tribe is about... So that when a 'newbie' comes to the site, or your researching and want to find out a little bit about them, there is 1 page (pere race I'm assuming)  that you can look at with the tribal / or race creator's general overview.... it will also enable the 'newbie' to pick a tribe and make the list a little less daunting...

it's a little more work - but a once off... and well there is a 'race' over view... why not a 'tribal' one? ;)

Any way - thanks for doing it! ;)  

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