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Title: A suggestion
Post by: Greybark on 14 February 2002, 13:59:00
All racemasters in particular, please take a look at  this page, and give your opinion on whether or not something like this would be a good idea for Santharia.

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Title: Re: A suggestion
Post by: Bard Judith on 14 February 2002, 19:02:00
It would make things simpler AND more difficult.....

Simpler: because we would have the handy-dandy reference chart.  Run your finger across the lines and check "YES" or "NO".  Also a list of all races in Santharia.

Harder:  because a lot of people would jump on the novelty bandwagon and start creating all kinds of mixed-race characters.  Mixed-race characters, should, in my opinion, be rare and unusual, as well as difficult to successfully 'create' (breed, procreate, whatever).  

Also, do you really want to work out the percentages and possibilities (which they have mentioned but ignored in their chart) for the sucess of a gnome/orc mating?  Or a brownie/elf?   Not to mention the unlikelihood of this happening?  

My recommendation, Greybark:   I'd leave it unspecified for now, and if people have a need for the information because they want to design a specific individual/character, they would have to do the research for him/her and put the effort into thinking about it.

Regards from the Bard

Title: Re: A suggestion
Post by: Ralhag Silverskin on 15 February 2002, 00:24:00
I'm no racemaster, mind you, but I still like it...

Although the Bard has valid point on the CON side.

But, mixes are still gonna happen, and this would draw lines in the sand and sprout more mixes, making for a more colourful Sorren...

Just my opinion...

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Title: Re: A suggestion
Post by: Drogo on 15 February 2002, 01:31:00
good Lord,  I like the idea, but I'm just thinking of all of those rpers who like to be "different"   I can just see it now.  1/4 orc, 1/4 elf, 1/4 human, 1/4 ogre.  You can bet things like that would happen, and over time prolly to even greater degrees.  Then everyone would want to do it, then you'd have tons of people like this.

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Title: Re: A suggestion
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 15 February 2002, 06:34:00
Sorry, I don't like it for similar reasons like Bard. My main point is that it should be pretty difficult to mix races, after all humans cannot mix with any other species on earth so it should be very unlikely that Santharian races can mix easily.

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Title: Re: A suggestion
Post by: Uragel on 15 February 2002, 06:52:00
They prob can't but we've already got characters with *strange* mixes...

<explains her sitting on the fence again>

On the one hand it would stop mixes like Brownie and Gobra - some things are just common sense and one would *hope* that a character wouldn't think up such an un'ava'ly mix... Where they wouldn't be allowed by the admins, the thought still might pop in to some character freaks head ;)

Where it would also get the players mind thinking "hmm elf and ogre is possible". They've seen it at a glance, chances are that they are *not* going to read the info on elves which say that they basically keep to their own and that Ogres wouldn't really have a reason for "going for" an elf, or vise versa... :b

<reads through her babble>

I like the idea, because it's a "definate" yes or no... but I'm leaning towards the Bard and Koldar on this one.. for their more eligent reasons! :

WOOO HOO new title!

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Title: Re: A suggestion
Post by: Capher on 15 February 2002, 12:12:00

I agree with the Bard on this one guys and ladies.  I don't think this would work.  Eventually you would end up with people like Drogo mentioned and although they would "color" the world as Ralhag suggested. It would be too much color, much like someone throwing any colors of paint on a wall and watching them all mix together.  No definition, no clarity, I would not want a picture like that on my wall, so I would not want that picture in my world.  imho

These are just my thoughts, I can change them.  Given enough reason to do so.;)  

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