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1  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Port City of Elsreth, Capital of the Province of Enthronia on: 04 August 2010, 01:00:38
Okay Arti, I've looked over the Entry and it seems as if what's left is to address the things mentioned in the last Uri Check you posted. I'm going to work on those things as quickly as possible. Because of my schedule, I can't finish this quickly, but I expect to have it done withn the next 2-3 weeks.
2  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Hearthberries and Twilights Hearth pic on: 03 August 2010, 23:17:35
This is Outstanding, Seeker!

The berries are just how I envisioned them, as well as a drink. Thank you very much for doing this, you've no idea how much it means to me. :)
3  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Port City of Elsreth, Capital of the Province of Enthronia on: 27 July 2010, 04:51:45
Hi! I'd like to go ahead and wrap this up, but I'm terribly busy of late. So if you'd like to help finish it, I'd be more than happy to have your assistance.

At the moment, I'm having trouble picking it back up, because the computer that held my notes on it decided to die, so my massive cross-reference and resources listings I no longer have available. I'll look at what I can pick up based on what's been posted here... shouldn't be that much. I believe part of the history is most of it, ala the Elemental Archbishops and a few minor edits throughout.

It's of my opinion that because history is constantly changing and developing that it's not necessary to have the -complete- history of the city mapped out. It will serve to further delay the publishing of this significant city to the site.
4  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Port City of Elsreth, Capital of the Province of Enthronia on: 30 October 2009, 04:53:20
I'm still working on it! I think most of the complicated things are covered. I just have to flesh out the flora, fauna, and a few other sections. One thing I did notice was Loiblh bread. It's said to be disputed whether it was created in Alvang or Elsreth. Since it clearly can't be an Alvang specialty, can I just nab it for Elsreth, and update that entry as well?
5  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Suggestions for entries wanting an illustration? on: 12 October 2009, 08:57:44
I would also love to see what you could do with the Hearth Bush if you ever get the time!
6  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: New Member Reporting for Duty on: 11 October 2009, 05:49:25
Why hello there, Aaron.

Welcome to the Dream! Please continue to explore the areas you're interested in. It's always a pleasure to have a new potential magical expert around. Just don't become a cleric. I get into argument with that lot too often. I don't like to argue.

Judy might bring you snacks, so stick around!
7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Trag specie on: 11 October 2009, 04:17:43
spelling/grammar/nomenclature - in yellow
comments - in limegreen


Trag is a small, omnivorous type of deer found throughout most of the Sarvonia. It is best known for its amazing ability to use lightning powers. Throughout Sarvonia there are several different species of Trags. They are species that is very sensitive to environment changes and human impact.

Animals, Wild, Deer

The Trag is a small animal with a maximal (maximum?) height of three handspans in thetorso and four in the head. There are also smaller types but the size of an animal is never less than one handspan. Usually they are half a ped long and weight about 2.5 ods.
Bone structure is similar both to deer and rats. Its limbs' bones are long and elastic which enables them to quickly run away from predators. Their back legs are very muscular and thin, which, in combination with their bone structure, makes them very fast. They have an elastic spine and short tail that enables them to more easily turn while running. Front legs are of the same length as back ones, but they are not so muscular. Trag(s?) are quadrupeds and they usually use their strong back feet to run and front ones to keep balance while running and walking.

Its skull has a bone structure similar to that of a rats. Males' fangs in upper jar are bigger than usual size (they are almost three nailsbreadth long), so when jaws are closed they are still visible. (What is the usual size? What about the jaw of a female Trag?) There is no fur on its snout [color = yellow]or [/color] around the eyes, which are small and black; nose is small, wet and placed at the top of the long snout. They have poor hearing but make that up with very good sight and smell. Their ears are small and placed wide on top of the head. Between ears there are two horns. Horns are straight and dull, going almost horizontal from between the ears. Males' horns are a bit longer (five nailsbreadths) than females'(three nailsbreadths). Each horn ends with a cavity filled with liquid. It is not known for sure but is assumed that something about that part of their body is important for their electric ability.
Its body is covered with a thick, long fur that is very harsh and rough to touch. The fur itself is resistant to electricity so Trag can't hurt itself. The fur is richly colored, with colors that depend on species, with many patterns on it (stripes and spots) which helps them to be less visible. (I suggest that you separate this last sentence into two separate sentences).

I'll be able to expand more on thiis in a bit!
8  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The Port City of Elsreth, Capital of the Province of Enthronia on: 09 October 2009, 04:49:27
Oh, I keep forgetting to put in my alt codes. I don't really remember which one is which, plus they are a pain to do on a laptop. Is there a list of the somewhere?
9  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: Brainstorming symbols for Caelerethian beliefs and religions on: 09 October 2009, 03:07:35
Awesome!  So does that mean that we can use your lovely word 'Viarian' for the elven beliefs, as I proposed in my post 6669?

(looks back and re-checks the post number with wide eyes)  Ok, that is a bit weird....  but number aside, that means we have names for two main religions already...    any thoughts on symbols?

I like the Closed Eye for Ava-followers, as it is extant on site and for the other reasons our Sage proposed.

For the Twelvern, perhaps a circle divided into quarters, each coloured with the appropriate element?  There could be little 'ticks' around the edge of each, like a clock face (hey, perhaps our Caelerethian clock faces and 12-hour days originated from this symbol of the gods! ) to suggest the three gods which represent each element.  The quartered circle is not only simple and profound: it also suggests a cross, a compass face, an X-marks-the-spot, and so on - thus excusing and giving a natural back-story to any outdated references to such Terran/anachronistic symbols in old entries!

Here's a rough sketch done in Paint: you can see how easily it reproduces at lower sizes and is still a recognizable icon / mandala....

I used this as a design guideline for Elsreth's Sanctuary of the twelve, if you don't mind.
10  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Proposal - The Boar's Teeth - Manthria on: 09 October 2009, 02:09:21
Well, if you look at the Manthria map, then you can have the impression, that the Boar's Teeth are SOUTH from the Ring itself. But that doesn't matter. Nsiki has not written much, so it could stay or one could take it out entirely. That it is an old Eyelian territory has nothing to do with it.

Yep, pretty much, people lived around the area, but it isn't explored very much as to what was exactly found there. But if you insist on something else, I'm sure we can help you find something :D
11  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Proposal - The Boar's Teeth - Manthria on: 09 October 2009, 01:56:35
Nsiki was trying to do the Rimmerins Ring, which is a separate region.

I'm fairly certain that Rimmerins Ring and the 'Bear's Teeth' are one in the same. 'Bear's Teeth' is a name given to the area by the Eyelian Bear Clan.

As for information that can be used, it's deep in what was ancient Eyelian territory. The Eyelian Bear Clan had territories that encircled the Rimmerins ring, so they are somewhat connected to the area.
12  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Elsreth on: 08 October 2009, 16:29:03
(...Elsreth was most likely part of Enthronia right from the start, as Santhros had the trade connection between Elsreth and Cavthan already in mind.)

Yes, he did, and I just didn't explain it properly. It wasn't made the provincial capital right away because it wasn't established enough. I'm thinking 12-30 a.S somewhere it will be made the capital city.

(The Sanctuary isn't really described here, I hoped at least for a few details here...)

Hopefully, that works. I borrowed Judith's concept from the religious symbols thread, for the most part. I'm not sure how detailed I should get.

(...I recommend to take on my suggestion and make it a rather weak city, which was pretty non-influential back then and only became more important when serious trade started....)

This was always the idea, again, I just needed to make it more clear in the post. Pretty much, when Elsreth first settled, it was a settlement with no walls or anything. When they became part of Eyelia, the expand a little, and built a keep. Then Santhros came and built a bigger keep and better walls, and really kicked the city into gear.

Right now you suggest that Santhros came and changed everything and many left. I guess this definitely isn't what Santhros wanted to keep peace, so there would need to be a lot of concession from his side to make life for the Eyelians better.

That's exactly what he did, according to the Eyelian entry. He tried to Santharianize the Eyelians and they got upset and retreated way south into the forests. I did establish the council of Elsreth, a group of 3 Eyelian religous leaders, and the thane. I figured they could be integral to paving the way for the "Archbishop" of wind (or air) to take power during the Clerical Age
13  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Elsreth on: 29 September 2009, 04:11:57
I already caught those things, and the current post reflects that, sorry for not pointing that out.
The city was made a part of the Province of Enthronia upon Santhros' coming, and it was made the capital some time later.
14  Organization and General Discussions / Development Master Plans / Re: General Master Plan Discussions on: 29 September 2009, 03:26:39
Oh, okay, done! Thanks Arti!!
15  Organization and General Discussions / Development Master Plans / Enthronian Province Development Discussions/Reservations on: 29 September 2009, 03:17:50
For discussions or reservations of anything in the Enthronia Master Plan, this is the thread to be!
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