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Title: a good ending
Post by: demiangle on 27 August 2005, 15:59:00
in a place called death valley really no one lives down there but some gangsters and some robbers.  But 1 day a girl goes down there she is 14 years old and is carrying a small dagger in her hand.  she is walking down the alley and all of a suden 3 orcs come out of the darkness.  the orcs start grabbing her so she pulls out her little dagger and starts to swing it around.  Then she manages to cut 1 of the fingers of 1 of the orcs.  but this makes the orcs mad so they take out there longswords :eek and then the girl starts to run.  But she was to slow she was grabbed by 1 of the orcs but then out of no were comes a small group of fighters.  4 of them 1 a archer,wizard,warrior and a thief and they started to fight the orcs to save the girl.  But the last orc had a horn and called an army of orcs about 4000 orcs came so the wizard teleported them out of there so they can gather some troops so they went to an elven village and asked the king for 800 elven archers and the king said that they would have to pay 100 gold for each elf so they ended up paying that much and then they went to the dwarf mine and asked the king to join them in battle but knowing the dwarfs and the elves they did not like it but the wizard used a mind trick to trick the king of dwarfs and make him say yes so now they had 1400 men all together but they needed to go to the human encampmant to get some more so they reached the village and got 1000 men to fight for them and then they marched towards the valley again to fight even know it was 2400 vs 4000 they said they needed to try so they did this was a huge battle i mean huge there were archers hidding behide the walls of the dark allies so the orcs could not see them and the dwarfs were fighting with the humans against the orcs sword and ax vs sword but the group was not going to sit there and watch them the mage and the archer stayed with the archers while the other 2 helpped the men and dwarfes hold of the orcs and the battle started to heat up the dwarfs and men were killed and now the archers were pinned in a corner then out of no were there was a horn playing with 1000 more men on horses getting ready to help so the men rode down the hill and killed the others so now they had saved the girl and she ended up joining the 4 as a palidon and thats how it ends.  

Title: Re: a good ending
Post by: Bard Judith on 27 August 2005, 18:53:00
Er, hello?    :wave 

Demiangle?  Let me introduce myself; I'm Masterbard Judith of Bardavos, usually called Bard Judith.  I keep an eye on this forum, and others, and try to greet newcomers who look a little lost.

This is the library of the Development Board for the Compendium of The Santharian Dream.  We post writings, poems, stories, and so on that have been developed within the universe of Caelereth by our members - sometimes by our Santharian alter egos - they are original Santharian-themed creations, and written to established standards.

I think you may want the RPG board!  Please visit
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Oh, and please make sure to introduce yourself over there, if you haven't already!  We like to know who people are before they begin posting proposals, hm?  :smile 

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