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Title: Rhyshan
Post by: Kharda the Great on 19 December 2002, 12:52:00
       They are a small carnivarous race that inhabit the Ferrath Isles. They are semi-intelligent, able to pass on simple information with a series of clicking and shrieking noises they can create with their tongue and throats.
       They are 1.5 peds high, but usually hunch, so they appear to be only 1. Their bodies are covered in scales of light blue, dark brown, or green, with a small section of smooth, slimy skin on their chest and stomach. They have long narrowed fingers and toes to help grip trees and other such things, as well as retractable claws approximately 3/4s of a palmspan for defense and hunting. Their heads are small and flat, with large mouths full of razor sharp teeth, and startling green eyes that allow them to see in the dark.
Special Abilities
       The Rhyshan have the ability to communicate with a simple series of clicks and shrieking noises, produced respectively by their tonuges and throats. This is a very useful ability when it comes to hunting and attacking another creature that has invaded their territory.
       Rhyshan live in tribes of approximately 8-12 Rhyshan. They set up a series of nests in trees grouped together, and change territory every fews years. They will fiercely defend their homes, even if it costs them their lives, so they are often transplanted to serve as guardians.
       They inhabit the forests of the east and west islands in the Ferrath chain, and a few tribes are even known to exist in the mountains of the north island. A normal tribe consists of 4 Males to serve as hunters and guardians for the nests, 2 females for mating, and 3 children, which are cared by for the females. Rhyshan children are completely dependant on their parents for the first year of their life, as their eyes are cemented shut until then, until they grow they spend all their time in the nest, being fed and groomed by the parents. When enough children in a tribe have grown into adults, they are sent off to find their own way of life. A female is usually the mate for 2-3 males, and give birth numerous times in their lives. They are responsible for keeping the nests in decent condition, and feeding the children. Males hunting in groups of 3-4, and one is always present at the nest to defend the females and children. The strongest of the males is usually the leader in of the tribe; when he dies, the rest with fight for the right to become the leader.
       The Rhyshan diet usually consists of meat harvested from the animals they hunt, some plants and roots that they are able to dig up from trees, and sometimes fish when they are close enough to water. If a Rhyshan goes long enough without eating meat, it will go blind because it does not get the proteins needed to maintain it's eye sight.
       Females produce eggs every 2 years, and when she does a scent is released from her skin that attracts males. She may have intercourse with anywhere from 2-3 males, and birth at least 2 children. For at least 2 months prior to giving birth, the female is rendered immobile because the nutrients in her body are spent keeping the baby healthy. The mother spends 3 weeks after birth recovering from this.
       The Rhyshan are said to have been created by a wizard in the War of the Chosen as an attempt to create a breed of assassin beasts, but they killed their master and escaped to the Crimson Isles, where they developed into the semi-culture that are now today.  

Title: Re: Rhyshan
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 19 December 2002, 16:04:00
Hmmm... very well, they sound interesting.Maybe format the stuff better with some blank lines so others don't get confused.

I'd think that you might consider splitting these up into two categories. As the Ferrath islands don't have that much woods what about one of them live at the rocky coasts while the other rarer Rhyshans live in the woods?

The origins are very mythical and imo a bit too farfetched for such kind of explanation. It might be one of the more fun tales. Maybe make some more stories up, eventually even what the first sailors on the islands said these beasts came from and stuff. Would make even more interesting stories.

Nice start, me guesses. :)  

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Title: Re: Rhyshan
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 19 December 2002, 22:37:00
My advice would be to add more to appearance, for one. Be very, very descriptive. Unless you're going to be as descriptive as I was on the Melise entry.. ~_~;;

Also, think of mating as sort of describing the animals life. What are they like when they're born, what they look like, how they act. You might Include things about when the babies leave the mother and include any sort of nest the mother might make. Describe how old this creature has to be before they're old enough to mate. Be descriptive!

Title: Re: Rhyshan
Post by: Bard Judith on 20 December 2002, 00:11:00
Er........ Beast?  Or race?  Semi-intelligent beasts - ok.  Communication - great!

But if this is described as a 'language' and they are described as a 'race', then this is intended to be a new, not very well-developed race - and as far as I know the new-race ban is still in existence.

Perhaps just have a look at the connotations in the words chosen for these 'animals' and make sure that they qualify as beasts.  They should be on a par with dragons, or merfolk, or faeries - not intelligent, language-using, religion-holding races from the leaves of the Tree of Life.

I presume this is a first-draft post and will be added to and expanded upon, so I won't comment further at the moment. Rayne has put it well - describe and elaborate!  Also I'd like to check with Koldar about its habitat, as I don't know much about what he plans for that location.

Regards from the Bard,

Title: Re: Rhyshan
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 20 December 2002, 00:46:00
When I grow up I'm gonna be just like Mommy-Judith. ::skips off.::