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Title: Entry on Gnufruk
Post by: Gnufruk the Trader on 01 May 2001, 13:49:00
[The entry on Gnufruk. Will write more later. And add more details]

Gnufruk Gruknag Groku. (1632 - 1704 a.S.) Famous goblin adventurer, prophet and later inn-keeper. Gnufruk was the son of the goblish priest Ufitur Groku, which later served as a Master in the Orcal priesthood. In those days, he was replaced with the old Master priest of the fortress of Vargkul, which is located nort of the forest south in Orcal. It was in this fortress Gnufruk was borned and raised. As he grew up, he learned about Gork and Mork, but he also learned about other Gods from the prisoners in the dungeon. From the last-mentioned he also learned other tongues; the tongues spoken by humans, gnomes and dwarves. When he reached the age of 14, he ran away from the fortress, in search of adventure. And he did find what he was looking for, together with an young philosopher named Ba'Ul Hruk Gab. They were arrested several times for insulting the Grand Emperor while they were drunk. They were thrown out in the wilderness, Ba'Ul went back to the city to study to be an initiate. Gnufruk continued his adventures, and he got into trouble with the Snakepeople, some wild gorba tribes and several inn-keepers. Finally, at the age of 20, he fooled a goblin sailor and trader to sail him to the, for him, unknown Northern Sarvonia. There he met many more dangers, and he also managed to get lost in some underground maze, where he met the adventurering party of Curgan and Xaron, which were in search for the evil liche Arpagar. After they had finished the quest, Gnufruk went home to Orcal, where he found out that he had exceptional magic abilities. He met ba'Ul which now was kicked out of the priesthood and now was a well-known scientist. They ventured out in the wilderness, and there they met a gorba named Gufur Mancrusher, which was amazingly strong, and he joined them. After they had traveled further to the sout in Orcal, they met a Snakeman named Rrrut Ssshij. He also joined them, and the party ventured on. As time passed by, Gnufruk and Ba'Ul was joined by many a warrior, and in the end, he had a formidable army consisting of goblins, forest-orcs, gorbas and countless other greenskins. He decided to take revenge on the Grand Emperor and invaded Hiog, to cut Orcal's economics. He invaded it and succeeded, and now he decided to invade Orcal too. When his army stood at the gates of Orcal, surrounding it, so that no one should escape to Norto. As it would take days for the main army of Jogu to arrive, the Grand Emperor surrendered and fleed to the Zu'Ka mountain, where he soon was sacrificed to the gods of the Snakepeople by the last-mentioned. Gnufruk was declared a prophet of Gork and Mork and became Soulmixer for Gork, and stayed in that occupation for several years until he, Ba'Ul, Gufur and Rrrut sailed for Northern Sarvonia. They settled down in the Shadowdale and met the ogre Fafrur Ghoug, which was an excellent door-keeper. Gnufruk also established 'The Black Water Inn', which still is famous for its excellent beer and food. Rrrut made an excellent cook, Fafrur was an incomparable door-keeper, Ba'Ul stood for the economics on a fabulous way and Gnufruk did the rest of the work. One night, ba'Ul and the others heard a loud shout from Gnufruk's bedchamber. When they reached it, and opened the door, they could see Gnufruk burning with a strange, green fire, and suddenly disappeared in a purple energy cloud. This is the story of Gnufruk. Several years later, in the year of 1789 a.S., Gnufruk was declared a saint, and a church was established in Orcal to his honor.


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Title: Re: Entry on Gnufruk
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 May 2001, 01:34:00
Just continue on, Gnufruk. Let me know when you think the entry to be finished and ready for the site:) 

Title: Re: Entry on Gnufruk
Post by: Gnufruk the Trader on 06 May 2001, 02:16:00
Ok, added some more text.


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