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Title: Shield of Armeros
Post by: Takashi Logan on 08 June 2005, 18:10:00
I had an idea for an RP, involving several objects, of this sort. They need approval so i can place them in the story.

Shield Of Aramos:
Overview: A massive shield, made in honour of Aramos. Enchanted by him, to guard against the foes of whoever is worthy of wielding it.

The Shield is a large round affair, made of bronze, painted a deep brown, with an Ur-Viper emblazoned on it. The shield appears ancient, and the paint is chipping in some places. But the simplicity remains.

The Shield of Aramros has the power to guard against blows. It can shrink to suit its bearer, and by some token of Aramos himself, will not be wielded by those deemed unworthy by the God of War.

It is said, that the Shield, one of the twelve so called “artefacts of the gods”. Each of these was made by a tribe to honour the god it was dedicated to. The god would enchant it when it was completed, and place it somewhere in the world of Caelereth.
It is said that several great warriors used this shield, though this is unconfirmed. It is said that Armeros placed his shield down in the kings hollow, underground, in a temple made by an ancient group of his priesthood.

Title: Re: Shield of Armeros
Post by: Takashi Logan on 18 June 2005, 05:59:00
please... comment... me> :( 

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