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Title: The Quallian Forest
Post by: Wren on 01 August 2001, 13:53:00
Did that attachment send this time? I'm really sorry about the quality. My scanners brtoke at the moment and the only other Graphics package I have is Draw.

There are some things I'd Like to Add. Each 'town' is really more like a large extended family group (afterall, elves are very longlived), like Scottish Clan, forming a community. Excepting the 'Captial' Aer'Ylferian, which is a town of 5 extended families, consisting of about 700 indviduals. The dialect spoken is highly variable, and while all the towns can understand each other, a foreigner who had learnt Standard elvish would have real problems.

I couldn't Write names on features on Draw, but here are some. The Capital is the central town in the clearing on the as yet unamed river. The Southernmost town is Geaf-a-chi'an and one of the smaller ones. The City in the center of the lake is Yln'fain'tir or 'The Hidden', 'the lost'. Humans often refer to it as the jewel of the lake. It is the only settlement in the Quallian that the other races know well. Far from being lost it is the Second city and the main trade route. Here are the elven merchants are based. Think Venice, but made of wood and blue, green and black volcanic glass collected from Argor and Heckra. Quite how such a small Tribe Manages to collect such vast quantities from so far is one of the secrets of the Ylfferhim and they're not telling. The magnificant Arshisi (A Blue Volcanic glass) city walls of Aer'Ylferian are one of the wonders of this part of Santharia.Not that many have seen it. The tribe are highly elusive. Only the Two biggest Cities have anything other than military buildings at ground level.

There are two small settlements on the banks of the lake named Arlinio (the smallest town in Quallian) meaning literally work of art. And Thi'eryn (meaning lost presumably named before the Yffler tounge distinguished itself from high elvish) Both towns run Ferrys to Yln'fain'tir. Cities are connected by Overhead walkways, or by hardly percievable tracks. Without a Ylffer guide you're liable to get lost.

Many of the tribe are Rangers by proffesion and live outside of the towns.

Comments please ;) 

questions, questions.....

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Title: History?
Post by: Drogo on 01 August 2001, 20:17:00

Do you have a history for your group in the Quallian forest, such as when they got there, why they might have split from another group, why they decided to settler there, etc.  Or even a rough outline of one?  
 I'm especially interested in a more detailed description of the connection of overhead walkways, are they made of natural elements, is magic used to make branches grow and intertwine?  e-mail me all about it.  

Title: Re: History?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 02 August 2001, 14:22:00
Sounds really good, Wren! No objections to your ideas and looking forward to more additions:) Love especially the amount of details you put into your descriptions! That's what we need in order to describe a place like the Quallian! Very nice:rollin

However, I haven't received a second mail with the attachment, even after waiting a whole day:( - So I also couldn't take a closer look at it... Are you sure you've sent it?

Title: Very sure.
Post by: Wren on 02 August 2001, 14:34:00
I'll send it again give me a few minutes.

As for a history, this is the first work I've done on the tribe, and the first work on a tribe other than the one at Shivering woods, and their drow I think, so their a bit different.

I working on a concept that the are closely related to the Quaelhoirhim, as they are geographically close, and that they are one of the tribes that honour the Astryhim, by wearing thier coat of arms. Also playing with an idea that both tribes are decended from the light elves in some way, but having trouble at the moment getting there!

Once I get my Scanner alive I can make some much more detailed and interesting maps and diagrams and stuff. I'm really getting into this!

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Title: thinking about the walkways
Post by: Wren on 02 August 2001, 14:45:00

These elves live in the forest they depend on it, I think that the bows of the trees are trained skillfully, like bonsai growing, over a period of years,though growth is accelerated by the elves. They are probably then lined with boards to protect the trees and in the bigger cities lined with hard wearing minerals, such as Quartz or Malacite for beauty.

Title: Re: Very sure.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 02 August 2001, 14:47:00
Map arrived now, that's fine.

BTW: Always keep in mind that it should be our goal to elaborate Compendium entries for the site in the end. So if you collect information work towards this goal so that we can transfer it to the site and can look up things what you elaborate like in an encyclopedia. You can e.g. also do smaller entries on certain topics if the need arises to describe something in more detail.

Title: Re: Very sure.
Post by: Wren on 02 August 2001, 14:57:00
Right, you mean like keep a word file of everything I post and divide it up into appropriate sections?
I'd like to keep posting what I'm thinking, in case I contradict something that already exists.

When the whole thing is ready what do I do with it??

Title: Re: Very sure.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 02 August 2001, 15:05:00
Just mail it to me and I'll be very happy to integrate it:)

Posting here is ok too, so that people can comment on it. Everything fine!

Title: Thanks
Post by: Drogo on 02 August 2001, 16:32:00
Thanks for expanding on the walkways part.  I needed something like that to integrate into a possible elven tribe I've been thinking about in the Shaded Forest in Northern Sarvonia.  If you have any extra time, I could always use some help in that area :) 

Title: Re: Thanks
Post by: SmurfStormcrow on 02 August 2001, 20:13:00
Like a Banyan tree?


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Title: Re: Thanks
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 03 August 2001, 12:01:00
Got the map now twice, the first you sent today... Here's the map sketch so you can all look at it:

Would be an interesting idea to convert it to a typical Santharian map sooner or later...

Title: hmmm...
Post by: Wren on 03 August 2001, 12:47:00
had a few problems with the circle sizes, cos I need a new driver for my mouse, so they're not really very representiative of the City sizes. When this download is finished I wil make some adjustments.

Errr. Yeah Drogo, I got massive amounts of time. I'm working on the computers for a mail company, so lots of time to muck about. Email me, let me know what you need doing.

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Title: names
Post by: Wren on 03 August 2001, 13:07:00

What is a Banyan tree???

THe final names are:
The most northerly town is Drwsyl, very simply, door entry, and refers simply to the meeting of human paths from Santhala and surrounds under the city, built entirely in the trees.
South of here is Triyalian. NE of Geaf-a-Chi'an is Meywnnos, the smallest settlment in the woods with a poulation of 60 and is not a family group, but a congregation and kind of working base and meet up point for rangers and their immeadiate relations live here.

West of Geaf-a-chi'an is Vallaris, further west still is Iyasha.

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Title: Re: hmmm...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 03 August 2001, 13:08:00

Can you put some time in a parcel and mail it over there, Wren? I could always use some!! *grin*

Title: I can try emailing it.
Post by: Wren on 03 August 2001, 13:14:00
Tell me if it works.

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Title: Re: I can try emailing it.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 03 August 2001, 13:37:00


Title: What about me???
Post by: SmurfStormcrow on 03 August 2001, 20:44:00
Oh great. I was going to ask for some. You haven't used it all on Art, have you??? Just a few hours, please? Pretty please? Oh fine, give Art special treatment. I don't care. I'll just slink over to some dark corner and sulk. Don't bother looking for me. You don't have enough time now that you've loaned it all to our dear webmaster. :p 


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Title: Re: What about me???
Post by: Greybark on 04 August 2001, 01:30:00
Excellent map concept. I like that the elvish woodlands are getting detailed. Great job!

Title: Re: What about me???
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 04 August 2001, 08:30:00
BTW: I completely forgot to post the discription Wren added in her mail:

"The red dots are small towns, the dark green dense forest, light green light forest and the bluey green are clearings. The largest dot in a clearing is the capital. The main routes to the outside world are through the lake town and the northern town. I've got no names yet. There are paths and overhead walkways. I think these elves are quite isolated and only intouch with a few local populations outside their own forsts, hence there are only three or four routes out."

Looks nice!

Title: Re: What about me???
Post by: SmurfStormcrow on 04 August 2001, 12:29:00


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Title: Re: What about me???
Post by: Wren on 04 August 2001, 14:20:00
It looked bluey in draw! its that kind of pastel green. Basically the one that isn't dark or bright!

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Title: oh
Post by: Wren on 04 August 2001, 15:09:00

and I should have a sutible entery for the forest ready for tommorrow. The history of my little elves is going to take longer :(

I'm thinking maybe they can be just be a remmenant of the Quaelhorim. Large parts of the forest were destroyed in the Battle of Annihilation. As they're close, maybe until this point they were joined, the Quallian just the western part of the Zeiphyrian forest. Would that work? Diversifications in culture have happend since the tribe have been stranded.

Title: Re: oh
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 05 August 2001, 09:26:00
Entry ready already tomorrow? Yippie, sound great! Quaelhorhim/Battle idea also sounds workable. Could have been a larger forest in ancient times... Currently things might be a bit too static concerning historical developments as we e.g. just say that Erpheronia was up north, Stratania south, but everything changed of course during the time, lands got bigger and smaller, were renamed etc. so putting in some dynamic things here is appreciated. And: *hehe* Maybe we can get you to work on the Quaelhorhim too this way, Wren;) 

Title: That sounds OK to me!
Post by: Wren on 06 August 2001, 06:29:00
I don't mind. I've quite enjoyed it.  

questions, questions.....

Title: Draft entry.
Post by: Wren on 06 August 2001, 13:07:00

OK peeps. It's long. It needs suggestions. Mistakes, qeuries and comments required :) I have sent the links (or will depending how soon you read this) to Artimidor. But the major ones I will post.

QAULLIAN,the (Old Ylffer Elvish: “Bright Fragment”)
Small forest in Santharia  and home to the Ylfferhim elven tribe.

The Qaullian is situated west of Santhala, boardering the Aetryam sea, the Vale of the Brownies and the Thevelin River. The Quallian Forest is in fact simply the western end of what was once a much larger forest. During the Battle of Annihilation (806 b.S) large tracts of the Zeiphyrian forest were destroyed, the largest of which was the stretch between the present boarder of the Ziephyrian forest and Thevelin river. This area of the forest came under repeated attack and was cleared by Human forces to allow easy access, both on foot and by boat, to the fort of Elving, and to provide materials for fortifications built by both sides.

The part of the forest that became separated to form the Quallian (centering around the Aieryn River ) lay on the other side of the river, around the  and so was relitavily unaffected by the destruction that the First Sarvonian War had upon Santharia’s central areas. Due to the Ylfferhim’s reluctance thereafter to be involved in the political goings on of Santharia has meant that The Quallian has survived for centuries relitavily untouched.

Flora: Due to the Ylfferhim’s extreme care to co-exist with the forest, The Quallian is one of the most untouched tract of woodland in Santharia and one of the most ecologically diverse, containing the largest number of insect speicies in the kingdom. Within the you will find many different kinds of vegetation.
Mahood-Euwen trees are found in and around elven settlements. They are not native to the forest, but have been brought back from Ylffer pilgrimages to the Thaelon. Although, far from their native enviroment, the trees thrive in the Quallian. Fruit Trees are common, but the most numerous trees are Banyan trees and Cloewen Trees, a species unique to the Quallian, which are very slow growing but are treasured by the elves for their beauty. They have large graceful pinkish-white flowers in spring and again in autumn, and a graceful, twisting, ornamental shape. Most impressively are the Adlemir, one of which, just outside Thi’eryn, is the tallest tree in the known world. Many herbs are native, and those that the forest lacks are grown and tended by the elves. Toward the coast there are many unusual speicies of mosses and grass which have all been documented by the Ylfferhim.

Mineral Wealth: The Ylfferhim have done well to keep the forest in such good condition. It is a rich soucrce of many precious minerals and building material. Marble, limestone, and near the coast sandstone are present in large quantities. The forest is rich in Gold, emeralds, Quartz and Malacite. The Clay soils around the Aieryn can be baked in moulds to form bricks.

Settlement: The Ylfferhim have 10 Settlements in the forest. All but two have no buildings at ground level save military fortifications. Settlements are joined by overhead walkways or barely perceivable tracks. Without an Ylffer guide you are likely to get lost. Settlements are usually large, very extended family groups, excepting the capital. The settlements in order of size are:

Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Drogo on 07 August 2001, 00:47:00
Yea for Wren, you deserve a ribbon and a cookie.  I like the detail overall.  It seems a very rich area, maybe a little too much?  I don't know.  One other thing, just a little description of each city would be good.  that way if anyone wants to use one of the cities for an event or rpg they have a little idea about it.  Other than that, I like it!  

Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 07 August 2001, 11:11:00
Many thanx for this concept, Wren! I notice some typos in there (especially at the caption of the entry), but someone has mentioned your dear Arti in the same sentence with Xenos when talking about misspellings, so I guess I should keep quiet here... *hehe*

Back to the entry:

1.) As mentioned elsewhere the Thevelin River has to be renamed to something different. The word "Thevelin" is already used for something else.

2.) Concerning the river we could also say perhaps that it wasn't so broad initially (there is an enormous delta there now), but become as it is now because of the actions taken and could break it's way through more easily. Maybe there were some floods too after the woods were seperated and farmers finally used the new lands in order to plant etc. Just a proposal which could be worked in.

3.) Flora is very fine. If possible seperate Compendium entries on the tree types sooner or later would be wonderful. Which reminds me that I still have to do the Mahood-Euwen someday. If I only had enough time, time, time... (Still waiting for your time-mail! *grin*)

4.) Everything else is lovely. My alter ego already would like to head off towards the Quallian in order to meet some elves there for lunch;) Guess you add some things here and there mayhaps, then the entry is ready for presentation on the site!

Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Dala Valannia on 07 August 2001, 20:32:00
Nifty work on the different settlement names! I have a terrible time with creating original fantasy-ish names myself :(  Tom, Dick or Harry just doesn't seem to cut it somehow in a fantasy story though I think it's been done.... sometimes I even have to name charas after existing people I know aka Vaelaron! Oh well, I don't think he minds, a little bit of immortality for the real Vaelaron :) 

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Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Wren on 08 August 2001, 13:53:00
Thanks. I cheat though a bit. I take what I think the city should be called in English. Use the Welsh then change the letters till it looks and sounds elfy.

I like the idea about the river. I can add it and send it email or you could add it yourself if you Really want to ;) It only needs a sentence added. Certainly the botony can be a seperate entery if that's better. Do you want me to summerise whats there in this entry, or remove it completly by saying something like the forest is exceedingly diverse see botany (link)? Then I can make the changes and bingo! One forest.

The city descriptions were in a seperate document they are much as they are in this thread. They'll be a lovely surprise  :)

I think the forest has to be that rich, Drogo. I see your point, but the Ylfferhim live in an area that is comparitivly very small compared to other tribes. They have very little contact with the outside world, limited trade, limited flow of ideas. They have no farmland to speak of. If the forest wasn't increadibly rich they would have simply died off. Anyway I think one area of everyworld should be a little echo of the past. Tolkien had Lothlorien, America has the plains, England has Milton Keynes (if you're not British that's sarcasm btw). This is Santharia's. I don't plan for the other to be that rich. They will be rich in other ways. They will have greater power, influence, richer histories and cultures, due to thier mingling with the other races...I hope that kind of explains why I think the Quallian has to be as it is. But if peeps still feel it is too much I will tone it down.

And as for the spelling I'm really sorry. I'll try to do better.

questions, questions.....

Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Drogo on 08 August 2001, 16:22:00

Indeed that does make sense when put in such a way.  Thanks for answering that.

Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 09 August 2001, 10:18:00
Hello Wren! - I'd say: Please add the river thing to your entry and make some final adjustments perhaps in order to prepare it for integration. You can add a short summary what kind of trees and plants you can find in the forest, but not too much, so that we can cover the main part of these descriptions in own entries to where we'll link to.

BTW: It's not really necessary to mail a document where you underline the links, Wren! Everytime I post things I go through the entry again, correct misspellings etc. (add some new ones as others claim) and add links to everything I can link to.

BTW2: I still have to check your Ylfferhim Settlements document you sent me. Will post that here too for criticizm, if that's ok, Wren!

Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Wren on 09 August 2001, 12:06:00
that's fine. I love critisim. Go on shoot me down. I love it. :) 

questions, questions.....

Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Wren on 10 August 2001, 13:42:00

did you get my email? Is that OK? If there are any further adjustments let me know. Now is probably the best time to do it before I move on to the tribe and the tree entries.

questions, questions.....

Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 10 August 2001, 15:18:00

Yeah, got your update through mail, Wren, with the mysterious title "peadia.doc"... Guess it's all fine methinks, so this update we definitely will have some Wren pieces on the site:)

BTW: I still need some information from you we can add to your Team page. Just check out some pages in the Team section and try to answer the questions there. If you want you can also write a little bio or attach a photo if you have one like Gean or Dalá - but this is not necessary. Putting up your such information would help us to know you a little better;) 

Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Wren on 11 August 2001, 12:43:00
I couldn't spell compendium, so it kinda turned into encylopeadia, but I cound't spell that either so pedia!

questions, questions.....

Title: Re: Draft entry.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 11 August 2001, 12:56:00


Title: well thank goodness that finally went up
Post by: Wren on 16 August 2001, 13:54:00
what it says on the tin.

questions, questions.....

Title: Re: well thank goodness that finally went up
Post by: Wren on 23 August 2001, 15:02:00

Where's my lovely map gone? Can I turn it into a proper sant map? Although to be honest it'll probably take me a week to work out how to use a ghraphics package.

questions, questions.....

Title: Re: well thank goodness that finally went up
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 23 August 2001, 15:21:00

As this map is only a rather small one compared with others, I might convert it pretty soon. At least I'll try Wren. But first I'll have to finish the Nyermersys map web presentation, and some other minor things. But I'll give my best to try it soon. Just a little patience!

Title: Re: well thank goodness that finally went up
Post by: Wren on 24 August 2001, 14:02:00
Oh that's fine I don't mind when. I just thought maybe I could do it for you and save you some work....

Title: Re: the Mahood-Euwen
Post by: Bard Judith on 01 September 2001, 18:19:00
Lovely detail, Wren!

Will I be stepping on your toes or helping you out if I elaborate the Flora section for you?  (fill out compendium entries for those interesting grasses and so on?)

BTW we already have an entry for the Mahood Euwen, Artimidor.  Thought I'd sent it to you?  Anyhow, here:

Appearance:  Largest of trees on the world of Aer’ai’chan.  Bark embossed like a dark brown brocade, deeply grooved and buttressed trunks, rich emerald green leaves, ferny-edged and the size of dinner plates. May grow to hundreds of feet in maturity.   Fruit-bearing, spore-releasing.

Usage & Notes:  The Great Tree.  Beloved of the Elves, it has never been harvested even when fallen but left to decay and blend its woodflesh back into the soil of the forests.  Fruit is a cherry-red clustered globule, each juicefilled sphere containing thousands of tiny edible seeds, which can be dried and sprinkled on food as a natural sweetener.  Sporecases along branches send out a golden ‘euwen-dust’ on clear summer evenings, which drifts across the forest with the scent of dark vanilla.

I hope that first line doesn't seem to contradict Wren's description about the Adlemir, "one of which, just outside Thi’’eryn, is the tallest tree in the known world".  Mahood-Euwen (the plural and singular are the same) are the LARGEST (bulk and  circumference) as opposed to the slim and high-rising Adlemir.  Difference between giant redwoods and lodgepole pine, that kind of thing.

Title: Re: the Mahood-Euwen
Post by: Wren on 04 September 2001, 13:09:00
No of course not Judith. In fact you'd be doing me a huge favour. I have a history and politics sections to write.

Title: Re: the Mahood-Euwen
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 04 September 2001, 13:16:00
To Judith: Ah, I see you haven't read the german description of the Mahood Euwen (how could you?), which is contained in Chapter 4 of the Avaesthoría when Eyrin rides through the ancient Thaelon forest. There's a whole page there about this tree species and the trees give the Thaelon dignity and sanctity as well. Eyrin goes there to pray. Would be a good picture too and a real challenge for an artists when the rays of the sun shine through the branches of the Euwen...

I just dug out a description of the Mahood-Euwen contained in the Thaelon entry for comparison:

"The most famous trees you will find at the Thaelon are the Mahood-Euwen which usually grow only deep inside. From the appearance of these trees also the name of the forest derives: "Táe'lón" in the elven language of styrásh means "covering wood". While the stems of the trees are completely even and smooth, the branches of the Mahood-Euwen cover the complete sky and they lock with the branches of other trees nearby. Therefore the forest also is called the famous "cloud-soft darkwood" as the poet Meowin puts it, or not so poetically said: Often one can get the impression to wander through an enormous natural hall, laid out with hundreds of peds of carpet. This has its reasons in the fact that the forest allows only very few sunlight to penetrate to the ground, so that the ground is nearly completely covered with mosses. The few rays of light shining on the mosses add a fantastic, undescribeable atmosphere to the scene one will not so easily forget, because it fills heart and soul with a feeling of well-balance and contentment."

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