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Title: Pseudodragons
Post by: Kendo Gyoshin on 29 November 2002, 16:09:00
Basic Overview
Pseudodragons are one the smallest and most playful of the dragon family.  They are small dragons that enjoy playing, even with another creature.  However, they do have feelings, and will attack if provoked.  Although the pseudodragon is small, it still packs a punch.

Pseudodragons’ scales are a bright glossy scarlet, marking them easily spotted by hunters and predators, so they stay underground and do not venture outside until they are more able to take care of themselves.  Nearer the end of their youth, the scales turn a red-brown, and the glossy texture is replaced by a smooth, dull finish.  As the pseuodragon ages, the scales become thick and strong as metal.  The neck frill and wings are an ash blue or purple-gray toward the edges, becoming darker with age.  The pupils of a pseudodragon fade as it gets older; the oldest pseudodragons have eyes that resemble molten lava orbs.  A pseudodragon’s tail is about 2 fores long (twice as long as its body), barbed, and very flexible.  The wingspan of a pseudodragon is equal to its tail length (2 fores).

A pseudodragon has two horns on its head, originating at the snout and sweeping back, usually a goldish-yellow color.  A frill sweeps out towards the back of the head, one on each side of the pseudodragon’s head.  A large frill runs down the neck and body of the pseudodragon, coming to a stop only at the end of the barbed tail.

Special Abilities
Pseudodragons, like many dragons, have a vicious bite.  However, their major weapon lies in their sting-equipped tail.  The sting of the pseudodragon’s tail acts much like a scorpion’s does.  It is very painful, but not fatal to most humanoids.  Pseudodragons also have the ability to see invisible objects, including invisible people and creatures.  Also, pseudodragons can communicate telepathically, as well as vocalize animal noises, such as a rasping purr (pleasure), a hiss (unpleasant surprise), a chirp (desire), or a growl (anger).

Pseuododragons will eat almost anything they can get their paws on.  Their small size does hinder that ability, but they more than make up for it with cunning and their tail.  However, their favorite food are the rats that oftentimes run amok in the world of Sorren.

Female pseudodragons are usually in heat during the summer, approx. ever three years.  Because of the rarity of the pseudodragon, it is rather uncommon for a male and female to interact during this time.  However, if they do, the female lets the male know that she’s in heat by nibbling on the horns on the male’s head.  Then the male will mount the female, and impregnate her.  The female will carry the babies for about 3 months, before depositing them all in an isolated nest.  The patch of eggs usually number around 7-9 eggs, although there have been some instances where about 12 were laid.  The reason why the female lays so many eggs is because the size of the pseudodragons leaves it vulnerable to predators.  Usually only 1 or 2 pseudodragons survive into adulthood.

Pseudodragons as pets
A pseudodragon may very rarely seek humanoid companionship.  It stalks a candidate silently for days, reading his or her thoughts and judging his or her deeds.  If it finds the candidate promising, the pseudodragon presents itself as a potential companion and observes the other’s reaction.  If the candidate is delighted and promises to take very good care of it, the pseudodragon accepts.  Otherwise, it flies away.

Anything else
A pseudodragon’s personality has been described as catlike.  At times it seems arrogant, demanding, and less than helpful.  It is willing to serve – provided that it is well fed and groomed, and receives lots of attention.  The companion must pamper it and make it feel like the most important things in his or her life. If the pseudodragon is mistreated or insulted, it will leave – or worse, play pranks when least expected.  Pseudodragons particularly dislike cruelty and will not serve cruel masters.

Also, pseudodragons are attracted to bright, shiny objects.  (oooooh… Shiny…!)

Okay, I've purposely left habitat/territory undone because, frankly, I really have no idea where these little suckers would thrive (I really don't have much time to research every last map in Sorren).  So if you have any suggestions, please tell me!!! >.<  Thanks.

BTW, much of this info comes from Dungeons and Dragons, where I first learned of the Pseudodragons.  I've changed it a little, but the credit must still go to the D&D Monster Manual.  >.<  sorry about forgetting to mention this earlier.

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Title: Re: Pseudodragons
Post by: Bard Judith on 29 November 2002, 16:46:00
I'm sorry, Kendo, but this entry will not be acceptable for inclusion in the Compendium.

Please read the Entry Qualifications post (second from the top in the General Santharian Discussions forum) for further details.  It is very important that all submissions to this world be completely original, and people/ beasts/ plants/ artifacts/ magic systems/ faiths and all other cultural entries be unique to the universe of Sorren.

Entries which have an obvious debt to other fantasy systems (besides Tolkien's) or take their initial concept from other authors, artists, or RPGs do not qualify.  Not only are these beasts taken from D&D, they are not even original to the D&D world but strongly resemble the firelizards of Anne McCaffrey.

We appreciate your frankness in identifying the source of your inspiration and regret to say that the Pseudodragon, charming though it is, cannot enter the Compendium.

With regards from the Bard,

Title: Re: Pseudodragons
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 29 November 2002, 17:01:00
What is the problem with these people?? Is there not fantasy for everyone??? I have more than a dozen universes in my head with breathing, living heroes that have nothing to do with each other even less with everything else on Earth!!

Sorry for that  rant but be original be true to yourself! :)  

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Title: Re: Pseudodragons
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 November 2002, 17:06:00
Yup, I agree with Judy here. Everything you develop for Santharia should be as unique as possible, so copying of ideas from other RPG worlds is not allowed! See here.

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Title: Re: Pseudodragons
Post by: Kendo Gyoshin on 29 November 2002, 17:49:00
Alrighty, no prob.  My mistake! >.<  I understand how you want originality.  I'll work on other creatures then (using my OWN creativity)!  Just hope this doesn't hinder any reputation I might have.

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Title: Re: Pseudodragons
Post by: Bard Judith on 30 November 2002, 00:50:00
No problem, Kendo; that's why we let you know these things straight out.  Even copyright-free art we don't use (which is too bad, because that really was an amazing Preraphaelite picture I found that would have made a great Jeyriall illustration...sigh.... ) - it must all be an original creation, preferably designed directly for or inspired by the Santharian Dream.

Well, if you've read the relevant post on entry qualifications, you know this now.  Thanks for your frankness, and don't worry (hey, how much of a reputation can an Alley Beggar have anyhow?  ;)   )  Just put in the effort, do the research, integrate the useful critiques, and keep your sense of humour handy - you'll be up to Goblin Milkmaid or Carmalad Crossingsguard in no time!

Regards from the Axe-Bearing-Bard,

Title: Re: Pseudodragons
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 30 November 2002, 02:21:00
Becoming a Goblin Milkmaid might prevent further posts! Is this the entry test for newcomers, to go through such titles. lol

Title: Re: Pseudodragons
Post by: Kendo Gyoshin on 03 December 2002, 20:22:00
How'd you know I have a wicked sense of humor?  ^_~  Just playing.  Anyways, thanks for understanding.  I just absolutely adore those little guys, so I thought it would be cool to maybe integrate them into this rpg.  I'm just glad you're as forgiving and understanding as you are!  ^_^  Thanks for your wisdom, Axe-Bearing-Bard  (just don't hurt me).

Anyways, rest assured that this is the first (and absolute last) time in which I use that Monster Manual *throws book out window* now... is the Frost Dragon accepted yet?

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Title: Re: Pseudodragons
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 04 December 2002, 02:00:00
I love Anne McCaffreys little dragons as well VERY much - imagined howit was to have them as pet, but came to the conclusion, that my cat will do it as well - but we don't want people coming here and saying: Oh, these animal i know as well, it is from here and there...

and btw, this is MORE than a RPG!!!

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Title: ^_^"
Post by: Kendo Gyoshin on 04 December 2002, 18:02:00
I know it's more than an rpg!  But... Anne McCaffrey made these little guys?  Then technically they shouldn't even be in D&D!!!! Oh well... >.< maybe I'll just make a tiny lil' dwagon (pronounced very child-like) that was bred specifically for being a pet... hmmmmmmm.... or maybe a line of dragons that drank too much coffee?  hmmmmm... much to consider... *thinks*