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Title: Example of my writing.
Post by: mialle on 08 September 2004, 05:34:00
Just incase you might wish to know my style of writing, you can closely disect a live specimen at my other home board.
You can view it right here. While you can view the FAQ for the comp I composed in my sig (Pascal - my RL name). And btw - anyone can enter it, inc. other global ezboard members who haven't visited the board.

If you can spare the time, please do feel free to drop in and take a peak.

Well, that is all, so I hope you have a happy day,


Title: Re: Example of my writing.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 08 September 2004, 12:36:00
You're posting in the wrong Forum here, Mialle. This Forum deals with General Game Discussions related to the LT game in development. So I'*ve moved it up now in the General Discussions.

From what I see you have a vivid imagination and a good grip on language, so I'm sure you'd make a good Santharian story as well if you'd give it a try. - So I encourage you to try your hand on something - there are many pictures for example in the Resources Forum which want their stories told;)  

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Title: Re: Example of my writing.
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 08 September 2004, 16:10:00

You posted the link to the whole story already earlier, why now the link to the board????

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Title: Re: Example of my writing.
Post by: mialle on 09 September 2004, 00:55:00
Ahh, that story, well, yeah I entered it at the story writing comp, and thought I'd give those that missed reading it a chance to take a peak. Also, the other link is dead, since the hoster had problems and shut down that server - permantly...

So now you can see it there.