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Title: Rat Brownies rewrite
Post by: Greybark on 17 February 2002, 12:48:00
Below is the rewrite of the Rat Brownie Tribe. As I can't be too specific on this entry, as they are quite a diverse group, I'd especially like your input on this one, Capher.

The Rat Brownie tribe are the Brownies that all the other Brownie tribes would like to forget exist. Lost or never found when modern Brownie civilization was being rebuilt in the time of Keekoo, they now live fragmented into dozens of bands scattered both in the sewers underneath major cities, and in far off forgotten corners of Sorren. Most of these bands are at constant war, both with other bands, and with starvation. Shut away from the world above, eating the refuse of the citydwellers, and in many cases inbred, many of these bands have suffered from severe mutations, rendering them hideous in various ways, different for each tribe. The spirits they worship are spirits of nature, just as for the LLaoihrr and Aohu'o tribes, but they have also become dark, bloodthirsty, and twisted, and are served in terror. Viewed as savages by others at best, the Rat Brownies have little contact with other races or even with other Brownie tribes.

Field Rat Brownies have never been subjected to living underground. Members of these bands are physically identical to Brownies of the LLaoihrr, Memnoor, Aohu'o, and Milken tribes.

Rat Brownie bands that live in the sewers underneath major cities have been cut off from light, heat, and nutritious food, and exposed daily to filth, disease, and poisons, for generations uncounted. Over the centuries, they have been subject to serious mutation and de-evolution. Genetically recessive traits became dominant, subtily affected by residual magic. Natural selection and rampant discrimination caused further changes to be wreaked in each band. Most underground Rat Brownie bands are thus made up all of the same unique de-evolved type. A few bands of Aohu'o are also known to live in sewers alongside the bands of Rat Brownies, but they are still distinct enough that they are considered Aohu'o rather than Rat Brownies.

The main Rat Brownie types are listed below:

Faded Rat Brownies
Because of the long years underground, in the absence of sunlight, the natural pigment in their hair, eyes, and skin has all faded to a pasty white. While their eyes are now blind and useless, their hearing has grown more sensitive, as well as their sense of smell and touch - they can feel the slightest vibration in the air or in the ground under their feet and identify its source and nature precisely.

Mud Rat Brownies
...have lost just about everything that makes Brownies distinctive. They look like little mud-brown parodies of other races, having eyes, hair, and skin that no longer match in color, ranging from black through the browns. Their eyes, in particular, no longer look like those of a Brownie, looking instead much like a human's eyes. Mud Rat Brownies are strong and tireless, with some use of tools, and are well adapted to their life underground, with a sharp sense of hearing and smell.

Twisted Rat Brownies a resurfacing of the deeply recessive genetic errors caused by magical overload in the breaking of the Tree of Life as the Brownies were first formed. Gross deformations are universal among these, some bands stabilizing on a certain type of monstrous form, and others never stabilizing, new types of monsters being born each generation. Limbs may be replaced with those of animals, the number of eyes or limbs may be incorrect, their size could be twice average or a tiny fraction of average. With inbreeding, those belonging to bands that never stabilize genetically tend to become more twisted and more monsterous with each passing generation.

Shadow Rat Brownies,
...of all the bands are those most altered by magic. Deep jet-black in coloring, they have the innate ability to step into a shadow and disappear, reappearing far away, slipping out of another shadow. In the darkness of the world below the cities, this makes them fearful opponents in battle and difficult to corner. They keep to the deepest recesses of the underground passageways, where their abilities can be used to the best advantage.

Field Rat Brownies,
...include all Rat Brownie bands that have not been subject to de-evolution. They are physically indistinguishable from the LLaoihrr, Aohu'o, Memnoor, and Milken, but just like other the Rat Brownie types, they lack the various skills that these tribes have picked up, and they speak various archaic, unrelated languages that were extant long before the creation of the Browniin languages. Bands of Rat Brownies found above ground are generally Field Rat Brownies.

Coat of Arms

Rat Brownies are generally found in the sewers of major cities, as well as being scattered all over Sorren above ground in small, seldom discovered bands.

Although as intelligent as other Brownie tribes, Rat Brownies generally are lacking in education, never learning to read or make their own tools, living and dying in ignorance. Each band has it's own language, totally unrelated to the languages of the Browniin family. Various archaic pre-browniin languages, most likely derived from recombinations of the original Brownie languages, gradually developed into the languages now used by Rat Brownie bands. The members of each band generally have a familiarity with the basic words of the languages of other bands under the same city.

It is difficult to categorize exactly what is unique about the Rat Brownies, as the term itself is a catch-all for all Brownie bands that somehow missed being included in the new civilization built by Keekoo. Please note that much of the information provided here is not particularly relevant to the Field Rat Brownies

The fact that any of the bands of Rat Brownies have survived to the present day is a mystery that has baffled scientists and sages throughout the ages, as history seems to prove that Brownies cannot survive for long outside of a protective environment of some kind. Generally possessing no skill with weapons or tools, illiterate and most often starving, Rat Brownies are still a hardy lot, resistant to disease and pain from long exposure to them. With the exception of the Field Rat Brownies, they are considered to be a classic example of de-evolution.

Rat Brownie Bands
Bands of Rat Brownies which are currently known to the world at large, listed by translations of their names, or by the epithets they are called by other races, tribes, or bands. Each Rat Brownie band consists of thousands of individuals.

Mole (a Mud band located under the city of Santhala.)
Deathwalker (a Faded band located under the city of Santhala)
Shadow (a Shadow band located under the city of Santhala)
Demonchild (a Twisted band located under the city of Santhala)
Treedreamer (Not a Rat Brownie band, but a Aohu'o band living beneath Santhala)
Furball (a Twisted band located under the city of Strata)
Ceilingwalker (a Twisted band located under the city of Strata)
Forgotten (Not a Rat Brownie band, but a Aohu'o band living beneath Strata)
Lostbark (Not a Rat Brownie band, but a Aohu'o band living beneath Strata)
Sunbrownies (a band composed of a mixture of types, located in the city of Nyermersys)
Wild Brownies ( a band composed of a mixture of types, located under the city of Nyermersys)
Cursed (a Twisted band located under the city of Nyermersys)

Underground Rat Brownies most often live in abject poverty, building sprawling villages of rubbish alongside the stinking streams in absolute darkness. Field Rat Brownies are able to put a bit more effort into the construction of their houses, making them more often out of twigs and leaves.

Rat Brownie clothing underground are mostly rags. Scraps of furs often serve as clothing for Field Rat Brownies.

Whatever is available. Underground bands live off the castoffs of the world above, both that which is washed down the stream in storms and that which they can snatch in furtive raids topside. Field Rat Brownie bands meet with some success in hunting of smaller and slower animals. The meat of these is eaten along with whatever fruit or vegetables may be found.

Basic clubs and rough spears are generally the extent of Rat Brownie weaponry, fashioned from whatever material comes ready to hand.

None in particular. Those that are able to defend and provide for themselves eke out a living. The rest die. There is no division of labour or occupations among bands of Rat Brownies, with the possible exception of some of the bands of Field Rat Brownies.

In most Rat Brownie bands, the strongest and most ruthless become chiefs and are followed. Cunning would-be leaders are often able to use Rat Brownie religious beliefs to keep their band in terror and under their control.

Generally none. Rat Brownies concentrate on surviving, if their plight can be termed survival, and have very little energy left over to actually produce anything. Underground bands lack oportunity, and the majority of Field Rat Brownie bands must use all their energy to keep from being wiped out by predators. It is however possible that there are some tribes aboveground that do produce, having found some way to hold predators at bay.

Natural Resources
The underground bands have only the refuse of the other races as a resource. Field Rat Brownies have whatever resources are available in the out-of-the way places they have claimed for their own.

Rat Brownie festivals are uniformly gruesome, and generally involve the sacrifice of Brownies or other bloodletting. Rat Brownies live in terror of the dark spirits of the deeps, including some creatures living in the depths which are perhaps best forgotten, like the Mohsys and other creatures of ancient evil. Unending wars between rival tribes result in an attempt to capture members of other bands to use to appease these bloodthirsty spirits.

The history of each band of Rat Brownies is both unique and obscure. Most bands were formed during the Harsh Years, although a few have have been found to be concurrent with the kingdom of Birn, and others to be formed of Brownies that were freed by Keekoo and then got permanently lost.

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Title: Re: Rat Brownies rewrite
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 18 February 2002, 18:03:00
I really didn't know what would wait for me when I promised Capher to help him find Thalambahs heart in the sewers of Strata!

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Title: Re: Rat Brownies rewrite
Post by: Greybark on 19 February 2002, 10:11:00
Er....who is Thalambah and what is his heart doing in a sewer?

We've been waiting for you......desperately......the spirits of the deep have been disquieted, and our cheif has told us that only an ocean of blood will satisfy them this may be just in time for the sacrifice. How many of you did you say were coming down?

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Title: Re: Rat Brownies rewrite
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 19 February 2002, 16:34:00
Just part of the cream of Santharia, Capher, Koldar, .....

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Title: Re: Rat Brownies rewrite
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 19 February 2002, 16:40:00
Hey, I gave you four young virgins last time and you said that would be enough!!!

Capher, I quit! Get the Heart on your own!!! *pauses* Oh, well, that reminds me. We have to get Capher back first... *takes his sword and heads off*

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Title: Capher?
Post by: Greybark on 21 February 2002, 12:26:00
I have an idea of what you like in entries now, I guess, but would like you to check this one out in particular, as it covers a broader category and is more difficult to be specific with. thanks.

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Title: Re: Capher?
Post by: Capher on 21 February 2002, 12:48:00
Grey the entry is fantastic.  It adds color, and since we have sewer rats in most of our major cities the size of beavers this tribe of brownies would definately be ones to consider.  Think of this scenario.  

A tribe of rat brownies decide to take over a town,  They come up through the sewers, hide in outhouses, come up through the water systems and start killing people.  It would be a mystery, a horror story beyond comprehension.  It would make a great front page news story as well!!!

Well for those of you in the Thalambaths Heart, we now have new nemisis's we have to battle.  The Rat Brownies. :lol 

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Title: Re: Capher?
Post by: Greybark on 22 February 2002, 10:33:00 the entry on has already happened!

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Title: Re: Capher?
Post by: Capher on 22 February 2002, 11:43:00
Oh good then they have the tactics down well. :lol

Grey, so is this entry finished for uploading?

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Title: Re: Capher?
Post by: Greybark on 23 February 2002, 11:13:00
yes. Thanks.
I'm not HTML ready, this week (new flies!)

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Title: Re: Capher?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 23 February 2002, 12:43:00
Well, then I'll do the entry myself, ok Grey?

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