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Title: Horg’tarl ("Castle of Darkness")
Post by: Vrior on 24 October 2002, 13:45:00
(First project.  Placing on the MB and working on it.  If it is not within the creators of the Diorye'oleal vision, they can revise it as they see fit.  Check soon for more).

This is the great castle that lies in the midst of the Ashmarian lands. It is from here that the dark elves watch over their vassals. The castle rises from the midst of a green plain, though the land nearest is dry and cracked. It is built in five mighty stories with a keep that reaches six stories. None but the Diorye'oleal are allowed in the sixth floor of the keep. It’s walls are grey stone that have been stained black by the blood that drips off of the skins of the Ashmarians who did not please them.

Description : The castle rises six stories into the air, a imposing sight amoung the plains.  A rough black ditch encircles the castle, a strange black liquid fills this ditch.  The castle is completely made of stone, the draw bridge is a construction marvel, built from the same stone that makes up the rest of the castle.

Once you enter into the Castle of Darkness, a fairly large, plain courtyard lay before you.  The courtyard is made from stone.  The only entrance into the castle is a large gatehouse, with a black stone porticulus.  One the porticulus and on the walls past it are numerous intricate runes and sybols.

The first level of the Castle of Darkness is used as a barracks.  Numerous training halls as well as solider quarters are located throughout.  It is in a rather chaotic fashion, which was done on purpose to confuse invaders.  Near the staircase to the second level is a large mess hall and kitchen for the soliders.

The second level has various rooms for servants and others who reside within the castle.  The rooms are more orderly, the servants quarters are near the staircase and the other rooms are located on the otherside of the floor.  There is a small mess hall and kitchen here for the servants.

The third level holds the artisans.  There is all manner of rooms prepared for many numerous crafts.  The forges release smoke into pipes which expel at the top of the Castle of Darkness, making the air around the place rather gloomy.  There is also a large section of the floor dedicated to research and development.

The fourth level holds quarters for the spellcasters and other respected members of the Castle, these are usually larger then the other rooms found within the Castle.

The fifth level is a expansive library, as well as a storage area for spell materials.  There are many numerous shelves filled with all manner of books.  It could take years to find what you were looking for though because there is not much order to the library.

The sixth level is rather unknown.  Speculation is that this is where the planning is done.  No one really knows what may lay within the room, but it is also suspected that there may be access to unknown underground levels in the Castle of Darkness.

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Post by: Bored Timeras on 25 October 2002, 08:28:00
Your doing the Castle of Darkness!

I was literally just about to do it!

Eh, go ahead...but I beleive this is a little important for someone to be doing it as a first entry...  

Post by: Vrior on 25 October 2002, 14:02:00
Aye...but hopefully input will be put in and it will be shaped and made to something fitting.  I am working on it...then going to revise it deeply...just trying to lay thoughts out initially before I start to delve in deeper.

I play games of plots within plots, mazes within mazes, spinning webs of such complexity - and, at the same time, breathtaking simplicity - that few have a chance to unravel...

Title: Re: Horg’tarl ("Castle of Darkness")
Post by: Vrior on 25 October 2002, 20:30:00
Have to take a break...burnt my eye fairly back soon

I play games of plots within plots, mazes within mazes, spinning webs of such complexity - and, at the same time, breathtaking simplicity - that few have a chance to unravel...

Title: Re: Horg’tarl ("Castle of Darkness")
Post by: Lamertu Kthaen on 26 October 2002, 03:05:00
Castle of Darkness sounds very Conan-like :)  

Title: Re: Horg’tarl ("Castle of Darkness")
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 27 October 2002, 03:51:00
Hmmm... I fear this place has to be elaborated with the history about the Third Sarvoniuan war, otherwise a lot of revising might be necessary lateron...

Anyway the Darkelves use this tower as the capital to rule their vasals the Ashmarian tribes. They're not developed, yet, either...

Be sure to read all the history about this era, this area is rather important.

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Title: Re: Horg’tarl ("Castle of Darkness")
Post by: Vrior on 27 October 2002, 12:24:00
I thought Bent Throne was the capital.  The head of the Castle is the "king's" brother.  The Head Councellor.  I have been doing a lot of reading and will continue to do so.

I play games of plots within plots, mazes within mazes, spinning webs of such complexity - and, at the same time, breathtaking simplicity - that few have a chance to unravel...

Title: ...
Post by: Very Bored Timeras on 28 October 2002, 12:17:00
Yep. Bent throne is the capitol. But you know what Koldar means. They use TCOD to rule the ashmarians. And I read that entry about a week ago, and I don't remember anything about the king brother ruling it.

Well, thats all for me.

TCOD= The Castle of Darkness

Title: ...
Post by: Me agian on 28 October 2002, 12:18:00
Never mind, it is his brother.

Title: Hmm
Post by: Vrior on 28 October 2002, 19:11:00
I think first brother is head of Bent throne, second brother is head of the Dark Castle...or vice versa

Title: blah blah blah
Post by: Timeras on 29 October 2002, 22:05:00
confusing, isn't it?

Title: Time to continue
Post by: Vrior on 22 November 2002, 18:39:00
Just got back...going to start updating soon enough.  It shall be interesting.

Title: Well well
Post by: Vrior on 31 January 2003, 20:43:00
I have been away from this project to long.  I have had to deal with viruses and other nice computer problems.  I want to take back on this project with fever.  I have tried readying the there anything detailed that I can delve into for help on the project.  I see the Castle of Darkness on ominous fortress with no life around it.  Inside it is bustling with activities and plots.

To me the Hidden Wind for the most part are cold and clinical, worrying first and foremost with their own lives and halting peace in the North.  In order to do this they use manipulation and other tactics to accomplish desired goals.

I guess the irony of the situation is I have slowed down on the project because of lack of information, yet all I want to do is gather or create information on the Dark Wind and the surrounding areas.  I could definately use help and would not mind seeing what comes up when a few minds get together for some brainstorming.  Could always set up a conference room on AIM.  I thinks it can be done.

Title: Hidden Wind
Post by: Vrior on 06 February 2003, 00:20:00
These are just creative thoughts that could have taken place after Frond was established...a lot of holes remain, but if I get this close to finished it should make all the other projects dealing with the elves all the more smooth.

              After the elves moved on, leaving the Hidden Wind in Hovel Frond, the elves began to carve out their own niche.  They began to craft their homes from the trees, cutting them down and hallowing them out to suit their own needs.  The Bent Throne and its occupant, Saban Sovar, corrupted the forest.  From the first time he sat on it the corruption became apparent as it started to spread.  The trees began to bend and twist, making an organic sphere over the throne.  The forest is twisted by the corruption, locked in a perpetual state of decay.  All manner of decompsers, mainly mushrooms, occupy the forest.

      The Bent Throne began to grow and two heirs were born.  The elves hunted the area and also found use in some of the various fungi that began to spring up in Hovel Frond.  Mushrooms have always been a staple in the Hidden Wind diet.  The struggle to survive was on, and they endured and began to flourish.  Yet as te population grew, food became scarce in the area.  Some of the Hidden serparated from the building populace.  It began to be a more common sight, soon small pockets of Hidden Wind were scattered across Hovel Frond.  As they grew in size, Hovel Frond began to lack the resources to support all the Darkwind.  The some of the small cities began to look at Saban as the cause of the problem.

      Thus began the internal conflict within Frond Forest.  Nearly a third of the smaller cities band against Saban Sovar and the Bent Throne.  Other sided with Saban, while others remained aloof to the situation intirely.  Saban Sovar intended to quall this rebellion quickly.  He enthralled a leader of a group of Losh-oc that have been near Hovel Frond.  These orcs made a migration directly into the city.  The orcs began to serve as guards to Saban and formed a more fierce fighting force.

      During dusk on a cold winter eve, G'orth Ma'lr, one of the leading factions in the dissent was attacked.  Any who took up arms were slain by the orcs, the rest were captured and brought back to the Bent Throne.  G'orth Ma'lr was burnt to the ground and salted as to not support life any longer.  It remains to this day a barren, desolate landscape, a dark reminder of the internal conflict.   Fuir, the leading official of the city and the dispute was executed, and quartered.  Parts of his body were sent to the other cities that were apart of the rebel faction, with an explicit message, "Return to the city or be slaughtered.  Those that do as they are commanded will be spared."

      Soon many of the cities had surrendered, returning to the Bent Throne.  The remaining cities bonded together and gathered a force to march against Saban Sovar.  They were in route to wage the war on Bent Throne, when Saban Sovar brought the war to them.  The elves were caught by surprise and many fled into the woods.  After this incident occurred, the rebellion came to a conclusion.  Still to this day, individuals carry scars, physical and emotional, from the internal conflict.

      The Hidden Wind began to cultivate mushrooms, others farmed the fields just outside Hovel Frond.  Problems continued for a short time, but the supply of food steadily increased.  With order returning and the causes being taken care of, Saban's focus turned outward to the tribes of orcs.  They would become servants to the elves for what they have done in the past.

      Saban Sovar used his puppet cheiftan, Vuyrir, to cull the orcs in his command to the role of muscle in the Bent Throne.  He began a complicated strategy of elminating the leaders of other orcs in the area, establishing them under Vuyrir's control, and thus his.  Others were intimidated by the growing power of Saban Sovar.  With his military force beginning to grow, small orc raids became common.  The orcs brought back gifts to the elves.  Many of the orcs kept a sembalance of freedom by making tributes.

Need to do Corruption - The various cities that backed Saban Sovar remained...Bent Throne was the center of this dark and cunning game of politics and still is to this day.

Distortion of Unity - The Hidden Wind's attempts to halt unity amoung the North.

Creation of the Castle of Darkness

Need for Knowledge - Their growing attempts to get information across the North.

Title: Re: Hidden Wind
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 10 February 2003, 13:15:00
I'll see if I can work on Osthemangar, the great fortress of Darkness in the north. I have some ideas I might link to this here, maybe we can corporate on a continueous concept of the evil forces of northern Sarvonia? I'll see if I can come up with a summary of my ideas...

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Title: It would be a honor
Post by: Vrior on 11 February 2003, 19:35:00
It is about time some more of North Sarvonia is fleshed out.  I shall continue to formulate and edit my ideas.