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Title: Three new Coat of arms
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 01 October 2000, 16:34:00
Yes, another load of Coat of arms has just hit the shelves and I wanted to show them to the waiting spectators! ;)  

The first one is a new version of the Erpheronian Royal COat of Arms showing the human hero Caen enveloped by dragon fire. Hope the images are not too big because when I resized them I forgot to decrease the pixel/Inch value.

The other is the Milkengrad banner. Hope Curgan is back now and that one of the three variations is good enough. THey differ primarily in color and structure.

And finally I finished the R'unor banner. I structured it somewhat like a mosaic, was just a new idea. The sea turtle is relatively simplified, but a simple banner is a good banner! ;)

You humble opinion what should be made better, greater, is always welcome!
So don't worry that you might hurt me, I asked for it!;)  

Well, that's all folks!
Bye, Koldar Mondrakken

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Title: Re: Three new Coat of arms
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 02 October 2000, 01:33:00
Thanx for the great work, Koldar!

1.) I like the Erpheronian banner very much :D  The fire, the pose of Caein and the colors of the picture are very good, and also the fading out of the body-part is exactly how I have imagined it. - However, I would recommend to make the head-part a bit rounder, otherwise it looks a bit like a typical polygon-person from a 3D-game...

2.) Milkengrad: I guess number 1 is the best, eventually some additional stars etc. on the border could be added... The stars on the Erpheronian coat of arm add a very interesting touch to it, so whenever possible try to implement such smaller parts to other the coats of arms, I suggest. But of course Curgan has to give his opinion here...

3.) R'unor: Neat idea, the mosaic - good effect! I would also suggest to add some more stars etc. here at the border (maybe surrounding the turtle). Currently I'd say the turtle is a bit too big. Some parts of the coat of arm could be in other colors - e.g. a dark border with white shimmering lines could be such a thing...

Just proposals, Koldar... Great work! Nice to have you with us;)

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Title: Centoraurian Coat of Arms
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 02 October 2000, 05:12:00
BTW: In case you're looking for another challenge -  there's another coat of arms of which the design is already clear: The Centoraurian Coat of Arms. The main theme is a pegasus-like horse dropping into the Anaios Gap (I suggest without rider). See the Santharian Library, story "The Elvenfall". Vaelaron already drew such a picture, so eventually you could take this horse out of the picture somehow so you get the outlines of the horse...

Well, just an idea if you feel utterly bord...

Title: Very nice work!
Post by: Aragorn on 02 October 2000, 09:54:00
Your banners are terrific. I especially love the textures...(note to self: Must learn to use the computer for creating artwork.) What program did you use to create these coat of arms?  Anyway, very nice work.  

Title: Three new, new Coat of arms!
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 03 October 2000, 13:34:00
No, no, there are only new versions of the Erpheronian Coat of Arms and the Milkengrad Coat of Arms.

As you wanted it I smoothed out the head of
"Great Caen"! :)

I reworked the Milkengrad banner completely to get a more mettallic effect. Looks now like real gold on the sword! This will be my final version until Curgan shows up to look it over.

To the R'unor CoA. I like it the way it is, so I will keep it that way. Perhaps it will be never the Coat of arms of the 'Holy Royal Guard of R'unor' but as the national flag it fits quite well, I think.

Sorry, Artimidor, no rework there... ;)

Farewell Traveller, the night might be dark but the day is full work, Koldar Mondrakken.

Title: Very nice work!
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 03 October 2000, 13:54:00
Hi Aragorn!
Thanks for the positive response.
Well, I just use normal Photoshop for the banners. They're made with quite simple symmetrical forms, for real computer drawing or something I would suggest 'Adobe Illustrator' or at least 'Freehand'.

The trick with the textures is to use the filters properly. The real work is done by the computer! ;)

By the way the work I've seen from you really rocks!
I wish I could create graphics like this... ;)

Bye, Koldar Mondrakken

Title: some Minor edditing
Post by: Xenos Ravenbeack on 03 October 2000, 14:25:00
I very mutch like the R'unor banner, but I'm not realy sure if white on blue realy works all that well for R'unor. I'm not trying to be picky(well... acualy I em but thats besides the point) but think that perhaps a recoloring might be a good idea(and art had some very good sugestions aswell). green on brown maybe?
I realy like the mosaeic like aspect for the turtle though

Title: Good COAs!
Post by: Krisstofier on 04 October 2000, 08:11:00
I very much like the work on the Coats of Arms and bannners. I've not thought much about a banner for Mythe. Something magickal or elemental would be appropriate. Any suggestions?

Title: suggestion for Kris
Post by: Greybark on 04 October 2000, 09:04:00
There's an old Celtic symbol I ran accross in a fantasy work based on Celtic mythology that you might like to incorporate. Maybe you're already familiar with it. It basically consists of a circle with two lines drawn through it and crossing at the center, one vertical and one horizontal. The lines end at the edge of the circle. It represents the four directions. After looking at your homepage, it sounded appropriate.

Title: Re: suggestion for Kris
Post by: Krisstofier on 04 October 2000, 10:34:00
Yes, I am familiar with the Celtic Cross. Perhaps I can use it with some symbols, such as a goat to represent the herders of the Dark Ones and an apple tree to represent the orchards of the Wise Ones. What does Koldar think?

Title: Re: some Minor edditing
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 04 October 2000, 12:43:00

Don't panic! I feared something like that would happen! ;)  

To you criticsm. Green on brown sounds more like an Elven banner in the woods.
What I've read about R'unor, it's an indepent Isle nation with a somewhat
different social culture and so on.

I think a mix of green and blue sounds most appealing to me. It looks like sea
when you get me and fits together.

Still I reworked it. So... have a look! ;)  

I increased the metallic effect and structured the turtle stronger..

Hope you will like these improved versions!

Bye, Koldar Mondrakken

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Title: Re: suggestion for Kris
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 04 October 2000, 12:52:00
A banner for Mythe? Well the only word against it would be that
Mythe itself is not a united kingdom when I've understand
everything right.
Two seperate banners would be neccessary but correct me if I'm

I also thought about using an 'Ankh' for such a Coat of Arms. Your
world sounds mystical so this would be a possible symbol.
To the other things, I'm not sure how a Celtic Cross looks like  but the
horns of a Goat sounds good! To the tree I would suggest something
else a laurel branch, perhaps?

A moon would also fit to the dark people, the same a rising sun for
the Wise Ones (<-perhaps a book, Eh? ;)  ).

Just some other ideas!
Bye, Koldar Mondrakken

Title: the R'unor Banner
Post by: Xenos Ravenbeack on 04 October 2000, 15:36:00
Yes, I em very impressed... thanx a bunch... (insert verios other sutch phrases of aproval.)

yes I like them alot, the blue lastime was just a little to bright, no bigggy, but the new ones are perfict, thank you.

Title: mystical symbol
Post by: Greybark on 04 October 2000, 19:33:00
"Celtic cross"? The one I was thinking of was much more Druidic than Christian, though it wouldn't surprise me if Christians borrowed it later on......  

Title: Re: Mystical symbol
Post by: Krisstofier on 05 October 2000, 11:09:00
It is true that the Christians later adopted the Celtic cross as it fit with the crucifixion. It is just an example of the integration of pagan symbols and ideologies. The symbol was originally indicative of the compass directions and the four elements surrounded by the circle, a symbol of infinity, cycles, and reincarnation.
I like the Ankh idea also. The two phases of the moon (new and full) would better represent the two clans as the Dark Ones rule over the waning time and the Wise Ones rule over the waxing time. A branch would be fine, except I picture a fruit bearing branch as the Wise Ones are vegetarian and tend to orchards and gardens. Maybe a sheaf of wheat?

Title: Nice work!
Post by: Curgan2 on 13 October 2000, 05:14:00
I 'm back and amazed!. The coats of arms are realy good! The CoA1(new).jpg is the best drawing (according to my taste). The texture of the whole picture is realy great! If you could add some red in the fire's outline and make the sword a bit more "primitive" (broader blade and more fierce look-it is supposed to be a sword for battle not an ornamental one), then I would talk about perfection.

Title: Re: Nice work!
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 13 October 2000, 16:38:00
Thanks, I always enjoy positive criticism, seldom as it is! ;)

Well the red outline should be no problem, with the sword I will
have to replace the whole sword and quite certainly also the fire
to embedd the sword thoroughly.
For the shape you want more something like a broadsword
or a 'gladius' (short sword of the Romans) as in fact the shape
of 'my' sword is right looking like an ordinary longsword to me
(yes I'm somewhat into such things!;) ).

Well I will see if I can correct it sometimes.

Greetings from Koldar Mondrakken, traveller, rogue, warrior, thief,
Vagabound! ;)

Bye, Koldar Mondrakken

Title: Sword
Post by: Curgan2 on 14 October 2000, 13:27:00
Actualy I was thinking something like Conan's sword (if you remember the movie or the comic). My idea is of it being "musculine" as it was the sword of a real warrior which was later on used as his emblem. This must be fierce and warlike. If you have any ideas to give it a special characteristic everything would be better.
I have no comment about the seldomness of positive critics, I know you hear nice words all the time!
(At least I like your work....)

Bye from Curgan
<no titles>

Title: Re: Sword
Post by: Xaron on 14 October 2000, 14:05:00
If you want a real cool sword, you could try the 'executioners blade' from the game 'Diablo I'.

I'll describe it: The sword is single-edged, engraved with runes and the back (how you call the not sharp side of a single-side-sharpened sword?) is not a straight line, but looks like flames (it's from metal ofcourse).

If you like, I'll try my hand at it (when I have time, that is).

See ya!

Xaron (the annoying)

Title: Re: Sword
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 14 October 2000, 15:35:00
I added the shape of a 'Bidenhander' (two-hand-sword)
to the server under

Does that look more like the thing you're looking for?
The sword of Conan is looking different but honestly I can't imagine
anybody (except in a movie) fighting with it, but I will try an own
version when you want it.

With the seldomness of positive response I was referring to our
'perfectionist' Artimidor! He lately showed me all the free spaces
for banners. THAT  really made me anxious!
Never getting enough.... ;)  

Bye, Koldar Mondrakken

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Title: Re: Sword
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 14 October 2000, 15:42:00

Title: The grip of the sword is perfect!
Post by: Curgan2 on 17 October 2000, 06:59:00
The grip of the sword is perfect! Just what I had in mind! If you add a little bit longer, thicer and straight (without curves) blade (or with Xaron's pattern of it matches, I haven't seen the sword he mentions). A set of runes in the center of the blade wouldn't be bad either!
As for Artimidor, he is always a perfectionist (and that's his charm!)

Title: About charm
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 17 October 2000, 09:39:00
*hehe* Now we only need to convince someone from the other sex that I'm charming, but that's the more difficult part of the story *grin*

Title: Re: The grip of the sword is perfect!
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 17 October 2000, 13:36:00
As for the blade, I think he meant saw-teeth like the ones I added
to the blade (perhaps he thought of them only on one side).

To the runes, what runes? Human runes, Elven runes, just runes? ;)

Bye, Koldar

Title: Re: The grip of the sword is perfect!
Post by: Greybark on 17 October 2000, 20:07:00
Brownie Runes! :)
Sarvonian Brownies don't normally work with metal, but hey, maybe one sneaked into the forge and wrote "Elroy was here" on the blade. ;)

Title: Runes
Post by: Curgan2 on 19 October 2000, 06:35:00
I didn't have in mind any specific kind of runes. We can always put a phrase in human or elven runes like "When I betray, it's time you die" or simply write something irrelevant.
A nice thing, but alas too long for a sword, would be this:
I am the way, I am the light , I am the dark inside the night.
I hear your hopes I feel your dreams and in the dark I hear your screams.
Don't turn away, just take me in hand and when you make your final stand, I 'll hear your battle cry. But when I betray, it's time you Die.
(Lyrics from the song believe by Savatage, altered by me)