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Title: Picture of Seyella by Faugar
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 10 November 2000, 15:15:00
Okeydokey - here is the original version of Seyella by Faugar. I will try to do a little Photoshopping on it (if I can find the time) and will then post it here for comparison... Comments always welcome...

Title: Wow!
Post by: Xaron on 10 November 2000, 17:09:00
My compliments! It's beautiful...

Xaron, the annoying
Shelam, master of delusion

Title: *Applauding*
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 10 November 2000, 18:26:00
Totally crazy!! Fantastic. I would say there was some confusion on the shadows in the neck/throat part, but when I critisize such tiny things I think it's great. I like especially the hair and face...

Title: Seyella after hairstyling
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 11 November 2000, 16:46:00
I tried to implement the Photoshop filters you proposed, Faugar, however, they did't seem to work out as I would have liked it. So I finally reworked the hair manually with Photoshop, using first the cloud renderer, then the smudge tool extensively and finally the sharpen filter on the hair and the sky. The rest of the picture was modified by using a blur filter in order to make the two drawing styles look more fitting together. I personally like this manual method better cause although its time-intensive it makes the picture much more individual.

Well, the result you can see below, open for discussion. Hope you like it. If not, we can keep the first version, no prob. Probably Goddesses have the same problem when going to the hairstylist like other women: they never know what comes out in the end, and maybe the hairstylist tried some extranvaganzas which suit him but look horrible in public... Please comment!

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Title: Re: Seyella after hairstyling
Post by: Xaron on 11 November 2000, 16:57:00
Sorry, oh great king of Santharia, but the hair on the first variant I liked better. I think thou hadst a bad day when busy with thine magic experiments (please, forgive me, don't hang me for being critical! :))

So, I prefer the first variant. I can try something with my image-editor, but can't garantee better results though... (Although chances are high, since my paint-editor has also been used to enhance the movie The Titanic)

Xaron, the annoying :smokin
Shelam, master of delusion

Title: Re: Seyella after hairstyling
Post by: Xaron on 11 November 2000, 18:27:00
Well, I mailed both Artimidor and Faugar 3 'edited' variants. I hope one of them is ok, though if not, no matter :)
I had fun creating them.

Xaron, the annoying

Title: Re: Seyella after hairstyling
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 12 November 2000, 04:59:00
Here's one of the versions of Seyella designed by Xaron (in general they all are very similar, only stressing other things).

It doesn't reflect my personal philosophy of a god picture, though. The picture of a Goddess of Destiny should be tranquil and contemplative (is this an English word too?), I guess, so my personal view is that the lightning seems displaced here. Seyella also gives the impression that she was placed in front of a background and the "blue box" effect you may notice at announcers on TV is still visible.

BTW: Sorry, Faugar... I already regret that I proposed to do some hairstyling... I guess your picture on its own is a masterpiece. However I hadn't tried my hand on it if I wouldn't have been convinced that the hairstyling is improving the picture further...

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Title: Re: Seyella after hairstyling
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 12 November 2000, 09:51:00
To be honest I would prefer the original beyond the variants. It's always difficult to modify artwork via filters when you only have one plane surface (my banners usually contain at least three, most of the time more than six), because you can't define the regions where you want what effect.
Xaron's pic looks interesting and spectacular but I agree with Art that it does not fit to the godness of destiny. It also shows the problem that the background does not totally merge with the foreground because it was made using another technique.

Still, nice works!

Bye, Koldar

Title: I agree that original is best.
Post by: Xaron on 12 November 2000, 17:02:00
Thanks for the kind words on my 'special effects' :)

Xaron, the annoying
Shelam, master of delusion

Title: I like the original better too.
Post by: Curgan2 on 13 November 2000, 14:29:00
Although Xaron's work was good, it would fit better to gods like Armeros or Etherus. And the hairstiling was nice, but still the original work was better.
Loved it from the first moment i saw it!

Title: Changes..
Post by: Faugar on 14 November 2000, 09:50:00
To Xaron's pics:
Seyella 2 (B&W ) is nice. but i don't like the colored one.
If I wanted it colored i would paint it in color, because coloring it this way (as is coloring all b&w images just doesn't look good to me).
Adding is nice,  but changing  is less.. I hope you know how i feel. :) Of course, you can do it on your own (there's no way for me to check that or change it), but I hope you're not planning to use this image anywhere (without my permission, that is) public - I like the image the way I done it, thats why.
Oh, I wasn't able to respond to your email Xaron, your mail server wasn't ... there?
And I must say, I like what Artimidor did to the hair (that said, I still like the original pic), It makes her look more like Ava, and that was your intention) So I think it's up to Artimidor which of the two images he thinks best for this purpose.. :)
anyway - greetings to you all.
And thank you all for your kind words about the picture :)

Title: About the hair.. and somethin else
Post by: Faugar on 14 November 2000, 10:07:00
Artimidor - I guess you shoud be glad you had to do all that work in photoshop on this small image - think about doing it on the 2000x2000 pixels original I made.. ;)
And to you all ppl - how come nobody had any comment about the second gnome picture I made (posted on the forum as gnome2)?

Title: *hehe*
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 14 November 2000, 11:37:00
Well, modifications required 3 hours of my precious time, so 2000x2000 pixels would have required estimated 3 years *haha*

Another note: Main reason for the hairstyling was to make the pic more "etherial". As I've already stated Faugar's picture is a masterpiece in itself, however, with the hair changes I tried to stress the god in her, which Faugar also stated. If you compare the original and the hair modification you should notice what I mean. The original could be a beautiful girl with a blindfold only. The re-worked version is much closer to a Goddess, at least this is how I interpret it.

But as I see that both "improvements" aren't undisputed of course we will use the original picture on the site. Thanx again Faugar!

Title: Re: Picture of Seyella by Faugar
Post by: Dala Valannia on 15 November 2000, 03:46:00
It's has a powerful quality to it, that's for sure. My attention was drawn to it at once when I loaded the page. I didn't even bother to read the accompany message by Artimidor until much later ;) There's something a little disturbing about Faugar's drawing of Seyella. I'm not sure what....hmmm....I guess it's the image of a woman blindfolded. It denote a certain vulnerability and helplessness. Especially in the third picture with the lightning streaks in the back. It's cool, I like that background effect, but it seems to deepen the imagery of impending violence...against the woman?

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents :) I DO like the picture though! Although like Artimidor said, it doesn't quite resemble a Goddess of Destiny. To me, the drawing of Seyella reminds me more of a Goddess of Justice. You know, blindfolded and all. All she needs is a scale in her hand!

Lastly, yes, I do like the original rendition of Seyella best as well!

Title: blindfolded
Post by: Faugar on 15 November 2000, 04:13:00
Well.. the blindfold is all we could come up with, sorry :( I know it's like the justice gal ;) but if you have any idea for DESTINY props - you're welcome to share it with us!
p.s. did you read my email?

Title: Destiny Props
Post by: Dala Valannia on 16 November 2000, 21:52:00
Well the first thing that popped into my mind was a small wheel. Usually in tarot cards, fortune is depicted as a wheel, at least I think so! But I thought a small spinning wheel might be nice for a destiny prop. It spins continuously because destiny like fate is relentless and unpredictable? The Goddess could still be blindfolded though because destiny favours no-one?

Title: Re: Destiny Props
Post by: Dala Valannia on 16 November 2000, 22:19:00
Yeah, I JUST read your email! *LOL* I really should keep up more with the forum!

Title: Spinning wheel
Post by: Xaron on 17 November 2000, 04:40:00
The spinning wheel... reminds me of something...

Ah,yes, Greek mythology also something like that: 3 sisters, onecreating threads, the second spinning and the third cutting them.These are born, life and death. Wished I could recall their names...

Ofcourse, in the Ancient Greece, spinning wheelsdid not yet exist, so they did the spinning some other way :)

Xaron, the annoying
Shelam, masterof delusion

Title: yes..
Post by: Faugar on 17 November 2000, 06:43:00
One SHOULD keep up with the forum, as well as with his/HER emails... ;) hehe.. And yes, I'm familiar with both the tarotcard picture, and the three ladies Xaron mentioned (spinningwas done manually before the wheel was invented ;), butthe problem is - Artimidor didn't want me to draw any bloodymess (ppl getting crushed under the wheel of FORTUNE, not destinyby the way) or drawing THREE women (thank him for that ;)) so I dunno.. It's tough.
Oh, and I did one new pictureyesterday night - a ranger in the woods, tracking.. eh.. tracksat night. It's supposed to show up really soon at my elfwoodgallery, so in case someone would like to use it for a story/ description... just mention it! The picture is monochrome ifone was wandering, and the guy's eyes might look funny to some...

Title: In defense of Seyella's blindfold
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 17 November 2000, 12:09:00
I'm pretty aware how the Goddess of Destiny is pictured in othermyths, however, I decided this should not be the Santharian way.The blindfold may be borrowed from the Goddess of justice, however,it serves a completely different purpose. I will integrate allthose things into the description of Seyella. Here's a shortnote about them:

The blindfold of Seyella more or lessrepresents Av's closed eyes. But Seyella is a Goddess of Ar'a'chn, of the existing world. A Goddess who knows all. Of whatwill happen and what will not happen. And how things will returnto their origin in the end. That's why she covers her eyes. Shesees things in her mind, She is the Thought of Av, She's Time,She's Eternity turning to Becoming, She is this whole Knowledge,reality of this Knowledge. Yeah, She's the Goddess of Time, too,and closest to Av if there is such a thing like the rankingof Gods (that's also why I tried to make her more "etherial" - to stress her connection to Av *haha* that's a goodone: "stressing a connection to Av" - by hairstyling*grin*). And she covers her eyes cause she feels the absolutehelplessness not being able to interfere in things existing.There is much sorrow, death and destruction on the world of Ar'a'chn and many people who pray to her. But all she does isKNOWING. In very rare cases she may talk to creatures who seekher help, but main thing she can do is to tell them what willhappen.  She doesn't want to see it. She cannot do it.

The spinning wheel is exactly the thing which Seyella is NOTsupposed to represent. Seyella doesn't decide the destiny ofthe beings. She only knows it. She stands between Av and theworld and looks upon the world with "knowing eyes".

The blindfold is not something I proposed because Ididn't know anything better, but because it represents exactlywhat I had in mind about Seyella. I also proposed to make Hera little frown (which would also fit into this context), alas,this is not contained in the picture.

I think a lotabout things like this, but I need a detailed concept preparedbefore I can propose a sign or a symbol for a God. And that'sthe reason why we're still lacking God symbols...

Title: Compendium.
Post by: Xaron on 17 November 2000, 19:17:00
I suggest that what you just said you'll add to the compendiumas well. Just as a reference :)

Xaron,the annoying
Shelam, master of delusion

PS, I gota bit the impression that you felt as if we attacked you... Andyou was trying to defend yourself. I hope you know better thanthat one of us would try to attack you... We are only tryingto give critic which one may benefit from :)

PS2: Will those smiley-problems revert once?

Title: re: previous :)
Post by: Faugar on 18 November 2000, 07:21:00
Yes! I'll agree with Xaron here! We're here to defend our king, right ;)
NO, really, I mean it..

P.S. I'm afraid it's permanent, Xaron. Annoying, isn't it? ;) 

Title: Re: re: previous :)
Post by: Xaron on 18 November 2000, 08:55:00

Title: Re: re: previous :)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 18 November 2000, 11:00:00
1.) Haha! Draw your swords, scum! En garde! *hehe*

No, what gives you the impression that you're attacking me? Well, my skin is as hard as steel and I have survived much worser things... I can defeat gnomes and brownies with my left hand only! *harhar*

Furthermore I never intended to make career as hairdresser... And if you really had offended me I of course would have thrown you all in the dungeon beneath the Santhalian fortress! - BTW: Where do you guess are all those Santharian members who haven't shown up lately??? - See? *grin*

2.) Smiley problems seem to be solved by now (but they only work with new posts).

3.) You're still an unregistered user, Faugar! This way your posts aren't counted and you have no chance to become Santharian king with the amount of your postings! To register: Click on "Register your free account" at the first forum page, then sign in for a "Global account"!

Title: Kings
Post by: Faugar on 18 November 2000, 19:16:00
Hahaha... you sure can make me laugh, king... wait! why is it so dark here? And it smells funny.. whats that noise? coins? Oh, my... it's.. I'm doomed...

Title: Agree with Xaron
Post by: Curgan2 on 23 November 2000, 14:44:00
Indeed, it should be added at the compendium. The three fates (moirai)were Clotho, Lahesis and Atropos.

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