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Title: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 01 June 2003, 12:30:00
Ok, so I was reviewing some profile on the RPG board and someone had an elf of this tribe. Not knowing much about the tribe, I decided to check it out. I found there wasn't a lot of good information on the entry, so I decided to update it.

I'm not finished yet, but I'm getting there!

Diorye'oleal Elves

Overview: The Diorye'oleal are a tribe of dark elves that live in the shadowy Hovel Frond Forest. Like most dark elven tribes, they are a rather mysterious group that does not often associate with those of other tribes, be them human, dwarf, or elf. They are known for being some of the strongest clerics of Coór in the world of Aer’aí’chán. They are sometimes known as Frond Elves.

Appearance: Diorye'oleal elves are surrounded with a dark, almost chilling air of elegance. They are taller than most other tribes, averaging a 2.3 peds for the males and an even 2 peds for the women. Their slender bodies are exquisitely defined with angular forms in the men and careful curves in the women, though both genders seem to have a feminine beauty to some degree. They have softly sloping shoulders and long legs and arms with cold, delicate hands fingers. There appearance of fragility hides the danger in their character and the malice they hide behind their piercing azure eyes. Such eyes may be a light, icy blue or a hard, deep cobalt.

The eyes of these dark elves are framed into angular faces seemingly chiseled out of put white marble, giving these elves a ghostly appearance at times. Their high cheekbones and slightly elongated heads add to their strange, dark beauty. They tend to have very emotionless faces with sharp chins and noses and ears that seem to come to so thin a point that they look as though they might draw blood.

The hair of these elves is straight and black as a moonless night. The color has often been described as being a Nor'sidian and “as dark as Coór’masýr blood,” referring to the ink of the Kraken. In men, it is typically worn to about the chin, though some do grow it longer, and is often held back from their faces. The women wear their hair exquisitely long usually, as long hair is considered to be a sign of wealth and beauty.

Tattooing is a common practice among Diorye’oleal elves. They usually use gray or black ink to tattoo around their eyes and across their cheeks. They are also sometimes tattooed, in males, across the chest and shoulders, while the women will more often choose their shoulders or arms. Most the tattoos are merely artistic designs with a dark, sharp feel to them, but many have a tattoo of an animal somewhere on their body, usually on their back or chest.

Coat of Arms: Their coat of arms is a face made out of the sixteen dark winds, which engulf the world of Caelereth and push constellations across the sky. The shield is one perfectly round and appears to be made of a dark metal. Impressions in the metal form eyes of dark shadows, and a mouth whose lips and teeth are lost in darkness reside just below. The Diorye’oleal elves believe that this face is one that would resemble the true face of Coór.

{b]Territory[/b]: These dark elves reside in the shadow Hovel Frond Forest just above the Tandala Highlands. This forest is not one often tread through, as the danger of a shadowy tribe of dark elves usually keeps many from treading through the area. The forest is one that is also difficult to get to geographically, given that the Forest is surrounded on three sides by mountainous peaks and foothills. Because of the tribe’s isolation, they are a mystery to most.

People: Like many dark elven tribes, the Diorye'oleal are a harsh, uncompromising people. They are not elves who go against Avá or a love of nature, but rather celebrate nature and the beauty Avá created by destroying it in order to complete the circle of life. They follow the path led by Coór and worship him along with Avá and the other gods. They also revere and respect the dark winds that they believe help to guide their souls in finding the true darkness in all living things and aid them in their dark paths through life and into death.

Animals are important to the tribe. At a young age, the high priest decides an elfling’s animal guide through prayer and tribulations. It may take days, even weeks of constant prayer to determine a child’s animal guide. Little is known about the details, but it is believed to involve the child giving some of his or her blood in a large, circular disk of water in the middle of the shrine where the high priest lives and worships. Dark winds are said to put an image of the child’s animal guide in the water, and soon after that animal will be tattooed onto the child’s body and guide the child’s spirit for the rest of his or her life. Certain animals have different characteristics, and sometimes the animal a child receives will determine their place in society. Those who have a Ur’Viper as their animal guide typically take high positions in the government as counselors and advisors. Those with a horse as their animal guide will typically become priests or priestesses. However, rare is it that a child will get the Gryph, but when one does, it is a promise that they will one day be the leader of the tribe.

The Diorye’oleal are not fond of outsiders and will often times use dark magic to frighten or lead strangers away from their forest. It is unknown what should happen if a stranger actually happened to wander into one of their villages, but there are rumors and nightmarish stories of how the dark elves would fill their minds with ghosts and phantoms until the fear drove the person insane. Others say that they would drive spears of ice and blood through the heads of those who dare enter their residence. These are, for the most part, considered to be myth, perhaps to help the elves themselves keep others away. More logical sources say that these elves would capture foreigners and use them as slaves. For those too strong or too rowdy to use as servants, they merely use threats, fear, and magic to drive foreigners away and assure that they never return.

The Diorye’oleal elves have little care for other creatures, dubbing most other races incompetent and without real depth or emotion. For this reason, they find no guilt in capturing Ashmarian barbarians and using them as slaves, and such is done by those elves of the higher class. Ashmarian men are for heavy labor and kept at bay by the elves’ powerful magic.

Life inside the tribe is not well known, but it is believed that men and women have equal status in society. Unlike many races or tribes where the male possess far more physical strength than the female, both genders are fairly weak in the physical sense. Magically speaking, both genders excel and, though both are of nearly the same strength in this field, females are often more feared, as they tend to use their powers more readily especially when it comes to protecting their family, tribe, or way of life from an outsider. However, all members of this tribe make powerful clerics of Coór.

Diorye’oleal elves are known to be staunch and stubborn, unmerciful and uncompromising. They do not like to feel as though someone, anyone, was superior to them in any way. They do not forgive easily, and have minds and sharp as their features. They remember when one has wronged them and, if they have been wronged in a way too great to be brushed off, they will seek revenge.

Diorye’oleal elves tend to live between 400 and 500 years.

Clothing: Grays, Browns, and blacks are the common colors worn by both men and women. The styles of both genders differ depending on status in society. Women of high-ranking or noble positions (usually those married to on of great power of fame, or else one who is part of or married to one who is part of the ruling family.

These women wear full black dresses most commonly. The collars tend to be rather wide, as far as the end of the shoulders, and may be a V-neck or else a circular style. They usually wear bodices that snuggling fit their torsos and most dresses are tight about the hips. The rest of the dress will extend down to the floor. This part of the dress is commonly made out of layer upon layer or black, almost translucent fabric that has been layered such that the legs of the elf are hidden. These dresses have long, draping, elegant sleeves that may be loose at the elbows made of the same material as the bottom of the dress, though in far fewer layers. Such dresses may vary widely in style and design. Some dresses are elegantly designed with dark black beads or stone. They will wear belts of shiny black stones or dark silver. Most dresses that belong to ladies of high class have a large amount of intricate needlework.

Women of lower class tend to wear more dark grays and browns. The collars are a bit smaller, not exposing as much of their shoulders. The bodices tend to be snug, sometimes held with strings or buttons, but are not worn as tight as noble women. Sleeves tend to be shorter as is the hem. Both the bottom on the dresses and the sleeves are made of an opaque material. The intricacy of the designs and needlework is lost on the dresses belonging to those of lesser rank.

Men tend to have more variety in their garb, especially men of higher class. Most men who are adept in magic will wear robes, usually black. Underneath, they will usually wear plain black shirts, often of a soft material, that are tight around their torso and have high collars that reach up to the base of their head. The sleeves of these shirts tend to be lose and flare at the end. The hem of these sleeves is tailored to be slightly longer than the sleeves of the robe so that the sleeves of the shirt are seen when the robe is worn. The pants, which are, like the shirt, typically covered by the robe, are very loose, flaring from the waist and meant to be comfortable. Sometimes belts are worn over the robes, and the robes themselves are often decorated in some sort of needlework. Sometimes designs similar to the tribe’s Coat of Arms is placed on the robe or else the outline of a black birch tree, which has come to commonly be associated with the Hovel Frond Forest.

Those of high position who may not be adept in magic, such as those that are part of the government, usually wear a shirt similar to the magicians, only with unflared sleeves. Vests are also popular, and may be decorated with beads or dark crystals and stones. Pants are also similar to the magicians, but are only flared to a small degree. Belts are almost always worn, especially in dark silvers and grays.

Men of lower class wear shirt of brown or dark gray. Such shirt do not have the high collars of the high classes, but rather have loose collars that are shaped, commonly, as Vs. The sleeves are fairly short, usually not journeying far past the elbow. Plain, less-stylized vests are also worn, but usually only to formal events. Pants of this class are made of a thicker, more lasting material than those of the high class. The pants do not flare, but are worn long, sometimes with belts of black leather.

The clothing of children tends to be the smaller version of their parent’s outfits.

Housing: Unlike many elves that learn to adapt their way of life with nature and live within the forests and trees in a way that disturbs the wildlife very little, these dark elves carve their homes out of the wood. They tend to carve their homes out of trees, causing them to become hollow, then take up residence within them. Usually the trees they use to make their houses have been mutated with magic and are sustained after being carved away by dark powers. Those belonging to high society often have the largest trees as their abodes, and their homes are typically decorated with intricate carvings. Sometimes black stones or long, delicate strands of dark silver are imbedded into the trees. Because of the dark magic used to mutate and sustain these trees, the trees themselves have taken on a dark coloration.

Diet: Because Diory’oleal elves are not hindered by the protection and conversation of nature, they have a far wider diet than other elves. They can feast on all sorts of animals without having to feel guilty about taking a life. Pigs, hogs, and deer are often cooked for special occasions, usually baked in all sorts of delicious spices, though most times these elves prefer their food to be slight under-cooked. Typical meals may include birds, such as the taenish, rabbits, cows and sheep. However, meats are not the only thing members of this tribe eat (though it tends to be up a pretty large percentage of their diet.) They will also drink the milk of goats and cow, and will eat caroots, lythbells, meldarapples, and other such things. They enjoy berries and nuts, usually as a small snack, and many kinds of leafy green plants.

Weapons: The elves of the Hovel Frond Forest are not often armed, as they are more adept with magic than with swords and axes. They typically use clerical magic to fight and defend themselves. However, not all Diorye’oleal elves are strong in magic, and at times it becomes necessary to use weapons, though these elves are not usually very skilled at them. They will sometimes use swords. Men who are part of the government sometimes carry a sword, though usually this is only for appearance. The scabbard, in such cases, is often decorated in silver and black with delicate stones and crystal. However, though swords are popular, bows tend to be of more use. As elves, many members have at least some small inclination for a bow, and tend to be more skilled with it than a sword.

Most elves of lower classes will carry daggers or knives, which tend to be of more use than anything. Not only are most weapons of this nature rather cheap and expensive, but they can also be used for a variety of other purposes, including as a utensil and a way to harvest plants and herbs.

Occupations: Diorye’oleal elves are completely dependent upon their clerical magic abilities. Almost all Diorye’oleal elves are clerics of Coór, though some are clerics of Queprur and still others are elemental magi of some kind, usually wind. There are a few that are clerics to other gods, but these usually reside in small numbers and are usually elves of some individual occupation that requires them to be a cleric of some god.

Architect: Typically clerics of Coór that use their powers to warp and shape trees. They are some of the most powerful mages and some of the sharpest minds in the tribe. They are able to picture how they want the tree to look after a spell and are able to alter the tree to look the way they wish for it to look. Advanced architects can imbed beads and precious stones into the tree, or even strands of spider web or silver chain. Some houses are exceptionally enchanting and mystical. Architects are required to not only have very organized thinking skills and powerful magic, but also a extraordinary imagination.

Metalist/Jeweler: People of this class work with metal and jewelry. Like architects, they are typically people who have an enormous imagination. Usually elves of this class are clerics of Coór, though some have become cleric of Utengor. Most, however, call upon Coór and his darkwinds to help them shape fantastic pieces of jewelry that shine with a certain dark luster that many Diorye’oleal elves prefer. Silvery pieces with dark crystal or stones tend to be the most popular.

Priest: Priests are care-takers of the various shrines in the Hovel Frond Forest that are places to worship Coór. Priests are always excellent clerics, usually the best in that specific region of the forest, as a clerics powers always depend on the connection they have with their god and the amount of faith they have in that God. Priests are very dedicated, preaching the dark ways of Coór and the necessity to walk upon the path he has made for the dark elves to walk.

Tailor/Seamstress: Seamstresses and tailors help to make the clothing of the tribe. Like many other positions, a great deal of creativity is used and, with only blacks, browns, and grays being the only appropriate colors for clothing, and given that only dark, black stones and dark silver chains and threads can be used to decorate it, creativity is vital in maintaining a business. Many times styles spread quickly, and for this reason many high-class men and women will keep their own private tailor and/or seamstress, or team of tailors and seamstresses, to design their wardrobe.

Servant: Servants are used primarily in Horg’tarl where they clean the house and make the beds, and overall keep things in order. It should be noted that Orcs and Asharian barbarians are used as servants. However, those who belong to such barbaric races are not paid and used only to do heavy work that requires lots of physical strength, which most Diorye’oleal elves simply do not have. Servants tend to work to clean and cook, but do no arduous physical work.

Government: Details of the government are not well known, but one thing is known: The leader is determined by their animal guide. After spilling a bit of their blood into a circular pool of water, the child and the high priest will call upon the dark winds to show the face or form of the animal guide that child is destined to have. The animal guide that is given to the child will determine their rank in society. Those who receive animals such as the Ur’Viper and the Gryph are especially well-off for gaining positions in the government. Those with the Ur’Viper guide typically become counselors and advisors, or gain other official positions. The Grph, however, becomes the leader, the new ruler of the tribe.

Animal Guides are typically chosen when children are in their 20’s or 30’s. As soon as the one who possesses the Gryph guide is found, they will be taken from their parents and taught how to rule and guide the other tribe members. When they reach 100, they are dubbed ready to take the throne. At this point the old leader will be sacrificed to Coór for a happy reign and a drop of the old leaders blood will be mixed in with the wine and drunken.

Trade: The Diorye'oleal elves are a fairly self-sufficient and independent tribe, not really needing to trade with other tribes in the area. They do, however, make use of their neighbors, as the Ashmarian barbarians are often used for practically free labor. The Diorye’oleal elves are able to use their magic to both obtain and control these strong but less intelligent creatures, and they put them to work mining and taking care of sheep and cattle. Because of this, trade is unnecessary, as the Diorye’oleal elf tribe believes it has all it needs and that it does not need to trade with other tribes.

Natural Resources: Living in a forest, wood is perhaps the tribe’s most abundant resource and, relishing in the destruction of things, they have no objection to the wood being chopped down. However, there are limits. It is forbidden to cut some trees because they help keep the tribe’s towns hidden. However, many trees around the outer edge of the Hovel Frond Forest are cut down and new trees sprout up in their place. Also, the plants and herbs that grow within the forest tend to be a good natural resource for these elves.

Mountains surround the Hovel Frond Forest on three sides, with the Southern Foothills to the east, the Tandala Mountains to the south, and the Mountains of Oro to the west. From these mountains the tribe gets most of its resources. Ore, iron, and coal are all mined from the mountains, usually by captured Ashmarian slaves. This ore is commonly used for making pieces of jewelry and decoration for garments.

Holidays, Festivals, and Observances: “Melór'terquán“?

Religion: As elves, the remain true to the common elven religion which include Avá, Coór, and the Aviaría. However, the fact that they are dark elves also guides them in their believes, and they focus more on the worship of Coór. However, simply because they worship Coór does not imply that they do not also hold Avá in great respect and admiration. The dark elves carry the same belief as the Shadow himself: That Avá should be awoken from her sleep even if it means the end of Aer’aí’chán in order to end the pain and suffering she receives from being unable to wake. Even though the Diorye’oleal elves worship Coór, they do so only for the promise of happiness and peace for the High Goddess Avá herself.

Settlements: The towns and villages of the Diorye’oleal elves are for the most part unknown, but a few rather prominent towns are known of.

Yuriak’ret: (Bent Throne) As the capital to the Diorye'oleal elves, this city resides in the center of the Hovel Frond Forest, or so it is assumed. None by the dark elves themselves have ever seen the path on the way to the capital. The foreigners allowed to journey to the capital are either rendered unconscious or else bagged and blindfolded. The later is preferred, as it has been found that many who are made unconscious do not awake. Stories of what this city look like differ slightly, but as the capital, it is fairly extravagant and magnificent in appearance. The entire capital is enclosed in a ring of oozing, decaying moss and a wall of lifeless trees, stained a bone-white from time, while inside, dark black birches spring from the ground in unusually twisted designs made to hold torches. The buildings are lit with candles and torches that cause shadows to dance along the walls, and ineligible runes embellish the walls and books. It is believed that the runes are ancient styrásh, but time has worn them into obscurity.

Horg’tarl: (Castle of Darkness) This is the great castle that lies in a secluded part of the Hovel Frond Forest, away from many of the small villages and bustling cities. It is from here that elves who hold high position reside, and where vassals of Ashmarian barbarians are kept. The castle rises from the midst of a verdurous green clearing, though the land nearest is a place where high black birch trees shroud the castle. The castle itself is formed from innumerable trees, thought to be black oak, which have been twisted and mutated by magic to form into one enormous castle with at least a hundred rooms. There are six stories to the building, but the sixth one is reserved for only those Diorye’oleal elves who are of high ranking status, such as the ruler or the son, brother, sister, or family member of the ruler. No one is certain what this top floor looks like, as only the most trusted and faithful servants, usually those that are paid and are of elf decent, have been allowed to journey to the sixth floor. It is believed that it is the ruler’s room where the original Coat of Arms is hung.

Origin: During Saban the Second’s migration to the Paeleon in Southern Sarvonia, Coor came to him in a vision and bade him leave some of his people at the Hovel Frond, and place his second born son, Sovar, as their king. Saban did so without question and then continued on his way South. Sovar led his new people deep into the center of the Hovel Frond, and there he found a great tree that had been twisted by age and lightning into the shape of a gruesome throne. Taking this as a sign of Coor he settled his people around this spot, and took that throne as his own. It is said that when Sovar sat done for the first time, that the trees and plants closest to him began to falter and wilt. Soon, the rot had spread through the whole of the forest, and all was cast beneath a shadow of decay. Thus did the tribe receive its name, Diorye'oleal (Hidden Wind)

In time Sovar felt a Mystran touch him, he was transported to a time of peace and tranquility. Where every creature lived in harmony with another. He was instantly filled with disgust and hatred at the sight. Coor was pleased by his response and gave him directions that he and his tribe would be given power in due time. It would be their mission to perpetuate chaos so such a vision would not come to pass some day. While he could not stop the land below the Tandala to unite, he could stop the North. Also it was imperative that the two should never come together as one great kingdom. As the hand of Coor left him, he lay dying from the power of the touch. He croaked the contents of his vision to his second eldest son Kiyor, and infused his hatred into that young soul. Thus he died, and the holy mission rested in the fiery hearts of all second born males of Sovar’s line. So would Coor’s use Saban’s line in both the South, and the North to perpetuate his plans.

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 01 June 2003, 14:04:00
Sounds nice, Rayne... Will fill some important holes, cause the Diorye'oleal elves currently are mostly just sketched in many parts. So more info here to make the entry fit to the scheme sounds fine with me:D 

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 01 June 2003, 14:15:00
Thank you, Artimidor! ^_^ I'm trying to be as detailed as I can possibly be.

I'm having some trouble and there are some things I've had to change. I hope it won't mess anything up. I need some help making sense of the government for this tribe. It says that the second son always becomes the ruler, and says this came from the fact that the tribe was founded by Sovar, second son of Saban II. I can't find any information about Sovar at all, not about Saban II. I thought Saban's only heir was Serveran.

Very confusing indeed. I need some help.. ~_~;

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 01 June 2003, 19:55:00
yeah, also, what if there is no second son? BTW- search site, Rayne.

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 01 June 2003, 23:05:00
I have Silfer. I wouldn't have posted anything if I hadn't tried to find it on the site first. I looked up Sovar and the old Diorye'oleal entry was the only entry that came up.

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 02 June 2003, 15:26:00
The Problem for Rayne is that the literature that exists for the Northern Sarvonian elves is increadibly contradictory! I think she has done a good job in hard circumstances.

For example Folkmore elves are refered to in several maps and entries as Drow, but  the Folkmore Elves are in places refered to as the same tribe as the Arthrhron, who are quite undoubtedly Sea-going wood elves, not drow at all!  I think that the Drogo seems to have been increadibly unclear on the subject of most of these tribes and their relation to each other, if any.

This can go up, it looks like a good start to me, but the other Northern Sarvoninan tribes need picking through with a fine tooth comb to make them gel. I've started this process and would appreciate it if I am allowed to finish Northern Sarvonia Elves. I've also started work on the Kuglimz.....I got a few insights into what Drogo wanted to do so maybe I can finish them.

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Viresse on 02 June 2003, 20:05:00
*stomps foot*
I have dibs on the rest of the drow!

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 02 June 2003, 23:04:00
Thank you, Wren. ^_^' It wasn't too hard. Most of what Drogo had already up for tribe gave me something to work with and expand on, though I'm still having trouble with figuring out the history, the holidays, and the government. Drogo seemed to have made a lot of things up that don't really seem to fit.

If I can find a holiday that celebrates Coór, I might be able to use that. As for Government and History.. erm... I don't really know. Any ideas?

I'm sorry, Viresse! >_<; I didn't know anyone had dibs on the tribe! ::gives her a pretty cerubell?::

I'd really love to help doing more tribes if I can, though. Not necessairly making new tribes, but updating old tribes. I like when I have something to work with. ^^''

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Viresse on 02 June 2003, 23:18:00
No, no. No problem. I actually have no dibs on them, have never really said anything. I've been so busy with other things I never even thought of looking into revisions.
Would you mind if I helped some?

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 03 June 2003, 00:05:00
I don't mind help. Right now what I really need is a governmen, holidays, and History, though. If you can give me some ideas, that would really help me out a lot.

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 03 June 2003, 05:02:00
Rayne: leave the history for now, If I get a chance I will be able to give you an outline maybe by Friday for you to work with!

Viresse: Sweetie, you know I don't do drow. It's just not my style to go wondering in that kind of forest!

I just need to figure out what's going on and then I can delegate. If the Folkmore really are drow and therefore distinct from the Artyhron, then they are yours.... But I have to say the more I read, the more confused I'm getting!

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 03 June 2003, 16:17:00
Thank you, Miss Wren! ^_^ ::hands her a pretty cerubell.:: Hopefully I can come up with the government and the Holidays once I get the history.

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Dala Valannia on 03 June 2003, 22:38:00
Their coat of arms is a face made out of the sixteen dark winds, which engulf the world of Caelereth and push constellations across the sky

This is a very interesting description, any pictures?? Would like to see a depiction of the dark winds :)

Heh, high-born Diorye’oleal elven ladies sounds rather gothy, especially their dressing, I do like very much!

Methinks I feel the tickling of a Diorye’oleal story at the back of my stupendously lethargic that good or bad?!

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 03 June 2003, 23:03:00
You can find the Coat of Arms already on the site. ^_^'' I'm just revising and updating the tribe entry.

Yes! They are very gothic! Dark hair, pale skin, commonly wearing blacks and grays... Yay! Write a story! ^_^

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 04 June 2003, 14:38:00
The tickling is definitely a good sign, Dalá! *tickles a bit more*

And I see you're also progressing pretty well with your entry here, Rayne... Yay!

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 04 June 2003, 15:36:00
While we have all three elves in the same place, I wanna put forward something Koldar and I discussed, he was talking about style but it holds for everything....

I think its very important that the Northern Sarvonian elves be culturally distinct from the Southern Sarvonian ones.

That doesn't mean that I want all the Northern Sarvonian ones to be the same, but that I want certain features that carry through some if not all tribes. They need to be more similar to each other to each other than they are to the Southern Sarvonian Elves, after all if myth is to be believed they are more likely to have shared that common origin in Fav'lar'car (I never spell that right).

Perhaps the Drow can afford to be more diverse, but I'd still like to see certain elements worked through all the elf tribes of the continent - reminants of practices centruries old that were practiced in the Empire.

Do you think we can manage that?

I'd like for tatooing to be common (it isn't in Southern Sarvonia). I've suggested elsewhere that all Northern Sarvonian Wood elves use a pattern of interloking lines in their design (take a look at the Meladrhim picture (his tatoo)) this isn't really utilised in the South....(apart from the Cyrathrhim but they're different). Perhaps peircing? Is there space for any of this to be worked into this tribe? I'd like for Northern Elves to be longer living than their Santharian counterparts (we can account for this by genetic drift - I have the numbers if you like - or by mythology).

Materials - are materials different in the north. And if so how is this reflected in their dress and way of life. remebering its a hell of a lot colder up there.

I suggest that the Rite of Renewal either not exist in Northern tribes, or be far removed from the Southern Sarvonian one (I'll post details tommorrow). This different rite should be fairly similar through the tribes. I'd like to see common festivals in the North. I'm not saying they all have to be the same, but I'd like us to agree one or two core ones that predate the fall of Fav'lar'car that have been lost to the Santharian Elves.

Then there is philosophy. We must decide - with Arti - where northern beliefs will differ fundamentally. And we must hold at least some of this through the tribes. I'd like to suggest the presence of animal guides - each child being assigned an animal most like their own nature - but I'm easy on this....

So yeah. I don't want to force you to do a major rewrite Rayne, but if we're gonna redo Drogo's work we may as well do it cohesively now and decide on these issues so that it needs no further amendment later.......

Did that make any sense?

Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 04 June 2003, 18:53:00
Ok! So to sort of summerize:  Northern elves should be different from Southern ones, and all Northern elves, drows, should have fairly a lot in common since they originated in a common place.

Things that shout be the same among Northern tribes:

Tattooing: I have no objection to making this part of the Diorye'oleal elves' culture. In fact, I think it would really add to their dark, gothic appearance. ^_~

Materials: I understand that the materials in the north and south should be different, but I think there are a lot of differences in regions inside of Northern Sarvonia. Some places are going to be a bit warmer, others a bit colder. I think the Hovel Frond Forest might be a little warmer and drier, mainly because it's surrounded in mountains, so rain doesn't fall too heavily there. I don't know, though. What were your ideas of the materials? More winter-weapons? Like snowballs! ^^

Rite of Renewal: I'm not sure what this is... o.o;; ::absent-minded expression::

Religeon: I think the idea of animal-guides is a good one. Perhaps there could be some connection with animal guides and ritualistic tattooing? What sort of animals, though? How will the elves worship? They're drow, right? Dark Elves? So it seems like they would primarily worship Coór. I don't know, though.

Sorry If I don't get everything at once.I'm new to this elven-tribe making, but I am learning a lot, and I love all the feedback and information I'm getting. ^_^ It's very helpful indeed!

It might take me a while to get everything updated. It's Hell-week at school, the last week before finals, and I have a ton of projects and essays... ~_~;

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Dala Valannia on 04 June 2003, 21:37:00
I was going to suggest using this picture from John as an example of a Diorye'oleal elf since the lady looks suitably chilling and gothicky with her pike weapon and the subtly menacning forest ambience is just beautiful but then the suggestion of tattoos came up so...scratch that!

Gothic elves, I love the images this conjures up! Damn, I really want to write a Diorye'oleal tale but I have an essay to finish first :( 

Btw, Enayla draws really gothy vampires and elves...I wonder if she's still willing to allow us to use her art...?

Even if she doesn't, just go and enjoy the rest of her art at her homepage :) 

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 06 June 2003, 16:44:00
Rite of return - in brief:
Death on the other hand is nothing an elf fears. The fact of death is interpreted by the elves as a return to nature. Unlike at the human tradition deaths of elves are celebrated at the Feast of Return, where the ashes of the burnt dead body are sewn into the wind to bring new life somewhere else. Most elven tribes believe in various forms of re-incarnation.

One other thing - Shadow elves, as far as I am aware are the closest in thought to Co'or - being not out and out evil as such, but the destructive balance to Ava's creation.

Therefore not sure that saying they are Co'ors strongest clerics is nessesarily correct. However, its not totally incorrect either. It may just need poking and rewording slightly. See quote from Elf race description page at the bottom of this post. I'm sure you've actually read it I just like it so I tend to post it everywhere I get the chance.

Drogo intended this tribe to be the most dangerous Drow tribe in the north. So you can really go to town on them......

As I understand it, what makes them so dangerous is that unlike shadow elves they are destructive for destructions sake. They do not believe in balance. They are in fact Ava worshipping, but they prefer the dar side of nature... You may also want to consider whether they beleive in the final chapter 'Of Naught' in the Carapdosia. If they do then perhaps they seek to bring it? That would make them a very scary prospect indeed........

'Shadow Elves
A rare elven kind, the Shadow Elves are the opposite of the Light Elves, capturing the very essence of Coór. They are found mostly in the Water Marshes of Northern Sarvonia; the area that once was the mythical elven kingdom of Fá'áv'cál'âr. These elves, while close to the Father of Shadows, as they call him, are not inherently evil. Most of the time, they lean towards neutrality. Shadow Elves are found outside of the Marshes only in the most atypical of circumstances. Also, like Light Elves, it is unusual to find them in corporeal form. When appearing within a physical body, Shadow Elves have ebony colored skin and snow white hair.

Dark Elves
Possibly the most dangerous of elven kind, these elves follow the path led by the shadow of Coór. It must be emphasized that dark elves cannot be counted as elves who offend against elven principles as a whole. While they are an offshoot of the Shadow Elves, it must be understood that their principles are intrinsically different. While in fact they are as nature-loving as all other kinds of elves, Dark Elves favour the dark side of nature, which is also an legimate way to honor the deeds of Avá the Beautiful - by destroying it. Dark Elves acquire a pale skin tone from a lifetime of living in the darkness of their shadowy forest homes, whitening with age. Conversely, their hair and eyes become darker and darker until they reach a jet black color in the oldest of Dark Elves. These elves are also called "Drow".'

Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 06 June 2003, 17:50:00
What do you mean no understand in government? Do you mean you don't understand the heading? Or you don't really know how to apply it to this tribe?

Take a look at the Meladrhim (they're quite chaotic in a way) and the Epoyrhim to give you some ideas.

Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 09 June 2003, 02:17:00
I don't understand the system of government Drogo made for them. Have you seen the entry. It makes no sense.

::cries:: Miss Wren, help me! T_T

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 09 June 2003, 07:46:00
*giggles*  Ahh - welcome to the wonderful world of entries that don't remain contexually correct! This could take a while, so go get yourself a coffee and a snack kay?


*sighs* Oh man, has anyone actually ever bothered to read all this stuff all in one go? Its a flippin' nightmare!

OK first lets deal with the Saban Bit. In the Early history of the elves there is a legend about a whole set of famous Drow leaders, all of whom take the name Saban.  Saban Blackcloak is named by the Orcs after these famous Saban's. Unfortunatly the legend isn't particualrly consitent.

Right - Take a look at the Fá'áv'cál'âr, Avásh'aelía,  

I have MAJOR issues with AvFlares entry! But I have to much on my plate to deal with it right this moment. From these entries you get the impression that Saban II was the son of the revolutionary and founded the Eophyrhim tribe. Note the sentence:

Every firstborn male of Saban's line, from that day forth, would take on the name of Saban once his father died. One incarnation of this family line had become particularly notorious, descending the Hèckranian volcano so that he might destroy the Earthen Titan at his home in Hegedorn and gain immortality. However, he was stopped by an innocent soul.

OK - the last bits wrong, cos Saban Blackcloak doesn't come from that line of elves at all....Maybe he should - I could change it, but I think for a ledgendary line to persist that far into Sarvonian history is a bit of a stretch personally? Any feelings on that? But ignoring that, I'm looking at the every firstborn male part. Now if as Drogo says, that the second son of Saban II founded this Northern tribe, it means either his father left him behind, 'Coór came to him in a vision and bade him leave some of his people at the Hovel Frond, and place his second born son, Sovar, as their king.' .

More problemamtic is that it also means that the first born (who would be named Saban) is only ever the high councellor and head of Horg'tarl - never the leader, which seems inappropriate for a name so illustiorous somehow!

High council is self explanitary. Horg'tarl, is I'm afraid, anyones guess! I can't find another mention of it anywhere. All I can think is that it is a meeting between the dependant Ashmarian (human I suspect) tribe and the Losh-Oc. But to have the Losh-Oc - a tribe that 'think it justified to attack and massacre all the other races in Northern Sarvonia.' to be under the 'control', however tenuious, of the drow just seems ridculous to me! And there is no mention of the Drow tribe in the Orc entry....

But then Drogo goes on to say that these tribe have no say

So yeah. I'm puzzled!

The basic jist is that it needs a major reshuffle, and it is up to your disgression how much of it you wish to make use of. I quite like the idea of the Ashmarian as human cattle. I'm not overly fond of herditary monarchy in elven tribes either. It makes elves humans with pointy ears.

I don't know how much help that's been?

Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 09 June 2003, 11:07:00
Who really is Saban the second? There seem to be a bunch of Sabans going around. This Saban is perhaps the first son of Saban Blackcoat? Or... who founded the Eopherhim tribe and who was that Saban's father? Is this the same Saban who got in an argument with Avásh'aelía in the Hovel Frond Forest? I'm pretty sure that wasn't Saban Blackcoat... he was the one with the good brother, wasn't he? Or is this Saban that left Avásh'aelía in the Hovel Frond Forest another Saban all together..?

Dear Avá... this is immensely comfusing. I think I'm developing Sabanphobia.. o.o;;

Maybe we should make up some sort of Family Tree of these Sabans? It might make things easier, not only for this entry, but for future entries.

Finals Monday! Finals Monday! Gahh..

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 09 June 2003, 13:51:00
OK - I've made myself as clear as mud huh? It's really quite simple. Maybe I've made it sound more complex than it is.

Saban Blackcloak is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Later. He's the Son of Co'or Melor. But you don't need to worry about him he's my problem. He doesn't really effect the Northern continent.

The Saban's mentioned in Drogo's writing are around during the War if the Chosen (so that's like Santharian Prehistory).

Saban 1 - gets killed by the orcs after the fall of fav'lar'car

Saban 2 (eldest son of Saban 1) buggers off to found the Epoyrhim elves, acorrding to that entry at least. He leaves his second son to found the Diorye'oleal elves.

I don't like that for two reasons:

1. I don't like the fact that what are essentially a mythical lineage stretching back to the very dawn of time can persist into the present day. It's like the Elizabethans being able to trace themselves back to Adam and Eve. It makes the myth not a myth but a truth.

2.I don't like hereditary monarchy in elves in general. They are not humans with pointy ears..... The general entry says that 'Rann ship is based on wisdom and talent. Perhaps in the Dio's case it is based on a weapon proficency or cruelty.

So in summary what I'm saying that a lot of this is so unclear that it is your choice whether you wish to work with it or scrap it. Personally I'd be tempted to the latter!  

Definetly loose the bit about the Orcs of Oro, or reasses their relationship. As it stands it is incorrect!

But keep the bit about the Ashmarians. I like the idea of human cattle!

Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 12 June 2003, 23:26:00
Ok, I added in the tattoing thing into appearance. I'd really like to know more about the animal-guides thing. Maybe there is some ritual done when an elfling reaches a certain age to help determine what its animal guide is? What do you think? And what ritual might the elves perform?

I'm still thinking about the government. I'm thinking that perhaps the myth is that Saba 2 got in an argument with someone (I'm thinking a woman perhaps: matriarchal government) and she decided to take her followers and stay in the forest. Perhaps the new leader can be decided by a person's animal guide? Like maybe only one person in a generation will have a certain animal and they will become the new leader? I don't know.. its rather rough right now. I'd like to get your advice on it.

I eliminated all of the Orcs of Oro references, just like you sai. Hopefully it makes more sense now. ^_^''

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Dala Valannia on 13 June 2003, 20:44:00
Yep yep, the Saban that Avash'aelia got into a hissy fit with at the Hovel Frond Forest is the son of the first Saban and his name is actually Sohlim but he took Dad's name as a sign of respect or something.  

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 14 June 2003, 05:11:00
Sounds good.....I think that an animal guide would be a type of coming of age thing, and it would be a lovely defining point, marking the Northern Sarvonian elves as culturally very different from their Southern Sarvonian cousins.

In southern sarvonia the rite of age involves a pentagram, and the consideration over the period of a week of what the elf has done so far and what he will do and give in his lifetime to come.....

The exception as far as I am aware, are the Cyrathrhim, who have a kind of Walkabout. Because they beleived they were Fav exiles and spent a considerable time in the mountians, they now have to repeat the feat to be considered adult.

I think a similar sort of 'Walkabout' to use the aussie definition could apply to the North. A youngster must survive in the wilds of world around them, alone and unaided. It is expected that in this time the Gods will guide him to the animal that will guide him. You might want to make the ritual a bit more bloody for the drow tribe. Perhaps he must take the heads of three orcs to prove his worthieness, and given the nearest tribe is the Losh-Oc that would be one H*** of a challenge!!!

Yes - I do think that rulers might be determined by their animal guides! Definetly. Some animals would be infinetly more sacred than others due to their association with certain Gods. For example to the Injerin someone who had the dove as their animal would be associated with Eyasha and therefore close to what that tribe hold in highest esteem. Obviously animals associated with Gods closer to Co'or would be more appropriate here.

We can also assign some others. For example we can pick a particularly speedy animal as a sort of godly messenger, one that can transend the levels of the dream. This would also be important, that person a sort of messenger of the gods - a natural cleric.

We could also for example pick an element (not wind however) and associate superstition with it. For example animals asscoiated with water or earth might be thought to drive an elf mad.....but these superstitions can vary from tribe to tribe as long as the general prinicple remains the same.

Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 17 June 2003, 13:46:00
Ok, some of this probably needs fleshing out. Um... what kind of animal means what?

Some animals we might use:

Moss Bear
Black Grass Snake
Brown Grass Snake
Stilted Elk

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 18 June 2003, 13:17:00
You bestiatry girl. Me people!

I guess some godly animals - or the northern continets closest relative would be good. Gryphs might be a very good guide animal for your tribes leaders as they are associated with Querpur - I know they are mythical, but hey so is Fav.....

Rats - but I think that Quepur association is purely Santharian. Plus I'm yet to finish my ratty entries *huggles her rats*

Ur-Viper, another mythical, its Ameros' animal. A snake with a head at either end of its body, twisted into an infinity symbol with the two heads opposing each other. Might also be important.

Horses could be important. They're associated with both Nethor and Ameros. They're also predominantly wild, swift animals. If I remeber rightly Drogo created a horse for Nothern Sarvonia. Try that......

I'm all out of suggestions.

Any help?

Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 20 June 2003, 04:50:00
Just a note: The orcs of Oro and the Ashz-Oc only lined up with darkelves in the third Sarvonian war and maybe on several sparse occasions, all associated with doing something in the name of Coór and lots of loot. The Ashz-Oc might be even to some extent deceived to go to this war but anyway.

Generally it is not that unlikely for Losh-Oc to ally even with darkelves because the basics of orcish diplomacy are always about gaining power. When allying with darkelves would give a certain Losh-oc leader advantage over his enemies he might do that. It still doesn't mean he won't try to kill the same darkelves when he doesn't need their help anymore.

One question. Are now the Diorye'oleal elves starting the war with Santharia or is it ultimately being lead by Osthe'Mangar and the Diorye'oleal are only part of the Darkfriends?

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight
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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 20 June 2003, 12:19:00
I don't think the union between Diorye'oleal and... any orcs would work. Or any people. They don't believe they need other for trade or support.

As for the history bit. No clue.

BTW: I added more to People about the animal guides and I finished government. History and the Observances are needin' work.

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 20 June 2003, 15:19:00
this is not about anything social, only war. ;) 

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 20 June 2003, 17:01:00
I don't know.. Diorye'oleal elves aren't too trusting..

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 21 June 2003, 03:33:00
This is mainly about the third Sarvonian war anyway and it works the way that the elves don't do the dirty work by convincing/bribiing/persuading someone else to do it for them.

The Darkelves will think they fooled the Losh-oc, the Losh-oc will think they've fooled the darkelves, Coór is happy. :D 

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 23 June 2003, 01:46:00
I have no qualms. ^_^ Miss Wren?

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 23 June 2003, 12:32:00
No problems with that.

But I think it more likely it was led by Osthe'Mangar...... That's just my opinion.  

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Viresse on 23 June 2003, 19:28:00
Haa. You guys must be LOVING Drogo by now.
Let me know if you need any help or drowish opinion.

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 30 June 2003, 02:47:00
Sorry I've been busy! I've sort of been neglecting these poor little dark elves! They still need a history!

Ok, I have been thinking about how the tribe came into existence. We got how the government works (incorperating the animal guides) but I'm not sure how this idea would come into being. Where was Saban 2 going from? Would his sonhave known about the animal guides? Would the Saban 2 group already be practicing this idea of animal guides?

Approximately when would this have occured? Age of Myths? Can a guestimate the dates?

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 01 July 2003, 13:14:00
I'm sick.

When I'm better I will email you what you need :) 

Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 01 July 2003, 21:01:00
Ok. I hope you get better soon! ::gives her a cerubell.::

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 02 July 2003, 14:37:00
meh - so do I. Thankyou. Anyone got a vase.

@Vir - I'd love him more if he'd come back and explain a bit more about what on earth was going on in that head of his. I have fragments in my messenger logs, but nothing that helps here.

Feel free to comment on anything you feel needs drowising - I wouldn't really know - they're not my thing at all. How about taking a look at the animal guides part?

Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 03 July 2003, 04:32:00
Yeah! I could really use more in the way of what animals mean what. Something like that would really, really, really help!

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 24 August 2003, 15:59:00
I haven't forgotten this.

I've just copied and pasted it onto my desktop.

The plan is that I will fine tooth comb it tommorrow, add to it, if thats alright by you, things that I will extrapolate to the Injerin and to the Folkmore.

And you know what I'm going to do then?

I'm going to read every entry that Drogo ever wrote and I'm going to peice together some kind of Northern Sarvonian timeline. It can be hazy. But I need to get this stuff clear in my head and all I see at the moment is contradiction.

Then I will add a history section.

And a viola.

One finished update


Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 24 August 2003, 23:35:00
I've been trying to get a few tribe entries on the sites that are purely mine, but for the good of the site and Northern Sarvonia, I'll let you add on and take some credit.

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 25 August 2003, 00:35:00
:lol Well, Rayne, you still have some hobbits you wanted to write, eh? (Oh, and I personally like putting "Information provided by Rayne and Wren" at the bottom of an entry;))

@Wren: This sounds like quite a bit of an endeavour checking all this information... Drogo definitely didn't make things easier by disappearing so suddenly, especially as he always seemed to know how things had to look there, and we know have to figure out what he could have meant exactly second hand: 

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 25 August 2003, 10:09:00
Befor I start on my own tribes, I need to rewrite the Helmondshire hobbits to match their history.

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Wren on 25 August 2003, 11:09:00
I don't want any credit! I don't care about that rubbish. All I care about is things being orderly and consistent. Where have I said that I want to make this a joint entry?

You said you wanted some help with the animal guides, and thats what I wanted for use with the Injerin and FOlkmore to give them some cultural identity. And that you were having difficulty grasping the history..... I was simply trying to be helpful. I offer my knowledge and background on the subject for free. Whether you use it is entirely up to you.

You make it sound like its some kind of competition, like I don't want you to have any elven tribes. And that's not true. I don't and have never had a problem with people working on elves. You can see it by looking down the tribe entries - Sure I've done some - but there was no elves in Santharia until I arrived. But there's Vir and Uri and Silfer and Drogo - all with elf tribe entries.

Sure I like people to get them right.... but I wouldn't be much compendium writer if I didn't.

I'm not prepared to walk on eggshells all the time. You either want my input or you don't.

@Arti - I kept all my discussion logs with Drogo. They're are some clues, but some huge gaps too. All I can do is guess. But with Koldar and Drogo gone I don't really have any Lord of the North's to turn to.

I'm reading everything and making notes. I'll then simply make my own interpretations.......and edit as appropriate. At least I'm here to ask.

I'll try and post some kind of draft timeline or something......I'm not sure exactly where to start on making things clearer.

Anodd yw dwyn dyn oddiar ei dylwyth

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 25 August 2003, 18:09:00
I was just teasing. o.o;; Nya..! Your help is much needed! Help me!

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Dala Valannia on 26 August 2003, 01:25:00
Wren - I don't want to offend you either but you are being a wee sensitive imo. I guess that's understandable due to what happened previously between you and Rayne but that's over and from what I see now, you girls are cooperating wonderfully. I'm sure Rayne didn't mean it the way you thought she did. You have to stop, well, cut down at least, this jumping off the proverbial gun at the slightest provocation. Okay, you can beat me to a bloody pulp now.  

Rayne - It''s true though, your teasing about credit for Wren can come across as condescending even if you didn't mean it that way. Maybe try to re-read your posties sometimes before you click 'send' to see how they might appear to another person....solution : if teasing, use a plethora of smilies to indicate that you are. Okay, the danger comes with you might end up looking a bit spastic with all those smilies running around but smilies are very good for defusing potential tension....right, now it's your turn to beat me bloody.

Sorry gals, I have no right to poke my nose into your affairs, I know, but I'm just extremely tired of senseless misunderstandings between members happening every other month and overall morale of the team is usually somewhat affected when fights happen.  

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Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Drogo on 05 September 2003, 15:09:00
Rayne, I like all of the work that you have put into the tribe.  I like the animal guides idea.    The stuff that I had up was more as a springboard for people to use in the future.  Don't tell Wren, but to be honest I don't love working on elves.  I'm more of a human type of guy ;)   If you have any questions on what I had in mind feel free to ask, but feel free to change anything you would like.  I'm doing an entry on the Ashmarian Barbarians that will be up within a week, I would like to talk to you about how they and the Diorye'oleal would work together in your mind.

Title: Re: Diorye'oleal Elves Update
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 05 September 2003, 19:46:00
Actually, the animal guides was Wren's idea. I think they're a good idea, too, though.

I'll be happy to work with you on clarifying the relationship between the Diory'oleal and the Ashmarian barbarians.

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