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Title: A Postal Service for Hobbits?
Post by: Will Whitfoot on 05 October 2000, 11:02:00
I found my way to this website by searching some odd word combinations. I have started a postal system designed to service The Shire area of Middle Earth as envisioned by Tolkien. I don't know howm much this is of interest to Santharians. Shire Post is online now at   The project includes the printing of postage stamps, setting postal rates, drawing a detailed postal route map, monetary conversion tariffs etc. In the "Real World" Shire Post functions as a drop mail service... people who have hobbit addresses registered with Shire Post can write to each other without revealing their mundane identities. There is a bunch of information as well as the map etc on the website. Please contact me if anybody is into this sort of thing. Yours in service, Will Whitfoot... Shire Postmaster/Mayor

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