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Title: Armored Fan
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 27 November 2002, 01:34:00
This is my first weapon ever. o.o; It might not be as good as everyone else's, but I'm willing to hear suggestions on making it better!

Armored Fan
The Armored fan is one of the most elegant weapons in Santharia. The fan consists of metal plates, each containing a sharp edge, that slide together so that it made be folded or unfolded with the snap of the rest. Clerics, thieves, and kar’ii use the Armored fan for battle, but it is more often seen being used by dancers in shows and at festivals and it is rather popular among women because of its light weight and ability fold into a small, compact defense weapon.

The Armored Fan is considered one of the most elegant and insidious weapons in Santharian weaponry. It consists of thin metal plates, capable of sliding together. Each plate is shaped in a loose triangle design varying from one to two nailsbreadths at the bottom and may flare to be as wide as four nailsbreadths at the top. The length of each plate varies, but tends to be around two and a half palmspans to three palmspans in length. Each fan has about eight to fifteen plates depending on size, though the mean number of plates lingers around 11 or 12. At the end of each of these metal plates is a sharp edge capable of cutting through flesh very easily if sharpened to a good degree. However, because of the thinness of each plate, hard objects such as rock and armor, as well as other objects made of metal or stone can easily damage the fan. It is valued more for its aesthetic appeal rather than its power. It is often used as a prop in dances for festivals.

The weapon is rarely used for fighting, but may be used by such factions as cleric (mainly those who warship gods such as Foiros, Queprur, or Etherus, though wandering priestesses of Baveras may also carry it, too, solely for defense purposes) and thief because it can fold up to be a small, lightweight weapon that can be carried practically anywhere. Because of its small size and light weight, it’s also used by many thieves and assassins. It can be used defensively in order to stop projectile weapons. It is very popular among women, who are able to use it as a defensive weapon with the ability to be kept hidden very easily. Dancers in festivals and shows more often use it because, while not being a very effective fighting tool, it serves to spur a more ancient and romantic mood. It is often used as a decorative ornament on their costumes as well as a prop on the dancing stage. One well-known Centoraurian entertainer who uses a fan in her exhibition dances is the lovely Gerissa of the Giltra, shown here in a portrait commissioned early in her career. The Armored Fan used by gypsies and other wandering dancers as both a weapon and a dancing prop. Gypsies, thieves, assassins and Kar'ii are some of the best Armored Fan fighters.

Fighting Style
Upon grasping the weapon, a simple flick of the wrist is all that is required to open it up and reveal all the sharp-edged plates. The fan is often carried in the dominant hand, though some well-skilled fighters may use one in both hands or may switch hands in battle. The fighter using the weapon must be extremely careful not to cut themselves on the fan’s sharp plates. A strong arm and a quick, agile body will usually help one in the use of this weapon. The advantages of the weapon lay mainly its weight, which is extremely light and allows the user to move is easily and with speed. It also has the appearance of doing far less damage than it’s actually capable of. However, the plates of the fan are thin and can easily be bent or damaged, and therefore often need to be repaired. Also, the fan cannot cut through hard objects such as other metals or rock.

The Armored Fan ranks as one of the oldest weapons known in Santharian History. The Armored fan was created by a young human Cleric named Gairathon Anedorus in training who was gaining his knowledge by visiting temples through Mid and Southern Santharia. Having only a little magical training and wishing to have some sort of defense against those who might try to rob him of his valuables, Gairathon visited a blacksmith shop in a town he was traveling through. He perused the weaponry there, but found that he could not afford a single one. All the swords and maces were incredibly expensive. He began brainstorming a weapon that would require less metal and wrote up plans for what would later be called the Armored fan. Gairathon presented the plans to the blacksmith and he agreed to make it for a price far less than anything he had there. The Armored Fan grew in popularity, but only for its attractive style and not necessarily for its fighting capabilities. Today, Armored Fan are more commonly seen as pieces of artwork with the plates elegantly painted in vivid colors than out in the battle field.

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Title: ...
Post by: Llian Aarchim on 27 November 2002, 04:32:00
Okay, the first problem i have with this type of weapon/decoration is that this weapons would not firstly be used by Druids, to my knowledge druids refuse to use weapons in any sense i also cant see this weapons being used by a Cleric because the weapons that i would imagine a cleric using would be much my efficient and powerful if they use a weapon at all(much like a Druid).

I however could see some type of Ninja,thief or assassin using this type of weapons because they are light, fast and could be used as a silent slashing weapon or even a throwing projectile weapon OR a substitute from a sword or katana type weapon because its small and many can be carried but create the same damage as a Katana or sword.

The dancing side of it i have no problem, but to be frank the people or classes that use this as a weapon would not use it as you have stated it, the only people i can see using these are ninjas or assassins or even fenesse fighters.

But i like the concept.

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 27 November 2002, 18:27:00
I don't tink we have ninjas. To my knowledge, classes haven't really been made yet, unless Dasson was finally able to convince everyone to actually make fighter classes. I do know that classes for the magic portion of Santharia will be made. However, until that is finished, it's hard to determine weather or not druids carry weapons. I'll ask Xarl or Dasson when I get the chance.

Theif I mentioned (I think) And I'll add assasin. However, I don't think this weapon would be a suitable sustitue for a sword. A sword, even though it's bigger and heavy, has a lot more power than an Armored Fan. Most definitly this fan would not be able to do the damage of any kind of sword, be it epee or saber, rapier or katana. You can't get a lot of power with it.

And I do think that Armored Fans would have much use in the dancing industry as in the fighting industry. The kind of dancing I'm refering to would be a variation or what we know as colorguard, which use, not only flags, but weapons such as sabers and rifles. Because of it's equal dancing and fighting purposes, I tried to remain true to both, giving equality to both sides of its usage.

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Llian Aarchim on 27 November 2002, 18:49:00
We have Nina types such as assassins and the like that is what i ment.However i still dontagree that druids would use those types of weapons, druids are there faith involves preserveing life not destroy I dont think they would use weapons.:)  

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Fox on 27 November 2002, 19:23:00
In all aspects, the Kasumarii Tribe are ninjas.

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 27 November 2002, 20:17:00
::pokes Dasson::

Druids do have daggers and such. At least, in real life they do. I know a nice druid in England named Ken. (He's very nice.) He uses such things. I don't know how things are here, though. I suppose they could be different.

How typical that the question we really nedded Dasson to answer was one he didn't even mention. ~_~;

BTW: I added assassins in there.

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Fox on 27 November 2002, 21:55:00
Well, sorry... but I wasn't sure in Santharia standards for druids, though from my common knowledge of them from many a fantasy world, their main weapons are staves and scimitars.

I did answer this at the RP forums earlier today to Wren..... she got mad at me for correcting her, lol.... :

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Title: ...
Post by: Llian Aarchim on 28 November 2002, 13:35:00

Rayne, My uncle is a druid also, thats how i got in to the Wicca ways. There knifes and daggers are for ritual use anyway but thats RL. Here in Santh the only weapons druids use are as Dasson said, quarterstaff and Scimitars, or even sometimes spears. To use the sort of weapon that you have created you would have to be moderately skilled to use it efficiently. And as im working on the druid faith myself for Santh my research indicates that they are not trained to use weapons THAT effectively.

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 28 November 2002, 13:47:00
Druids is part of the magic faction, is it not? So then wouldn't people like Dasson and Xarl and Arti be working on them? o.o;; I'm happy to change it, but I want to make sure there is enough justifiable proof that Druids would not carry a weapon such as this.

Yes, I do not deny that druids would carry quarterstaffs and simitars or spears, but in evaulating what weapons they did carry, the Armored fan was essential non-existant was wasn't thought about. To not even considering it as a druid weapon would be very cliche and one-sided, and that's really not the direstion we're going here.

You say you are doing research? Where from? I'm just curius, but your obviously not getting it from RL ("There knifes and daggers are for ritual use anyway but thats RL") Your opposition to integrating things from real life would imply that your getting your information from another source.  

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 28 November 2002, 16:10:00

Clerics use weapons, and use them quite well ( clerics of war gods) I would personallly think that a cleric of armeros would use sword and stuff. And as clerics/druids are mages, and magic , especially clerical, takes time to cast, a dagger can be quite life-saving.

Just my $ 0.02

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 28 November 2002, 16:15:00
Thanks Silfer! ^_^ ::hands him a pretty yellow flower::

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Title: ...
Post by: Llian Aarchim on 28 November 2002, 18:14:00

Yes i am working on the druids right now, you could as Judith for verification.

I dont deny for amoment that Druids would not use a weapons, what im saying is that, that a weapon of that calibre would take some training to use and in myopinion i hold true that a druid would not carry such a weapons, Clerics however are a totaly diffrent story, they fight as well as cast magic.

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 28 November 2002, 19:05:00
I'll just take druids out and replace it with theives, if only to make you happy.

Ta da!

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Title: ...
Post by: Llian Aachim on 28 November 2002, 19:33:00

Well i hope it wasnot sole formy benifit, however i think it would work as a weapon now. :)  

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 28 November 2002, 19:39:00
:: blinks:: Why else would i change it? o.o;;

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Bard Judith on 29 November 2002, 00:19:00
Okay now, you two?


We encourage the use of RL research and supporting evidence, without necessarily relying upon it to do our creative thinking for us.  Also, there is a very definite (but elusive) difference between the cultural heritage of Santharia and of Terra (RL).  

So:  Druids on earth may behave a certain way, and it may be valid for their roles and stereotypes and behaviours to 'carry over' into a Santharian description.  

But:  it is just as true that Santharian druids, once described, defined, and Compendiumized (good word, eh?) must then remain true to their own character within the Sorren culture.

Personally, I think this is a lovely weapon, both useful and decorative.  It might well be popular with women for that very reason - small and easy to conceal, but good for defense.  Female entertainers might wear it openly as part of their costume, for example.  Thieves and assassins who prefer subtlety and discretion in going armed would appreciate it.  

But a Santh Druid?  Hmmm...  a quarterstaff which assists in walking and can be used for defense (not offense, and not to death) in dire need seems very appropriate.  A small dagger is essential to almost every sentient in Sorren at this time, as eating utensil and general handy tool and implement - Druids no exception.  They would need it to help gather their plants and herbs, if nothing else (although Llian might choose to have them carry the ubiquitous miniature sickle, the classic druidical tool).  The fan seems out of character for a woodlands druid or Jeyrial-worshipping ranger, and more appropriate in an urban setting.

That would be my p.o.v, but others are welcome.  Let me know what you think, Rayne and Llian.

Regards from the don't-wave-that-thing-in-my-face-I-LIKE-my-nose-the-way-it-is bard,

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 29 November 2002, 00:55:00
Yes, Mommy-Judith!

I'll add it being popular with women, both as a defense weapon and also as a decorative ornament for entertainers.

::skips off:: I'm wanna be just like Mommy-Judith when I grow up. ::smiles to herself::

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 29 November 2002, 05:34:00
One thing i have to note:

when this fan is folded, how to you makee it have a sharp end? When a fan is folded, it is not thin aand sharp... and certainly not when it is armored. So how do you actually make this thing work as a weapon?

Sorry for trying to blast your eentry, rayne, but i really do not get it.

Title: ...
Post by: Llian Aarchim on 29 November 2002, 16:24:00

I agree with Judith.

However, there are certain areas to a druid culture that would prevent a person of that perticuler nature to use a weapon in the first place. Such as, you wouldent find a priest useing a weapon to destry life, just as you would not see a druid to destry life because he cherishes all nature, trees, animals, plants earth, fire and the like. And THUS when killing something he feels as though he is killing what he worships, or even hurting.

This is what im trying to explain, and after thinking it through i can contruct my explination better.

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Bard Judith on 29 November 2002, 16:58:00

I'm going to draw a picture of the fan, as it intrigues me and sounds like something simple enough to practise my meager skills on.  

I think I can envision what Rayne means, as these war fans really did exist in medieval Japan.  

A picture here will be worth, well, at least a hundred words...

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 29 November 2002, 17:09:00
Hmmm.... Bard, can I talk to you about it? Maybe I revive a very idea of weapon entries if the idea sounds sufficient...

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Fox on 29 November 2002, 21:36:00
Well... basically if you want an example of this weapon, play any of the Mortal Kombats. It was either Katana or the other chick who looked like her who used these fan weapons, two to be precise. Just imagine a metal Japanese fan, with sharp edges on the ends of each of the segments. If you've never seen a Japanese fan, then imagine holding a hand of cards. When you hold the hand open, that is the fan being open, like this /, only wider. You then fold them up into a deck, like this ||. Poor visual aids, but I hope you see what I mean.

And Rayne, in the entry don't say ninjas. Say Kar'ii. That's the Santharian ninja term. :)  

Oh, and Silfer, you don't use the fan as a weapon when it is folded. It is folded for carrying purposes and as part of  the dance forms. When used a weapon it is kept open.

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 30 November 2002, 02:03:00
Hey Rayne, I like it! I like it for the use for women, but as well for men, like thiefs - or dancers.

And I personally don't have any problems with their use by clerics (don't know much about druids). Especially for the clerics who worship a god like Foirus, Queprur or the go of Excess . But I could envision it as well as weapon for a wandering Baveras priestess, for defense of course - but defense can as well mean attacking.
It is surely not so, that clerics would never touch a weapon to end a life. Surely - they might become guilty, but they would be guilty as well, if someone else comes to death because they didn't use a weapon.

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 30 November 2002, 07:06:00
I'm glad you like it, Ms. Talia. ^_^ I'll add that bit about what sort of clerics would use it.

Wow. It seems the longer this is up, the more good stuff I get on it. It gets more and more detailed, it seems. ^_^''

Yay! Mommy-Judith might make a picture!

BTW: Dasson, I changed ninja to Kar'ii. Thanks for the correction. ^_~

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 30 November 2002, 09:04:00
Ow, now i get it. I thought for soem odd reason it should be used as a weapon when it is folded... because i HAVE played Mortal Combat.

But then again:

How would you use it with aonuhg force to actually inflict more then a small cut? The way a fan is held.... and the way to hold it, you cant really swing your arm with anough force to make serious damage?  

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Bard Judith on 30 November 2002, 09:41:00
Actually, you certainly can use it as a weapon when folded.

Remember, you can use anything offensively (as every toddler knows) - your keyring in a pinch will inflict a lot of damage, for example....

The side slats (those are the two rays of the fan which form the outside edges when closed) are always thicker and extend above the top edge of the fan as well.  I envision these as being made of sturdy metal, with sharpened top edges.   When the fan is closed, it will become a rectangular bar of metal, with a pointy top - suitable for either jabbing or 'sandbagging'.  

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 30 November 2002, 15:36:00
Judy did a wonderful Fan picture especially for you, Rayne, Koldar may perhaps add a bit of a 3d/metallic effect to it, let's see if he can still add an effect or two to the pic:

Magnifcent work, Masterbard... err.. Master Artist:)  

BTW: As the entry also discusses the fan in general I thought we could also add the picture of Enayla to the entry when you mention the dancing ladies... How about this one:

Oh, and Rayne: Could you perhaps summarize the entry in 2 or 3 sentences for the overview and add it on top?

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 30 November 2002, 16:51:00
Summary added!

Wow... ::stares in wonder:: Pictures? For my entry? ::feels all special::

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Bard Judith on 30 November 2002, 16:54:00
(claps hands and dances happily around)

Art likes my picture!  Art likes my picture!

Now if only Koldar and the other artistic geniuses don't sneer at my inability to create metallic highlights, all will be well (note:  I was particularly proud of the rivets...)

By the way, that lady-with-fan picture will indeed go wonderfully in the entry, especially if Rayne does not mind including a line or two which will eventually link to the entry on Gerissa (a popular Santhalan dancer) which I am still planning to do... I reserved that pic for her AGES ago but I'm sure it can go in both entries, right?

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 30 November 2002, 17:07:00
I added it in, Miss. Judith. No problem.

Wow. The entry gets better by the day! ^_^'

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Title: ...
Post by: Llian Aarchim on 30 November 2002, 17:52:00
Nice work Judith, i pictured that as you have drawn it. :)  

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 02 December 2002, 16:28:00
I get it now! And wow, Bard! Great pics! And she says "my mere drawing skills"...  

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Bard Judith on 02 December 2002, 20:40:00
ummmmmm, no, not "pics" in the plural, Silfer.

Credit where credit is due:  I only did the rather crude metallic fan.   Enalya created the lovely lady with the melting eyes and lavender fan.  Have a look in the Compendium under Santharian Artists if you'd like to see more of her work - it's mostly realist-styled fantasy portraits.

Regards from the Jill-of-all-trades-mistress-of-none Bard,

Title: Oooh. Ahhh.
Post by: Xarl on 25 December 2002, 19:38:00
Now this I like! Fits the whole setup very nicely... something you'd never suspect... until it's annihalated half of your elite guard.

Title: Oh, but It DOES make sense
Post by: melkar desidio on 25 December 2002, 20:12:00
If memory serves me well, Japanese monks (not sure what kind, probably shinto) were known for carrying well hidden and seemingly innocent weapons- such as a monk with a staff, but a staff that could open up to make a spear/halberd, and such.  So, I feel that clerics and such, even if peaceful would have no problem having small and discreet such as the armoured fan.  Unless, of course, they belonged to a peaceful order-and were particularly zealous! :evil  

Title: Re: Oh, but It DOES make sense
Post by: Fox on 25 December 2002, 23:13:00
:: EDIT ::

nm what I said...

:: END EDIT ::

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Title: Re: Oh, but It DOES make sense
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 27 December 2002, 17:33:00
I met a Jpaanese monk once! ^_^ His name was Dada, but he didn't carry around any weapons.. o.o;