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Title: new tribe of the Ulvur?
Post by: markojono on 28 November 2005, 13:10:00
Is it ok for me to go off and design a new tribe for the Ulvur to propose?

The entry for them makes them sound almost mythical, so I don't want to spend time on something for someone to say can't do it...

I recently posted to do a new place with a mixed race (as in city of mixed races not individuals) but have had that deleted as I realised the ideas I was going to put forward are very much like the basics of the Ulvur, namely guardians of nature and singular religion of mother nature.

Basic idea was for a Ulvur pack which had (in a nice way... storyline coming soon which I will ensure fits with history etc) desended from a Ulvur been tamed for better use of the word by a human woman. Whilst she did mate with the Ulvur it isn't a new half-breed race (we really don't need more races!) but rather reduced their aggressive and angry temperments. This pack is far more involved in world affairs, though has maintained its very simplistic structure (no government here) and dislike for technology. Because of this single influx of human genes they do not shapeshift like the other Ulvur but remain in their humanoid form at all times (though on full moons they do become more aggressive and wild).

- no magical abilities or knowledge
- 2 1/1 peds tall
- silver-white hair, with darker streaks giving individuality
- wolf eyes
- lives in a simplistic, communal society
- wears only grey trousers and grey cloaks
- eats monotonous diet as finds most things foul tasting

This wouldn't mean you'd have to change the basic meanings of the Ulvur race, merely mention an exception as its own section. This is definitely a new Tribe (named after where it gets placed on the map - obviously a mountainous, cold place is best but not too near to the current packs), not a new race.

Anyways is only an idea but I hope you look fondly upon it and give me the heads up to continue :)

Comments and suggestions are very very welcome.


Title: Re: new tribe of the Ulvur?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 28 November 2005, 13:23:00
You have a rare talent of finding things, which unfortunately are off limits, Mark...

In the Guide of Designing Races and Tribes you find the sentence:

"General new races development stop currently, guys! Let's concentrate on what we have instead of developing the 1467th race. Thanx for understanding, but this is a necessary measure we have to take. Quality beats quantity. Let's go for more depth!"

While an ulvur tribe isn't precisely a race, the ulvur are only mythical and are supposed to live on a pretty much not at all described continent. And it will stay that way for a while, because our focus goes to continents where there are active developers there (Sarvonia, especially Santharia, Aeruillin and Nybelmar with certain limits). But just like your Places concept I removed after you saw the problems I pointed out, this would be again something practically in the middle of nowhere with little or no references to anything else whatosever. And we don't develop that way. We need stuff complementing something that is already on the site, at regions that are already partly developed or where there is a clear concept of what should be done.

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Title: Oh dear
Post by: markojono on 28 November 2005, 14:45:00
Oh dear I'm not doing very well am I?

OK... I really want to get involved but this is just getting embarrising LOL... does anyone have any ideas which aren't miles from where I was going with mine? I'd quite happily contribute to an active project but I really need some guidance as to what and where.

Pity really as the Ulvur race has everything I wanted to develop.


Title: Re: Oh dear
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 28 November 2005, 13:54:00
I personally am a Manthrian developing person (a province in Santharia), but there are other possibilities as well of course. But you can get an idea what has been developed so far in this region at this map. There's surely a lot of work to do in this region in case you're interested.

Proposals of what could be done for example can be found here. This thread links on the one hand to picture resources, which can be integrated, and on the other hand to short summaries of entries, which could be written (you find stuff there regarding People, Places, Beasts and Plants mainly).

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Title: ok
Post by: markojono on 28 November 2005, 15:17:00
That is one very busy (full) map.

I like the look of the very top-middle, the woods by the Ilderon Trail, Ruins of Naughlaron and the Naringlahris Plateau. Does the woods extend up further north?

Did you have any particular ideas for that area (Naughlaron Territory)?

What race is best for development generally... I'd like to lean towards humans or halflings if possible.

I think it would be much better to get involved in a well established area now I come to think, as would give good guidance of local cultures etc (which of course interact with each other, either growing closer or rubbing).

Looks good anyways :)


Title: Re: new tribe of the Ulvur?
Post by: xerampelinae deicida on 14 February 2006, 01:04:00
I got an idea from your Ulvur proposal. If you want to have a humanoid group with wolf like chachteristics what about making a fur coat?
Have your fur coat be made out of a wolf's hide keeping the head as a hood. This would make the most since in an area with cold winters and skilled hunters. I would suggest a human or elf tribe.

As for a template for something like this sorry but I dont think there are any clothes entries that have been done yet. I'll start a thread on how to do a clothing entry in Santharian Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals