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Title: A Quick Insight into Northern Elves
Post by: Drogo on 26 August 2003, 22:14:00
This might help in some of the clarification of which elves are which in Northern Sarvonia.  There are currently several main elf groups.  Some are the Injerin in the Shaded Woods, The Diorye'oleal above the Tandala, and the Artyrhon in the Bay of Winds.  

Diorye'oleal:  Originally a branch of followers of Saban who left with him from Fa'av'cal'ar.  I envisioned them as the most pure evil elves in Northern Sarvonia, taking more towards manipulation then outright warfare, using the Ashmarian Barbarians and occasional alliances with the orcs to pursue their goals.  When I first set them up I had planned on them being one of the main forces behing the third Sarvonian War.  Hence incorporating the whole vision of Coor to the second born son of Saban.  BTW Horg'tal  is a fortress.  I'll have to go back over the entry to remember more.  Also if things have changed that's fine.  That is just how I thought of it when creating them.

Injerin:  Wise elves, they are the keeper of the histories and learning for the area.  They originally came with the exodus of learned elves from Fa'av'cal'ar.

Artyrhon:  Originally an offshoot of the Injerin who went to the Folkmore trees near Tak'Dinal to heal the wounds to the earth done years ago by Eckra the Cruel.  They were known as the Avennian'cal (Awakeners of the Land), or also referred to as the Folkmore elves.  (Reference the history I put up in the history section)  After being in the area some time they were driven out by Gouran (the Destroyer).  After being driven out they fled to the "safety" of the Bay of winds and the islands within it.  They then became known as Artyrhon (Blessed Sea)  That is who they remain today.

I hope this helps a little.  Any questions, criticisms, etc. Please let me know.  Thanks

Title: Re: A Quick Insight into Northern Elves
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 August 2003, 11:07:00
Rayne just did a major rework on the Diorye'oleal elves, Drogo, which is not yet up, but is already pretty detailed, so maybe you can take a look and comment in case you have an idea or two here. At least you started to design them and Rayne added a lot of her own ideas to enrich the tribe, but maybe you had some ideas which still fit into the concept here you'd like to share. Especially government system etc. caused a bit of confusion, maybe you can clarify things here...;)  

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