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Title: Uncil
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 26 November 2002, 22:34:00
I will not make anymore cats... I will not make anymore cats... I will not make anymore cats.. >_<; Arg! I couldn't help myself. ~_~;

Singular: uncil, plural: uncial, possessive: uncian

Uncil (Oon-sill)
Regarded by many of the “Ghost of the Mountains,” the Uncil is a close relative to the Herín of the Goltherlon Forest, but also share many similarities with the Pard. The Uncia, however, resides in the cold, mountainous regions of Northern Santharia. With a spotted pelage adorned with spots and circles, the Ucia is truly mystifying and enchanting creature.

Appearance: The Ucia’s fur is thick and long, marked with spots on the face, neck and irregular circles on the flanks, back, and tail. These deep black markings stand out against the pale gray or pale gray-brown in the background of the Uncian coat. Its head and body length range from three to three and a half fores, plus an additional two and a half or so for the Uncil’s long, bushy tail. Thus, the Uncil can range from about one and a half peds to two peds in length all together. The weight of these magnificent creatures can range from half a pygge for females to one and a half pygges for males depending on sex, location, season, and the condition of the animal.

Uncia have short muzzles and high foreheads, as well as a vertical chin. It’s a rather short creature at a little less than a fore and a half at the shoulder. In the winter, the Uncian coat is particularly dense and wooly. For this reason, their coat is a prize both for its beauty and for the warmth it offers. The hairs of this creature can be quite long, reaching about two and a half nailsbreaths on the back, to six and a fourth nailsbreaths on the belly and five on the tail. The eyes of this creature range from an orangish-gold to a golden green.

Special Abilities: The Uncil, along with the Shingar, is one of the most agile cats in all Santharia and exhibits superb athletic ability. Records tell of an Uncil jumping over a ditch fourteen and a half peds in length. Another jump of eighteen peds was recorded, but it was downhill and the angle of the slope wasn’t recorded. Uncil have also been known to jump from high trees and rocks down to the earth at heights ranging from fifteen to eighteen peds and land apparently unhurt. Uncia exhibit incredible balance and stealth, usually traveling on mountains and on slopes set at steep angles.

Territory: Uncil are commonly seen on the Prominent and Imlith Mountains, but have been seen as far east as the Vindel Mountains. They usually dwell between 3 strals and 6 strals high.

Habitat/Behavior: Uncia are found exclusively in cold, mountainous regions in Northern Santharia. Their long tails help them to balance in the often-harsh environment in which they live and hunt. They are commonly found living near lakes and ponds in the mountains they live on. These cats, unlike many, do not fear the water in their hunt for food. They are usually solitary animals, though there have been reports of groups of up to five Uncia hunting together and of play between two adults.

Diet: Uncil are opportunistic hunters, meaning they will eat whatever happens to be in reach, even if be as meager as a mouse or rabbit. They never turn down a meal. Doing so may prove fatal. They tend to prefer prey of wild mountain goats and sheep, such as Caprici and other such goats.

Mating: Female Uncia go into heat in late summer and early august, or when the last bits of summer warmth vanish from the mountaintops. Females tend to wander out of their normal territory to find available males in other territories. The females aren’t very choosey about males since any male who has lived through a winter is bound to be a strong one. The mating process involves a lot of foreplay and teasing, usually, but after the act is done, the male will leave the female. The male and female will reside in the same territory for the months until the kittens are born.

Females tend to have no more than about two cubs, though litters as large as four have been reported. If the mother is unable to care for all of her kittens, she may abandon one or two, depending on the weather conditions and her own health. The kittens stay with her about a year until she leaves them. She will go into heat the next year and the kittens, now considered adult Uncia, go out to find territory for themselves.

Origins: Like the Shingar and the Pard, the Uncil is thought to originally come from the Ancythrian Sea where the bones of these cats have been discovered. It is believed that the primitive felines moved outward from the Ancythrian Sea, intermingling with what would later become the Herín. This intermingling explains the long tails the Uncil have. The spots would come from a mixture of Herín and Pard blood. The cats would then adapt to the cold mountains of North Santharia.

Usages: Unlike many of the wild cats on Santharia, the Uncil is rather tame if given appropriate conditions and food supply. Tribes will sometimes capture the cub of an Uncil that has been abandon by its mother and raise it to help hunt. Their solitary tendencies, however, make it hard for owners to keep them unleashes anywhere. To unleash an Uncil was surely to free it and never see it alive again. Often times members of royalty will keep one or two of these creatures, but they aren’t quite as popular as the small and more adorable Herín. Many chose to kill these beasts and use their fur rather than attempt to tame them and keep them healthy. Their beautiful coats are warm and are usually used for coats and hats. Pieces of clothing made with Uncian fur catch a high price on the market.

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Post by: Llian Aarchim on 28 November 2002, 19:41:00

I find it actualy quite good:)  

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Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 28 November 2002, 19:44:00
Why thank you, Llian. ::hands him a pretty yellow flower:: I hope Mommy-Judith will think the same.

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Post by: Tyrian Jadewalker on 10 December 2002, 18:59:00
i did a quick skim of it and noticed that you make mention of fossils...i believe there was a post in one of your other entries that stated you should avoid things like that...just a suggestion


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Title: Re: ..
Post by: Greybark on 10 December 2002, 20:58:00
Why avoid fossils? It adds natural history...

a nice jumping leopard...

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Title: Re: ..
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 11 December 2002, 00:04:00
My... erm.. Shingar entry, I think? It had fossils in it and it went up. Fossils are just bones, right? Would it be better if I said bones/remains instead of fossils?

Title: Re: ..
Post by: Viresse on 11 December 2002, 02:20:00
perhaps. Fossils imply ancient history... And our ancient history is based in mythology; That makes finding old and special things MUCH more magical.

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Post by: Fox on 11 December 2002, 02:26:00
Fossils are not ancient history. Fossils are anything from a previous time that is not the present. That does not mean ancient history. Your old things from when you were a child are fossils... they tell of a story from the past.

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Title: Re: ..
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 11 December 2002, 07:14:00
Fossils, as far as me knows, are "buried" organical material, which slowly is replaced by sand and such, forming a "sculpture" of what originally was there. Thus, they have to be stone, i belive. If you found bones, like real bones, then its bones, not fossils.

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Post by: Bard Judith on 11 December 2002, 10:31:00
Right.  But the term is too scientific, implying that we have archaeologists, scientists, historiologists,  and more sophisticated technology than should exist in a medieval/fantasy realm.

There was a discussion about this in another of Rayne's kitties' threads, and Art said basically that we shouldn't use the specific word 'fossils' - but bones/remains etc. would be fine.

Think about it.  Medieval peasant doing some farming, digging up his fields, or a stonemason in his quarry.  He stumbles across a skull with long teeth in it.  He might put it on his mantel as a curiosity, or he might kick it out of the way.  If he has long-toothed cats trying to get at his sheep at night, the latter will be far more likely...  And since we don't have extinct animals (well, we do have extinct races, but most of our animals haven't gone through any evolutionary processes), we don't have any impetus for archaology.  

In Terra I don't think anyone had any interest until the Victorians (with the exception of Leonardo, who noted that shells and other marine remnants could be found on mountain tops, and never got around to doing anything else about it....well, I guess he was too busy with other stuff to invent the science of archaology!).

So... it's just a connotations issue, and the Resident NitPicker (that would be me) happened to notice it and comment on it a while back.  I don't think we need to haul the Shingar entry down and remove the single word, but I'd like to make sure it doesn't set a precedent for future entries, is all.

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Title: Re: ..
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 11 December 2002, 14:44:00
Yup, I agreee here as I've already stated at another thread. We should avoid any terminology which hints at scientific things of any kinds, e.g. chemicals, genes, fossils and so on. Researchers of the middle ages mainly investigated what they could see, watch and thus describe. We have alchemists in the "medieval" world of Santharia, no chemists, which is an important difference, as alchemists are still lacking the profound background chemists of nowadays have. In the same respect I guess we can't emphasize enough that though evolution and belief don't necessarily have to contradict each other in our world, it was impossible to think of such things 1000 years ago. Especially in a fantasy world like ours I think that we should forget about evolution in the Darwinistic sense completely. We have other explanations why the original landmass split into various parts (Gods/War of the Chosen) and a typical evolutionary theory doesn't fit too well  to our mythical concepts.

BTW: I've also added these things now to our How-to-do-Bestiary entries thread, hope this helps the one or the other in order to create entries.

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Title: Re: ..
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 11 December 2002, 19:04:00
I changed fossils to bones. Hopefully it'll seem to fit in a bit better now. ^_^'

Can I get this up on the next update?

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Post by: Fox on 16 December 2002, 00:07:00
Rayne, it is going up. I'm preparing the entry as we speak. :)

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Title: Re: ..
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 16 December 2002, 00:09:00
Yay! Thank you Dass-a-bunnie! ::hugs him::