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Title: Akdor
Post by: Voltaire Terenos on 24 October 2003, 14:13:00
I am planing a rpg, i was goin to use akdor as the main location of the game for its remotness, I was wondering about the towns which are there, i wanted to use a deserted town for the story with a castle or a fort of some sort. inside the structure will be a large basemnt dungeon area, now beofre i get into to much detail about thes story... I was wondering if any of the towns shown on the map of Akdor are deserted nif not may i make a town (near the large lake or jsut south-east of the largest  mountain chain. the large dungoen area will ahve been mostly for storage and that is a good pace to store things that need to be kept cool and or dry  in such a place.  
I posted this hee becuase if i could make up a town i would want it to be official and on the map ( or at least  accpeted by you guys)

As of the other towns on the map i would want to use one or two of those as of places the the travelers go through on the way to the 'castle' i cant find anything of what type of people (race, tribe) would livein those towns and i was wonderiing if i could make the entries for those twons as well as the castle town or what not.  hope that made some sence i dont mind writing a lot and have a good amount of free time (well i will after this weekend) please tell me what you think and if thee is any info that is on the website please tell me where, thanks. =)

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Title: Re: Akdor
Post by: Thuja on 25 October 2003, 07:40:00
I do not know about the concept but you may not know, but Akdor is mostly closed to developement at this time.  You would need Artimidor, our fearless leader, to okay this.

The towns or area in Akdor are very sketchy at best.  I am not sure it is wanted to have couple of ideas put in just for an rpg game.  Not to say anything against you but we work on total concept and work in the details for this concept.  Also, nation building was only recent as compared to the rest of this site.  Akdor was mainly nomadic tribes for a very long time.  I do not think there would be a large abandoned castle like that.  You must also remember that it is a colder climate and these structure would be kept in use once built.

But again I do not know and it is up to Artimidor to clear this idea.

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Title: Re: Akdor
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 25 October 2003, 08:04:00
Yes, precisely. Thuja basically said it all. Akdor is a continent where development is only very sketchy, and it isn't even very clear how the tribes there look like, if there are elves or dwarves living as well, how magic works, and also how towns and villages look like, and if there are castles at all, nobody knows. Akdor isn't much more at the moment than a rough idea, and it will remain that way for quite a while, as development focus is on Sarvonia (north and south). A RPG in Akdor would be a complete "shot into the blue", with nearly no references to the rest of Santharia, and would be based on random concepts with no solid foundations. So I definitely cannot recommend Akdor for a role playing game.

Northern Sarvonia for example would be different, as there has been much more development in various areas, and Drogo is working on more stuff to get places etc. described. Here development help would also be needed - providing your concepts fit into the surroundings, then it is also possible to embed your ideas in here (e.g. to define the history of this castle or town a bit, then decide what kind of evil is in there now and why etc.). If these things fit into the context, Northern Sarvonia might offer some background for your RPG game, and I'm sure Drogo, our Lord of the North, would also give you some pointers where your ideas might fit in, should you decide to go for Northern Sarvonia.

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Title: Re: Akdor
Post by: Voltaire Terenos on 25 October 2003, 17:39:00
hum... the map is very big im sure i can find somehthing in northern sarvonnia that will fit my needs so i will look there for help.  make sure to let me know when you decide to focus more of your collective effort on akdor, ill be happy to help. =)

(the dungeon/storage area wouldnt have been abandoned of course unless something  drovve the people from it. =) )

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