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Title: Kraken
Post by: Sammykins on 09 April 2002, 21:12:00
The Monster Kraken- I am Still working on a Santh Name for It. I am thinking Esdon- They are... Eight legged Sea Dragons, as far as Legend can tell maybe?

The monster kraken is a very rare, very unseen creature. The only way they have been found is dead, washed up upon the banks of the seas. Over 16 Pygge’s in weight, and over 40 peds, these massive creatures are one of the most dangerous, largest, and still Unknown about creatures within Santharia.  The largest Giant Kraken ever found had a tentacle span of 10 peds. The Kraken is able to camouflage itself with its surroundings. Able to change colors from bright red, to greens, to sandy orange. Making it almost impossible to see under the water. The Kraken has 8 legs, each having up to 1000 suckers aligning them. The large suckers are endowed with sensors, which allow the Kraken to reject something if it doesn’t seem right to eat. Their average lifespan is only 3 years.

Special Abilities
Tentacles can anchor the Kraken to rocks, and tear apart prey
Being Invertebrates, meaning they have no bone structure, a giant kaken can pull itself through a tube near 1/15th its size.
The Giant kraken is said to have the largest brain of any NON-Skeletal animal.
Their eyesight is an almost as good as normal human.

Within deep oceans. The Giant kraken uses its suckers to anchor itself to the ocean floor in which is hunts for food. Kraken roam solitary within their 3 furlay, claimed territory. They normally live in an underwater cave, deep near the ocean floor where they are impossible to find.

The giant Kraken can eat any sort of fish that it wraps its tentacles around. They prefer harder creatures, crab like animals in which they use their sharp beak to shatter to pieces. Kraken have a special salivary gland in which it can poison its meal with venom.

The giant Kraken spends its day hiding in the darkness of the ocean floor. It hunts only at night and usually crawls along the bottom of the sea floor.  They walk along the bottom or can also glide, by propelling themselves with a jet of water, thrust out of its Gill chamber. If alarmed the Kraken can escape at a high speed. Usually leaving a thick black stream of oil behind it, to try to blind its attackers.

Male Kraken has one pair of tentacles with no suckers near the end. He mates with a female by inserting this tentacle into her mantle cavity. A Sperm package is propelled down a tentacle groove into the females Oviduct where the sperm fertilizes the eggs. The male dies Soon after mating.
The Female may produce up to 100,000 eggs, which she strings up under a rock. She stays with them for 6 months without eating. Each egg hatches and the young, only about 1/16 of a ped swims away. Joining other small fish and hiding in the seabed. The mother Dies then, starved and exhausted.
The young will grow over 6 times its size in a few months.

Unknown origin. It is said that these creatures were made by an Angry Sorcerer, bent on stopping all Overseas trade, but they were let down by the gentle Nature of the beast, who could easily destroy an entire fleet of ships

Many have looked. None have found any alive. Researchers that have found the dead have done much studying, but without being able to see them in the wild, they have learned very little new in the last few centuries.

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Title: Re: Moster Octopus-Giant Octopus
Post by: Bard Judith on 09 April 2002, 21:46:00
The 'mythological' or historical name would be KRAKEN.  Could we possibly use that, as it has a nicely evocative feel?

We could also use your suggestion as the Elven or "Latinate" name for the creature, but I would replace 'octopus' with kraken, as octopus suggests calamari more than it does a terrifying seamonster!

Title: THAT!
Post by: Sammykins on 10 April 2002, 08:56:00
Good Idea... Lol.... Even though there are Real Life Giant Squids. I didnt want to use a real Life animal name.

Kraken Would be a good Name

Title: Kraken
Post by: Bard Judith on 14 April 2002, 07:56:00
Are you done with these, Sammykins?

It needs some editing, but I can do that when I put it into HTML.  If you would first go through and replace all of the 'octopus' with 'kraken', (and the plural is also 'kraken", not 'krakens", by the way) that would be a help.  I can tidy up the typos and so on when I input it, as I said.

Please let me know when you are happy with it, and we'll have another look.

Regards from the Bard

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Title: Re: Kraken
Post by: Sammykins on 16 April 2002, 09:17:00
Edited.... :-D And I am Done with it.

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