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Title: Ash'mari (Finished)
Post by: Drogo on 21 September 2003, 17:10:00

(Rabid Wolf)

Overview:  The Ash'mari were once of the Kuglimz, but were in time corrupted and then subjegated to the Diorye'oleal.  They have little will of their own, rather being used as the martial force of the dark elves.  Their reputation as intelligent savages is well earned and they take pleasure in that reputation.

Appearance:  No one has yet to see and Ash'mari woman, so their appearance is unknown.  It is not sure if they are kept by the Diorye'oleal somewhere so as not to cause the males to be distracted from their duties, or wether their is just such a strong belief in the strength and abilities of males that the women are all but locked up in the home.  It has even been thought by some that there are no Ash'mari women, but rather that the Diorye'oleal create the men.  This though is scoffed at by the scholars, for they could not possibly have such magical abilites.

Whatever the case is the appearance of the males is well documented especially due to their incursions during SWIII.  They average between 1ped, 2 fores to 2 peds 1 fore.  They are dark of eye and hair with green eyes being a rather uncommon sight.  Ash'mari do not shave and hence all have full beards and long hair.  Due to the fact that they seem rather hairy in general it is not uncommon to find thick beards and hair even beyond waist level.  They are very stocky and well muscled, this in conjunction with the beards have made some jokingly refer to them as giant dwarves.  Though, it is doubted any was dumb enough to say this to an Ash'mari.

The Ash'mari bedeck their hair and beards with talismen.  The talisman is always made of bone and is often carved with runes or animal shapes.  The bone is that taken from a defeated enemy, it is then attached to human sinew and tied to a knot of their hair or beard.  Thus the amount of talismen are a sign of stature and skill.  This practice is believed to be a corruption of the Kuglimz usuage of warrior rings.

Ritualistic tattoos are strewn about the body of an Ash'mari.  Dye made from the Burning Man flower is used to tattoo runes of luck, protection, strength, fertility and many other things.  The nature of the rune dictates its placement.  If it is for strength it is often found upon the chest or arms.  If it is for protection it runs along the spine, and for fertility it is tattooed upon the genitalia.

Territory:  The Ash'mari lands are tightly confined geographically.  The dark Hovel Frond Forest is to the South, the Southernmost branch of the Luquador River is to the North.  To the West are the Southern Foothills and the Sea.  The Crystal Lake is to the East with but a span of land that allows access to the Southern portions of the Celeste Lowlands.  They actively control about eight furlay of land from East to West and five furlay of land North to South.

Coat of Arms:  The Ash'marian coat of arms is a skeletal human skull with an iron axe sunk into it.  This is surrounded by a circle of black twisted thorns.  The Ash'mari being a very literal people have made their coat of arms such as well.  The skull is representative of their foes, which is just about everyone, the axe is represents the Ash'mari themselves, while the circle of thorns represents their subjegation to the thorn throne of the Diorye'oleal.  As banners are rarely used, actual items are affixed to long poles so that it forms and intimidating standard.

People:  Most if not all inhabitants view all humans North of the Tandala Highlands as barbarians.  While this is not true of the Kuglimz or the Kanapanians, it most certainly is true of the Ash'mari, and all of the stories told to frighten children are most often true.  Generations of use as the Diroye'oleals rabid hounds has bred out all compulsions of mercy and honor.  While not as cruel as their masters, they are certainly the most bloodthristy of men.  Even the orcs of the area have respect for the visciousness of the Ash'mari.  Nothing is truly known of their personal or domestic lives as they are rarely encountered outside of their homelands without being in a raiding or war party.

Housing:  With the exception of the Fortress of Darkness, which is an impressive display of masonry, all of the homes of the Ash'mari are very simple.  The homes are made up of walls of thick mud with some stone inlaid for support.  Usually thrush and branching is used to weave a ceiling that is prone to leaking.  Small square cut windows allow some air to get into the fetid abode.  The windows have untanned skins or fur to protect from the rain, while the floor is covered in the same to add some measure of comfort.

Clothing:  Clothing is actually very minimal, which is surprising given the climate.  Warrior when at home or on normal duties are thought to wear untanned fur as use as loinclothes, boots, and cloaks.  When in combat many of the same warriors wear nothing, rather giving up any protection of clothing for the protection of their gods.  

Diet:  The diet is mostly meat based.  The lack of agriculture is due mostly to the lack of any farmers amongst the Ash'mari.  It is doubtful that even if they possessed such craft that it would be of much use in the mostly rocky soil of their lands.  Animals are plentiful in the area and so food stores are well kept, though it is not too unusual to go a few days without eating.  They make up for this by gorging themselves whenever there is an abundance of food.  The little grain and vegetable are gotten only when a raid on one of the Kuglimz villages have gone succesfully.  There are rumours that they even partake of human flesh.  While this is discredited amongst scholars, it is still strongly believed by the humble folks.

Weapons:  Their viewpoint on warfare and the need of libations of blood to the soil restricts what weaponry the Ash'mari use.  No bows or slings are used as the outpouring of blood with such wounds are not enough.  Thrown spears and axes are the extent of the ranged weapons used.  For close combat the most common weapon is the axe, this is for no other reason then the cuts of the axe allow the most blood to flow and thus appeases their gods even more.  

Swords, spears, and long knifes are used as well, though most often as secondary weapons.  Shields are viewed much as clothing in battle is.  It is nothing more then a way to take the gods favor away from you by insulting their ability to protect you.  If on of the gods wants you to die no matter what amount of armor you wear it will do no good.

Occupations:  The only well known occupation of the Ash'mari is that of warrior.  They seem to be broken up into different categories based upon the number of kills they have.  If one has killed more people he tends to go into every raiding party and every war party.  Those with less kills get to go far less often.  Those with no kills usually have to kill someone with many kills to earn a place in a raiding party.  It is thought that the men with few or no kills are used to hunt.

Government:  The Ash'mari are governed from the Castle of Darkness which is a Diorye'oleal stronghold within the Ash'marian lands.  The Ash'mystrume (Battle Wolf) is the head of the Ash'mari.  He makes all of the decisions as far as the raiding and general practices of the tribe.  Any male can challenge the Ash'mystrume to physical combat, and whomever comes out the victor is the new leader.  It is not rare for the elven ruler of the Castle of Darkness to get annoyed with the current leader and simply kill him.  Several men who believe they should then lead fight it out and the victor presents himself to the castle as the new Ash'mystrume.  

Production/Trade:  The only thing that the Ash'mari produce is weponry.  It can be added that it is not very good weaponry either.  Artistry is lost upon them.  They only value it if it looks sellable.  The only trading that they do is their lives for the goods of the Diorye'oleal.  Beyond that they take everything else by raiding others.

Natural Resources:  The area provides few natural resources, some ore might be found in the Southern Foothills if any Ash'mari thought about it.  Most of their resources come from the Diorye'oleal.  This is one more way that the dark elves continue to keep control over the people.

Festivals:  The Ash'mari do not have festivals so much as they do have rites.  The difference being that there is not much in the way of happiness or communal joys.  Rather they are usually individual events based upon actions.

Taug'fa'yale (Burning Man Feast):  In the midst of summer when all of the Fa'yale (Burning Man flowers) have been gathered and turned into dye, ritualistic tattooing begins.  Males who wish to be tattooed use sharp knives to slice the runes they desire deep into their skin.  The deeper one goes the more effective the rune as more of ones own blood is spilled into the ground in tribute to their gods.  With the aid of much meade and ale, the dye is pressed into the wound.  When the wound heals it will remain a blood red line in the shape of the rune.  The coloration is important due to its representation of the blood gift to the gods.  This feast has no actual begin or end date, but usually lasts for several days as it takes some time to prepare the dye and to administer it to the many who want it.

Taug'put (Blood Feast):  This is a one day event that occurs at different times for different warriors.  After the first person they kill, they take the body and proceed to slice it open more.  This allows them to take their victims blood and drench their naked form in it.  They then proceede to go into isolation for one day and allow the blood to dry upon themselves.  This is viewed as the rite of manhood, for by allowing it to dry upon them it has soaked into themselves giving them all of the powers their victim possessed.  Many a young warrior falls to an older one in an attempt to take a strong warriors blood for his first kill as a stronger foe is bound to have stronger blood.

Taug'dirg (Leader's Feast):  This is a one day event that only takes place when a new Ash'mystrume has defeated the old leader.  What is done is the old leaders head is taken and the skin peeled from the skull.  The skin is then cut vertically down the forehead, nose, and mouth region.  The new Ash'mari then puts on the skin of the old leader upon his head.  For that day he is feasted and made drunk.  No one else participates, he alone as the Ash'mystrume is allowed.  After the day is over the skin is tossed away as all power has by then been drained from the vanquished leader.  The talismen that hung in the hair and beard and reaffixed in the new leaders hair and beard respectively, showing he now held all power that the old Ash'mystrume held.

Origin  The Ash'mari along with the Kuglimz are the descendents of the Mynian Kingdom and thus all the way back to the human calvarymen of the great army that threw down Fa'av'cal'ar.  They have fallen far in those centures.  With the fall of the Mynian kingdom they fled the furthest South of all of the Kuglimz.  In time they grew closer to the darkness that was the Hovel Frond and forsooke many of the Kuglimz ways.  They fell away from Sur'tyan and Leir'tyan and worshiped bloodthirsty gods.  It is said that they do not now ride horses as all other Kuglimz do, for horses being noble animals saw what the Ash'mari were and would no longer allow them to control them any longer, and so left them to walk the earth instead.

History:  Unlike the Kuglimz who have a rich oral tradition and give nearly every event a story, the Ash'mari have no such tradition.  This combined with the fact that the Diorye'oleal do not care much for their servants and have not truly kept any record of them either.  Besides, anything that was kept by the Diorye'oleal would not be brought to light anyway as they are a secretive people.  This being said, some events have been noted either by the Kuglimz or other outside observers.  While some of the dates can not be given accurately, they will be given at approximately the time the event was supposed to have taken place.

1648 B.S. The Ash'mari along with the Kuglimz escape the destruction of the Mynian empire during the last days of The Year of Darkness.

1612 B.S.  An ancient Trk'Matiu Kuglim story makes mention of an eleventh tribe of the Kuglimz named the Gor'mari Kuglim (Swift Wolf Tribe)  It gives the location of their lands as those that the Ash'mari live in.

1475 B.S.  An unknown warrior supposedly enters the Hovel Frond Forest and finds there the Diorye'oleal.  He escapes back to the Gor'mari.

1470 B.S.  The same warrior rises as chieftain of the Gor'mari and leads a band into the woods.  Once again he alone comes back.

1469 B.S.  The Diorye'oleal come attack the Gor'mari in full force and quickly conquer them.  They continue North against the Trk'Matiu Kuglim and advance through their lands.

1468 B.S.  The Helvet'ine and Trk'Matiu Kuglimz join together and push back the Diorye'oleal.  However they can not recalaim the lands of the Gor'mari.

1300 B.S.  The Gor'mari first start attacking other Kuglimz, they are re-named Ash'mari and disowned as one of the Kuglimz.

910 B.S.  Mygyre is the current leader of the Ash'mari.  It is in the aftermath of one of his battles of leadership that the Fa'yale is first used.

304 B.S.  Some of the Ash'mari join along with the Losh'Oc in beseiging the Injerin.  After neutralizing them, they leave an army to guard the forest and head towards the Kuglimz.

305 B.S.  The Ash'mari along with the combined might of the Diorye'oleal and the orcs devestate much of the Kuglimz'ura and lay seige to the Kuglimz'torik.  Locking them away and allowing them to advance South.  

298 B.S.  Several groups of Ash'mari attack Southern Sarvonia along with dark friends at the behest of the Diorye'oleal in preperation for the coming of Coor.

292 B.S.  For the first time the Ash'mari are seen with force at the taking of Carmalad.  Their battle standards are seen along with those of the Diorye'oleal for the first time in the South.

203 B.S.  After years of depredations throughout the South, they are finally defeated with the dark elves and orcs that came with them.  They are forced back North and many suffer through the Tandala.

200 B.S.  The Kuglimz unite briefly to throw off the armies that had shackled them.  The Ash'mari are all but defeated and the Diorye'oleal are forced into the depths of the Hovel Frond.  The Losh'Oc and Ash'zoc are driven into their respect homes.

109 B.S.  The Ash'mari gain enough strength to continue their ancient feud against the Kuglimz.

02 A.S.  The Ash'mari have regained their former strength completely and create large problems for the Kuglimz.  They even at times over the next several hundred years make excursions into the South.

1624 A.S.  The Ash'mari along with the Diory'oleal ride against the Kuglimz.  The Trk'Matiu are the first to fall to this old threat that has once again reared its

1629 A.S.  The conquest continues with the taking of the hill forts of the Lyr'Teimor Kuglim.  The Ash'mari also harass the Kuglimz'ura in the area, but they take down their encampment and flee North before they can be conquered.

1640 A.S.  The mightiest of all the Kuglim fall, the Helvet'ine Kuglim, to the ravenous Ash'mari.  The survivors who flee are chased all of the way to the Santharian province of Vardynn before they are forced back by a provincial army.


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Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Viresse on 24 September 2003, 21:38:00
You, my boy, have not lost your touch. I have images of these monsters right from the get-go, and they are an interesting looking bunch. I really dig them.
As you've done this before, you know what you need to do. If you really want my Opinion, I can Uri-check it and give you a good walloping. Not that I'd mind. :devilish  

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Title: Ash'mari(Draft)
Post by: Drogo on 25 September 2003, 11:08:00
Wallop away dear Vir. :x  :hammer  

I'm glad that you like them so far.  After you put up your criticisms I'll revamp it and add the history andwhat not.  If it's easier to e-mail me my e-mail is  Anything that you can suggest will simply make a better entry!  Good to see you around, you are one of the faces I missed ;)  

Title: Re: Ash'mari(Draft)
Post by: Bard Judith on 28 September 2003, 05:51:00
"Due to the fact that they seem rather hairy in general it is not uncommon to find thick beards and hair even beyond waist level. They are very stocky and well muscled, this in conjunction with the beards have made some jokingly refer to them as giant dwarves. Though, it is doubted any was dumb enough to say this to an Ash'mari..."

OR to the dwarves!  :b

Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 29 September 2003, 17:41:00
The government looks fine to me. As long as the Diory'oleal elves have enough say in what each barbarian is doing, things should be fine. If the Ash'mystrumedoesn't follow through with Diory'oleal orders, it can be assumed that the Ash'mystrume will be killed. Do you have any plan as to what will happen to the tribe then? Will a large compeition be held? Or will these dark elves choose a new leader among the tribe?

Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Drogo on 30 September 2003, 14:42:00
A competition will be held among those of the Ash'mystrume whom want the job.  The Diorye'oleal don't care too much who is in charge.  I mean after all if you had a pack of hounds, would you really care which was the more dominant?  No, you would just expect them to do what you want, and if it isn't you will eventually get rid of it.

Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 30 September 2003, 15:28:00
Drogo, you don't mind if I'm not visiting these lands? Just because it is so cold up there ;)

A lot of good ideas!

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Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Drogo on 30 September 2003, 16:18:00
Ah Talia, but if you joined my tribe and I in Northern Sarvonia we would fill you with ales so strong as to make your desert heat a memory.  We would show you wonders of a vast untamed land that is full of dangers and adventures.  In truth there is no other place like it in all of the world!

Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 01 October 2003, 00:27:00
Its easier to tell orders to one pperson who can then tell everyone else than to tell each person their orders seperately.

Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 05 October 2003, 11:49:00
Just read through the entry... Very good details, makes them very unique guys, which we definitely lacked so far (especially giant dwarves - who can say that their fantasy world has them, eh?):D  Some comments:

- "No one has yet to see and Ash'mari woman, so their appearance is unknown" Hmmm... Don't you think this to be just a tad unlikely?

- "and for fertility it is tattooed upon the genitalia" Uh... such barbarians! Hey wait - these are barbarians!:idea

- Castle of Darkness: Hmmm... I see you managed to find good reasons why the castle is there and also bears this name. Though Castle of Darkness sounds a bit stereotypical, so a renaming of the location if necessary would be ok as well. But the concept is good, Drogo:)

- Weapons: Erelen, who visits the board once a hundred years :lol  has sent me a picture he has promised for quite a while of an axe we dicussed in order to illustrate the Axes entry. Now there's still the handle missing and it's a quickie, and it turned out completely different from what it should look like initially, but I thought - as the blade is pretty crude (though still original in design) - it could an Ashmari design perhaps. See here (hope the handle will follow soon...)

- Government: Like this battle wolf idea and the wolves explanations in general. Very barbarian!

- Festivals: Also very fitting, very barbarian and special! The tatooing practices with the deeper cuts with the "blood sacrifices" to their primitve Gods also adds a good flavour... I can only hope they find some flesh when tatooing, as their bodies are pretty hairy as I've learned... :lol

All in all: This is a fantastic work, and also very close to what I had imagined back then as I can remember. With the difference that you made it all even better... - Now I know once more why we missed you so much! :clap  

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Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Drogo on 06 October 2003, 12:05:00
:o   Thx Art.

The Castle of Darkness was already on the map, so I just integrated it into the entry.  I will come up with a Kuglimz name for it.  That reminds me I have a whole language on the Kuglimz and runes made up for it too.  Hmmm, I'll have to do a little work on that and through it up.  Anyway  good point about the women, I'll come up with something creative.  I just want people to view them as actually being creations of the Diorye'oleal.  I will revise it all on Monday, once Viresse has taken a look at it also.  I'll add a brief history as well.  One of my main points in concentrating on this area is mapping and creating a good history for it all.

The axe works perfectly.It is the crude type of workmanship I imagined for them.

Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Curgan on 15 October 2003, 04:10:00
Very nice entry (especially the weapons section :thumbup )



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Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 18 October 2003, 11:35:00
Okeydokey... That's cool - thanks for added the final details, Drogo:)  Guess we can move the Ashmari up next update then - only took 5 years till my first mentioning of them on the site to get them up in appropriate form... :lol  

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Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
Post by: Drogo on 18 October 2003, 11:38:00
Hehe, five years is that all? ;)   Well I'm glad that it could finally be done.

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Title: Re: Ash'mari (Draft)
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Oo, coolio.
Good to see it got worked out.
I need to visit more often.

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