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1  Santharian Game Projects / Maps, Dialogues & Room Descriptions / Re: looks great on: 11 July 2002, 21:59:00
Well I have played many muds in the past. Right now I only play one on a daily basis. So if anyone does have any questions on how things usually work feel free to ask. But after discussing things with Nate, he is doing many things different than the "norm" -Tat

2  Santharian Game Projects / Maps, Dialogues & Room Descriptions / Re: looks great on: 10 July 2002, 14:12:00
Actually in other MUD's there is a sort of exhaustion factor. You get movement (points). And say you were in a room and went one room west, that would cost you like 3 movement points. Sleeping and resting and just standing in one place regains your points. So the faster you travel the faster you would become exhausted and have to stop and sleep or rest. This makes it more realistic when traveling from one town to another, for one would have to stop and rest if the journey was a long one.

Just thought I'd enlighten those who didn't already know that lil bit of info. :P

3  Santharian Game Projects / Maps, Dialogues & Room Descriptions / Re: Adanian Seacoast Map on: 10 July 2002, 14:40:00
Is Ciosa still open for someone to work on? If so I would like to work on that if nobody has any objections. -Tat

4  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Development Scheduling / Re: What's Free to Do / What's Taken on: 10 July 2002, 23:49:00
I will work on Ciosa. If anyone could give me any info that might need to be integrated into the town it would be helpful. Such as what types of whale are hunted by the natives, are the pearls they cultivate special in some way? And is there any local history also, like supersticions, legends, heroes, enemies? The size of the town...village,town,city? As for the shops that will be selling items...do I include an item list for when the mud is running? Any info that has to be included will be helpful. I don't want to get carried away and have the town be nothing like what it is supposed to be like. -Tat

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