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Title: Thought about Mullogs, Theo?
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 28 April 2002, 09:52:00
I've read through the entry already a while ago and I wondered. The Mullogs are a mix of Orcs and Halflings. Is that  a fact, a myth or something else because I would think we could have a slight size problem here (I know everyone is telling size doesn't matter but who really believes that lie?;)), most Orcs are only few ...?(=centimetres/decimetres) smaller than men so it sounds complicate to make that happen.

Perhaps Goblins might be a better option? It would also fit to the cultural backdrop of the Mullogs(hope I don't offend any Mullogs here) thinking that I want to throw the Goblins back into the stone age....

Just another of my "make it perfect/make it balanced"-ideas...

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Title: Re: Thought about Mullogs, Theo?
Post by: Theodorus Holzman on 29 April 2002, 02:53:00
Erm, it was a fact. However, using Goblins might give a more plausible theory. Although that means you'll have to come up with a way to get those Goblins there in the Silvermarshes.

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