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Title: Shamanic Culture
Post by: Norkin on 24 August 2005, 09:09:00
What intiation processes must a Orcen ( especially Losh Oc ) shaman go through before he is offically a shaman???

I ask because after I finish my Losh Oc martial art I was hoping on making an entry for the founding shaman Oun'Mar ( or "seeing wolf" to you vermin;) ), and I need the rituals for his biography. I also thought I could use Quellion's Orcish Shaman picture.

So to clarify, What initiation processes do Losh Oc shamans go through before becoming a shaman?

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Title: Re: Shamanic Culture
Post by: Marvin Cerambit on 24 August 2005, 11:13:00
So far nothing is know about orcish shamans. Funny you mention it though as I was thinking about the orcish relegion and their shamans (and how to fit them into a warrior-oriented culture) as well.

I was actually going to ask if there was something availeble (and if not if I could develop something) when I was going to have more time to put into it :)  

Title: Re: Shamanic Culture
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 24 August 2005, 12:15:00
The problem might be - are we able to know this? Maybe we should just keep our fingers from it, because: We are writing for a compendium (human). The initial rites for orcen shamans are surely , at least partly, secret. So who should watch tem AND be able to report about them? Flash? I don't think, a human would be allowed there or survive, if he is captured and around. Would an orc be able to tell you this, even if he would consider to do it, would you understand it?

So, if you are doing omething like this, you have to be quite vague, I think.

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Title: Re: Shamanic Culture
Post by: Norkin on 24 August 2005, 12:43:00
Maybe I could say something like " Not much was known about Oun'Mat until he reached the age of 21, by which time he was already a shaman".