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Title: The Realm of Peleryfyss
Post by: Adragard on 06 March 2002, 19:47:00
Okay, this is my first proposal at this site, so be kind, and constructive in your criticisms.

Overview: A realm long forgotten, ancient by time, and small small by measure. In the history of Sorren, it has participated little, for its inhabitants (as explained below) care not to involve themselves with the affairs of others. However, as history has shown, that which is small can be greatly important, and the future is most often shaped by those who have yet said little.

Location: Far in the northland, exact location known only to a few intrepid explorers who brave such lands.

Geography: Due to its location, much of the realm is cold and uninhabitable. Fate, however, provides, as it often does. Mysterious "crystal springs" as they are called exist in several places in the realm, spurting forth a warm, water-like substance, red, blue, or green in color. Over many years, the great springs have formed many ridges that protect some pieces of land from the wild north winds. Inside these areas, land is warm and fertile, and here the land's inhabitants live. Between these areas are cold wastelands, traversed only by brave explorers and greedy traders.

Inhabitants: Peleryfyss is home to the Aralai people, the ancient race at home in their lands surrounded by the crystal ridges. They associate only with each other, with but a few exceptions. However, perhaps showing frustration with so many years of tradition, many young Aralai wish to oust the old ways, and involve themselves with the troubles, triumphs, and lives of the people of Sorren.

Animal & Plant Life- Most land is barren, devoid of life, though a few species live in the wastes, adapted to cold as desert animals adapt to arid land. Apart from this, many species of plants and animals live in the crystal ridge valleys along with the Aralai. Among these are the wise but quiet white dragons and the beautiful Crysaliflis, small flying creatures born of the crystal springs.

Title: Re: The Realm of Peleryfyss
Post by: Drogo on 07 March 2002, 02:49:00
First off I would like to say welcome.  Hopefully I can help you out, and if you have any questions about the North I'm your man ;)

Okay let's see, first off, have you already drawn up a map of this land and are basing it off this map?  If so that is great, if not I would create one as it will be a good reference tool, and help us at the site out.  If you do have one, can you email it to me at  

Now then, first off this realm is possible.  It can be located like you say, in the far North.  I would place it in the Northern void.  This can help account for any strange things in the land, such as the interesting springs, grasslands etc.  This would also help in it's isolation

Geography, I like that you describe the springs as it seems an important thing of the area, I would also mention any mountains, forests, particular place names etc.

Inhabitants, this could be a touchy thing, as I have no clue what the Aralai are.  However at the moment no new races are being created.  Perhaps they could be an off branch of a current one?  Anyway could you post a short description of the Aralai for me.

Animal/Plant life, I like the fact that you mention white dragons.  Ice dragons would definately be at home in a land like this.  Also just fyi if this is located in the void you might get some bizarre half formed creatures or demons or whatnot, as the void can be changed by though to a certain degree, and who knows what the Alarai's night mares and dreams might create.

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Title: Re: The Realm of Peleryfyss
Post by: Greybark on 07 March 2002, 03:58:00
I'd say put in near the void rather than in the void. Strangeness becomes a way of life if you actually live in the void.

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